How to Encourage Guests Respect Your Property With Beach House Rules

How to Encourage Guests Respect Your Property With Beach House Rules

Soak in the sun, go for lengthy strolls, soak your feet, and have another drink… These are beach house regulations that your visitors will like, but as a vacation rental owner, you also need a separate set of rules for when the sand-shod throng departs.

The regulations for beach house rentals are intended to give you confidence that visitors will respect your property, and although they do not guarantee that your guests will conduct themselves appropriately, they increase the likelihood that they will fulfill your expectations. The better communication is, the clearer it is.

Of course, when it comes to beach homes, the standard house regulations also apply, but residences by the sea provide their unique issues, not the least of which are wet bottoms and towels on furniture and sand throughout the house.

What are the restrictions for renting a beach house?

The beach house regulations are a collection of official guidelines that you deliver to your visitors on paper, either before or upon their arrival: It specifies what you want them to do, what they should not do, and the consequences if they do not comply.

A defined set of regulations demonstrates to visitors that you operate a professional company, which should dissuade them from littering or being reckless.

This prevents misunderstandings and offers you, as the host, greater control, especially if you are maintaining the property remotely and cannot conduct frequent inspections in person.

Why are beach home regulations for visitors necessary?

In a perfect world, house rules would not be required, and you may believe that this is yet another useless chore to add to your already lengthy list of responsibilities, but in the long run, it will be well worth the effort. Also, avoid downloading a generic template for vacation rental regulations from the internet. You want the guidelines to be as particular to your rental as feasible and as comprehensive as possible to account for every conceivable scenario.

There is a delicate balance to be achieved, as you do not want to seem like someone who doesn’t want them to enjoy their holiday. This is why providing your guidelines in a pleasant and polite welcome letter is essential.

In this approach, you make it plain that you want people to have a good time, but you also add a polite reminder that they should treat your property as they would their own. That seems fair, doesn’t it?

Safeguarding your property

It is always nerve-wracking to hand over the keys to your home to strangers who may have entirely different ideals than you. Documented beach house regulations provide peace of mind that your visitors are aware of what is expected of them and the repercussions for disobeying your rules.

Reducing wasted time

Each group of visitors will likely have a million and one questions regarding your rental property, such as how to run the jacuzzi, where to place the trash, and how the air conditioner works. The beach house regulations paper is also an excellent opportunity to address all of these issues in one location. Interested in learning how to run the hot tub? Please refer to the home rules for my instructions.

No need to repeat the same explanation over and over again.

What should your beach house’s regulations include?

Don’t panic if you sit down to create your home rules and find yourself staring at a blank page. We will provide specific suggestions for the sorts of regulations to add and a downloadable template of beach house rules. Simply download the template and customize it to your specifications.

Restrictions about outdoor furniture

Beach vacations are all about relaxation and outdoor living, so visitors will enjoy utilizing your balcony or terrace for al fresco dining and romantic sundowners; nonetheless, it is advisable to write a few paragraphs about how you want these spaces and facilities to be handled.

For instance, 

  • our deck and outdoor furnishings are accessible for your enjoyment with your family. To maintain this area in pristine shape for future visitors, please adhere to the following guidelines:
  • Please use the plastic cups, china, and cutlery supplied for outside dining on the deck as opposed to glass.
  • In the event of adverse weather (rain, storms, etc.), please shut and secure the deck umbrellas to prevent damage.
  • Please refrain from transporting any of the interior furniture, furnishings, or bed linens outside. (Yes, indeed!) The cabinet in the utility area is stocked with outside blankets for use on cool nights.

Cleanliness-related home regulations

Your visitors are on vacation and deserve a change from their normal routine. You may want to remind them of a few essential beach home cleaning activities.

For instance:

  • Please follow the recycling instructions on the sign next to the refrigerator and transport the trash to the collection site on the corner of the street regularly, as well as before Monday’s 8 a.m. garbage collection.
  • Please ensure that visitors use the outside shower to remove sand from their feet and shake their clothing and towels before entering the residence to prevent sand from being tracked inside.
  • Please do not leave food on the kitchen counters or outside tables overnight to prevent ants and other pests from infesting the property.

