It’s Possible to Create an (OMG!) Unique Vacation Rental! 

It’s Possible to Create an (OMG!) Unique Vacation Rental! 

Unique vacation rentals are undoubtedly popular, whether you want to daydream in a lighthouse, settle down in a potato home (yes, really), or spend time in a plush prison suite.

To escape the monotony of ordinary living during the epidemic, disgruntled tourists developed a desire for distinctive house rentals, and this trend seems to be accelerating rather than slowing down. Tourists urgently looked for uncommon vacations to liven up their holidays when exotic places were off the table, which sparked a robust desire for interesting vacation rentals.

And guess what, not only is it a smart concept, but it can also be simpler than you think to create your own distinctive or odd holiday rental.

For more wonderful advice and inspiration, read this article.

OMG! Have you noticed…?

Hosting system With their much-discussed ‘OMG!’ category, introduced during the Airbnb Summer Release in April 2022, Airbnb was fast to capitalize on this trend. There are currently more than 500 postings in the category for rental homes that are utterly extraordinary.

According to the portal, searches for “unique” houses increased by 94% in 2020, and owners of distinctive homes there earned $300 million worldwide during the same year.

Increased availability of distinctive features

Statistics from the sector suggest that the supply of distinctive houses has increased. Therefore Airbnb is obviously on to something. The number of short-term rental ads for tiny dwellings increased by 27% to 8,402 in 2021, making them the category with the highest growth. According to AirDNA, they were followed by cottages, buses, and nature resorts.

Interestingly, each of the top 10 fastest-growing property kinds offers distinctive experiences.

What constitutes distinctive travel encounters?

We can assume that nowadays, tourists are searching for something a little (or maybe a lot) out of the usual – in other words, amazing experiences to make their stay seem exceptional and unforgettable. However, what’s unique to you may not be unique to me.

Why building a distinctive vacation rental is a smart idea?

Gain extra income

As we previously said, it is what passengers desire, and it looks like they won’t stop wanting it. Thus there is a sizable profit to be gained.

Reduce your spending

In addition, anybody may create a unique stay since they no longer need to own a property in an exotic location. Instead, their residence can serve as the destination, even in the middle of nowhere, where land is much less expensive.

Consider getting ideas from some of the current vacation rentals. Some hosts have created incredible experiences by renting out defunct buses, railway cars, and other useless equipment. The possibilities are endless.

Have a good time!

Even if you’ve never considered owning your rental property, this category may give you an idea that might result in an exciting chance to quit your day job and pursue a new career.

Incredible vacation rental examples that will inspire you

Here are a few of the OMG! Category listings on Airbnb that we think are the most bizarre. There are hundreds more to peruse, however.

Leafy Greens, a mushroom-shaped hut in Thailand

Why you ought to go

People would go there to renew their minds and spirits. We put a lot of effort into making this site one of the places where we may coexist peacefully with nature. The cob homes are the best option for us because of this. In addition to being environmentally friendly, the garden is also organic.

the area

The purpose of this clay home is straightforward since it was created for a meditation class and was intended to teach individuals how to be with themselves. The 35-square meter home has all the necessities. Although it may be categorized as a little home, three people could live there comfortably. Since the whole structure was composed of clay (earth), it is not only environmentally green but also a healthy building.

A stay at Daisy, a Cow-shed on a farm near Woodbridge, UK

Why you ought to go

A distinctive location to stay, The Cow Shed is a hybrid of a caravan, glamping, and camping. The Cow Shed is a nice spot to retreat and is located in a tidy, peaceful agricultural area.

The lodging features a double bed on the ground level with a three-quarter bed above. The Cow Shed, which sleeps four people, offers a base in the Suffolk countryside with free access to the farm park.

the area

Daisy has room for four people. The lodging features a double bed on the ground level with a three-quarter bed above. Tea and coffee-making equipment, as well as linen and towels, are provided. For an additional £10, you may rent a BBQ and some equipment.

