Energy-saving Tips for Vacation Rentals

Energy-saving Tips for Vacation Rentals

Whether on the coast or in the mountains, owning a holiday rental house has numerous benefits. A terrific source of additional income to start with, vacation houses may help you accumulate wealth and save for retirement. Additionally, it allows you to book inexpensive family and group trips at the most convenient times. However, the added expenses for house upkeep that come with owning or running a holiday rental may often break many people’s budgets.

One of the tried-and-true cost-cutting techniques is to increase the house’s energy efficiency. So, what are some simple ways to start conserving energy in your vacation home? Seven examples follow:

1. Lower the thermostat and use “smart” technology

In order to avoid pipes from freezing, you should set your thermostat to 50 to 55°F while no visitors are present. Unlike other devices, your thermostat does not automatically turn off. An excellent energy-saving purchase is a smart thermostat with online access that lets you regulate the inside temperature of your vacation rental from a distance. You may adjust the temperature from your smartphone to prevent bad weather from freezing or rupturing your pipes.

To ensure that your home is warm and inviting for your visitors (or chilly, depending on the season), you may raise the temperature remotely before arriving. They will be grateful for the kindness and probably mention it in a nice review.

2. Seal any gaps, holes, or other possible leaks.

Ensure your rental house is well sealed to avoid heat loss, particularly in the winter. Verify that:

  • There are no gaps beneath any outside doors that allow air to enter or exit the building. All doors heading outside are sealed. Although it indirectly accesses the interiors, the garage door should also be fixed since it is often overlooked when other doors are fixed.
  • The roof, windows, and outside walls are all well sealed and insulated. Employ a specialist to assist you in locating and caulking the attic’s concealed air leaks.
  • In order to maintain a free flow of air through the attic and keep the roof deck cool and dry, the attic’s soffit vents and gable vents are cleaned. A dry deck prevents ice dams, which saves you the time and effort it takes to remove them.
  • There are no obvious rips or flaws in the vents or ducts via which warm air can escape. Small gaps around electrical lines may also need to be filled with caulk or spray foam. Additionally effective in sealing undesirable duct holes is mastic or metal (foil) tape. If money is short, you can use duct tape, but be aware that it isn’t a long-term fix.
  • The chimney and furnace flues are impenetrable by holes. Any chimney hole may be sealed with a high-temperature caulk or metal flashing.

3. Between stays, unplug all electrical devices.

Since most consumer devices have an “Instant On” option, just turning them off is insufficient. When you turn off your surround sound system, phone charger, DVD player, clock, or TV, this function continues to use energy. Plugging in all gadgets while leaving a place is the only method to halt this hidden energy loss.

While the high season may make this more challenging, you may benefit from the low season and save some energy. Apply the same principle to other plugged-in gadgets, including humidifiers, space heaters, hot tub warmers, and others. Turn off the water heater at the power panel while you’re there!

4. Replace your air filter

Filters that are clogged or unclean make your second home’s HVAC system work harder because of the decreased efficiency they cause. The air purifying system works hard but achieves little since it also taints the interior air quality; allergens and poisons remain present. The atmosphere you create for your visitors is unpleasant despite all the wasted energy.

If your vacation rental is pet-friendly, you must replace the air filters every 60 days. Filters should be replaced every 90 days if there is a no-pet rule.

5. Mount solar energy panels

The most environmentally friendly method of energy saving for holiday rental properties must be this one. Your carbon impact is reduced, and solar energy greatly decreases your energy costs. Additionally, adding solar panels boosts the market value of your house.

6. Renovate the restroom

Bathroom energy consumption may be a major problem, particularly if you have facilities like jacuzzis or bathtubs. You will see that the bathroom consumes a lot of energy if you keep an eye on it. Take the following actions to reduce restroom energy loss:

Install sinks and showerheads with great efficiency.

Replace your old showerhead and sink faucet with more ecologically friendly alternatives with the assistance of general contractors. Even though shower upgrades are inexpensive, the new installations will feel much better and use less water and energy.

Install energy-efficient lighting

Replace the incandescent lamps in your bathroom with LEDs or fluorescent tubes. This rule applies to every other room in your rented house. LEDs last longer and use 80% less energy than incandescent lamps.

Replacing the bathroom’s windows

If the vacation rental house lacks bathroom windows, it is recommended to add little windows that, if feasible, provide stunning views of the outside. In contrast, if the bathroom windows are excessively large, you must reduce their size to stop outside air from entering or leaving the room. The cost of heating or cooling air from the outside is needless.

To reduce energy waste, you may also invest in Energy Star windows. These windows are renowned for their cutting-edge design, which includes components like Low-E glass, many panes, and premium frame materials.

Install low-flow restrooms

Traditional toilets in most rental properties consume more than a gallon of water every flush. If yours fits that description, you may consider switching it out with a low-flow, energy-efficient one. You’ll save money while also significantly reducing the quantity of water utilized.

7. Extra advice!

Hiring a specialist to do an energy audit is the answer if you’ve already completed all the preceding procedures and want to further minimize your energy waste. These experts comprehensively assess the building and identify any areas where energy is being misused. Although this service’s price varies depending on how big your vacation rental is, it’s a very efficient means of identifying areas that want repair.

Last word

You have it now! Making selections for your energy-conscious property isn’t difficult, but it does require some time and effort initially. It will always be advantageous to you and the environment to become conscious of energy waste and learn to be more efficient. Due to the decrease in their power expenditures, your visitors will also value it. If everyone pitches in, we can create a longer-lasting, more sustainably-minded vacation rental market.

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