House regulations regarding restricted regions

If you are renting out your own vacation home for the season, you may have stored some of your decorations and items in a room or closet for your use. Use this document to indicate the restricted zones for visitors and their families.

House regulations concerning breakage and damage

Accidents may happen to everyone, so you don’t want to dissuade your visitors with excessive regulations, but you do want to discourage risky conduct.

Here you might remind visitors to report any damage and that they will be charged if the damage exceeds their security deposit or if further cleaning is required, such as carpet or curtain deep cleaning, following their stay.

Regulations about noise and neighbors

Sometimes, vacation rentals get negative headlines due to visitors who are loud and disrespectful of the neighbors. Your visitors may not care since this is a one-time visit, but you certainly don’t want to make life unpleasant for your neighbors. Therefore, it is always a good idea to tell your visitors that they should be considerate of their neighbors.

For instance:

  • Please refrain from using the pool between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. to respect our neighbors.
  • Please keep noise minimum between 11 pm and 8 am, especially while utilizing the outside deck.
  • If the neighbors confront you, please contact the property manager immediately.
  • In case of a noise complaint, we retain the right to terminate your rental agreement immediately, and you will be requested to remove the property without returning the money paid.

Restrictions about extra visitors

Although you may not mind the occasional daytime visitor, permitting visitors to invite an endless number of guests is asking for problems. Unplanned gatherings and an overcrowded home increase the cost of utilities, may result in noise complaints, and increase the wear and strain on the property.

Set a maximum number of visitors, or provide guests the option to pay an extra fee per guest per day.

When it comes to gatherings, you should exercise caution. We’ve all been to inebriated parties that resulted in red wine stains, cigarette burns on couches and carpets, or even worse, drunken brawls and police involvement. You must ask yourself if the danger is worthwhile. Regardless of your choice, you may choose to put party-specific regulations in your document.

For instance:

  • Please be warned that overnight guests are not permitted on the premises unless first approved by the host.
  • Please ensure that your visitors read and adhere to the beach house regulations, as you will be held responsible for any damage or nuisance they create.
  • Only small gatherings of up to eight individuals are permitted, and all guests must abide by the house rules outlined in this paper.

House regulations concerning security and safety

As your visitors relax, they may be tempted to abandon prudence and take chances they wouldn’t otherwise take. This is especially true if your residence contains a pool or hot tub. Even though it may seem apparent, include a reminder of possible risks in your rental house rules.

For instance:

  • Please ensure that all doors and windows are locked before leaving home.
  • Please maintain constant vigilance around the swimming pool and utilize the pool cover while the pool is not in use. 
  • You are always responsible for the protection of your children.

Rules about pets

Pets are increasingly seen as family members, and many would rather not go on vacation than leaving Fido behind.

This one is personal. There are several types of pets. A peaceful, little lap dog is different from an aggressive, poorly-trained dog that might destroy your property and endanger your neighbors.

Remember that some future visitors may have allergies and that barking might be a nuisance.

Regardless of your decision, be sure to include pet-related restrictions in your beach home regulations.

For instance:

  • Please be informed that you are responsible for your pet and will be charged for any damages or extra cleaning that your pet causes.

What will occur if your visitors violate the rules?

Even if you have no intention of disciplining your visitors for disobeying the rules, it is good to lay out the penalties as a deterrence.

For instance:

  • Any violation of the house rules will be considered a violation of our rental agreement’s terms and circumstances.
  • If visitors do not comply with the guidelines, we retain the right to ask them to leave immediately.

Use your judgment

Ultimately, you will be the best judge of whether penalizing a visitor for violating a given rule is worthwhile. Did they intentionally cause the property harm, or was it an oversight or accident?

Even though you may not want to penalize them for every broken glass, your home rules protect you against significant harm.

As said, renting out your home always entails a degree of risk. However, with the correct set of regulations in place, you should be able to strike a balance between encouraging visitors to have a good time and safeguarding your property and yourself.

With this assurance, feel free to prominently display the alternative beach house rules sign that invites people to soak up the sun and watch the sunset.

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