Mystique, a luxury hotel room perched above a crane

Why you ought to go

On top of the crane, 45 meters away, lies the Mystique suite. The Mystique suite is at least 38 square meters on two stories. Superior, opulent, exquisitely furnished, and furnished with all conveniences.

Your room is immediately accessible from the little panoramic elevator. Amazing views of Amsterdam and the river are offered via the large windows. The crane stands just in front of Amsterdam’s harbor.

the area

A large living room with furnishings inspired by art and design is located on the first level. Behind a distinctive sliding glass screen is a bathroom with a toilet and rain shower. Old ocean liners’ components are used as ornamentation in the shower.

A stairway leads to the bedroom space, which is furnished with a King-size bed, a bathtub, and artwork. They provide high-quality toiletries. Each suite has two plasma televisions, complimentary WiFi, and air conditioning (bedroom & living)

Large Idaho Potato Hotel farm stay

Why you ought to go

You’ll like staying in a huge potato that has been transformed into a comfortable, grown-up vacation for two if you enjoy the fluffy sensation you get from eating Idaho potatoes.

the area

This 6-ton potato, recycled from the Idaho Potato Commission’s Big Idaho Potato Tour, has spent seven years traveling across (48) states on the back of a lorry. This hotel, which is currently situated on 400 acres of genuine Idaho farmland just south of downtown Boise, was painstakingly designed by Kristie Wolfe, a former spokesperson for the Big Idaho Potato Tour, to offer upscale private comfort and amenities like power outlets for your electronic devices, a mini fridge, vintage records to listen to, and a custom-built bed.

Additionally, there is a bespoke silo that has been transformed into a spa hideaway, where you may relax while admiring the stars.

Hygge in the dark: a true hobbit hole

Why you ought to go

This creative home was tucked into the stunning Columbia River Gorge hillside. The breathtaking vistas, which are reverently enclosed by the famous circular entryway, will capture your mind and motivate an amazing voyage. Every crevice of this little home will soothe your sole and enchant your adventure of rest. Unbelievable adventure is up the trail, hidden in the ground.

More Motivation

We like Superhost Kristie Wolfe’s enthusiasm and originality. She is a legend when it comes to creating distinctive Airbnb homes. She has transformed from having a pointless day job where she made pitiful wages to being renowned for designing some of the most inspirational rentals in the world, bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars annually from her houses

Her rental inventions include subterranean hobbit holes, potato-shaped hotels, treehouses, and many more – often on a tight budget.

In an interview she gave to The Hustle, Kristie offered this piece of advice: “I determined to develop houses so amazing that people would come to me.” “The home itself would be the goal, not the place.”

How to design a distinctive holiday home and distinctive experiences

Be imaginative

Allow your imagination to soar. Over a few glasses of wine, come up with your wildest thoughts and see where they lead you.

Think of yourself like a visitor.

How can you provide your visitors with the most genuine experience possible? What characteristics, if you were the visitor, would astound you and distinguish an ordinary encounter from the one you would never forget

Conduct research

Do your homework as soon as you get an idea for a theme or a unique vacation rental since even if you are having fun, you still want to operate a company. Exist any other comparable rentals? What are their results? How may your property be distinguished?

Research all the factors you would typically consider when creating an Airbnb business plan, such as property values, construction prices and the availability of builders and supplies, and the viability of transportation to and from your rental. The numbers must also add up.

Excel in Marketing

You must be diligent in your rental property marketing, especially with this property. List your house on major hosting sites, such as Airbnb’s OMG! Category, and build your own affordable yet professional website.

To highlight your rental’s distinctive features and advertise your home on social media and via online and offline PR, be sure to have professional photos of it. The media always look for bizarre and amazing tales and photographs.

Not quite prepared to dive in?

Even if you lack the bravery to jump in and create a genuinely bizarre experience, making your visitors feel welcome at home with a few tiny thoughtful additions can go a long way.

Start by giving your visitors options for one-of-a-kind experiences to enhance their stay at your rental home, whether you provide a special “romantic goodies” basket for a romantic weekend at your property or a fire pit and marshmallow kit for cold evenings in the backyard.

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