Airbnb’s Photographer Service

Airbnb’s Photographer Service

Utilizing the Airbnb Photographer Service is the ideal way to highlight holiday accommodations.

Those who work in the vacation rental industry are well aware of the significance of the images that will be used to advertise their properties. Given the significance of effective photography for the property, Airbnb provides a specialized photography service.

Owners who use the Airbnb website are aware of the importance of uploading attractive photos. While some choose to pay photographers to accomplish this for them, they occasionally take the images themselves to advertise their area.

A property owner must be able to back up their property description with precise images that do the property justice. It doesn’t necessarily imply that an owner must engage a pro to take the images required for their listings. Even though there are photographers who focus on this, there may be other options available for consumers to use to obtain the images they require.

What does Airbnb’s photographer service entail?

Owners who want to offer their property on the website must have at least one high-quality photo to include in their Airbnb advertisement. To see different perspectives, it is strongly advised to use multiple photos. Airbnb is aware that for some people, this may be difficult. To aid in this, they will attempt to set up a photo shoot for qualified hosts with a photographic service. However, there is no assurance concerning the photographs. Additionally, not everyone may be able to use this service. The photographer must be present in the designated area and have the necessary time to shoot the images.

You must look at the list of accessible photographers if this is something in which you are interested. Airbnb generates this list based on the property’s address.

What is the price?

The price of Airbnb’s professional photography service varies according to the size and location of your home. Since the cost of your photo shoot will be subtracted from your subsequent rental payment, there is no advance payment required. Your leftover balance will be deducted from future payouts until the shooting is fully compensated if the amount of your next payout is less than the shooting’s cost. You won’t be required to pay anything if you decide to cancel before the shoot for whatever reason. In any event, there will be no fee until the images are visible on the listing for your property.

Time Issue

Following the shooting, the photographer will edit your pictures and send them to the editors at Airbnb, who will check that they adhere to the site’s rules. According to Airbnb, the entire procedure typically takes 2 weeks, at the end of which you will have the photos ready for usage. That is not to say that you cannot list your property while you wait. You could even wish to take some of your photos to use as placeholders.

Airbnb provides some excellent advice to help you with your property rental photography. Simply pick a day that is sunny and bright to take your photos on, and you can shoot them yourself with ease. As natural light is enticing to visitors, you want your photographs to show off your vacation rental.

Whatever you choose, don’t forget that the aesthetic part of producing your advertisement is crucial. Your rental home will have its best chance to shine here, so you want to make the most of the presentation.

You might wish to look at some of the already listed properties as a first-time Airbnb host to see how the photos are used. You can make your own with the aid of this. You’ll notice that some are better presented than others. Making the effort to put good photography practices into practice can help you use Airbnb to its fullest potential. Visitors genuinely want to see an accurate representation of what they might experience if they choose to rent your property. The more about the property you can show them, the better. However, if the images are of poor quality, it takes away from any potential benefits that the property might have.

The good news is that you only need to do this once if you have taken the effort to capture quality images for your Airbnb listing. You will need different photos for each of your property listings if you have multiple ones.

Advice for Using Airbnb Photos

Making your listing is the most crucial duty you must complete on Airbnb, and you unquestionably need quality images to support it. In the vacation rental industry, the adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” is accurate. The first thing a potential visitor would typically see about your property listing is the images you upload.

Of course, the rental fee you are charging is also crucial. However, the genuine representation of what visitors can get for their money can be found in the photographs. No matter the sort of rental—room, apartment, house, or any other—it must appear great in your photos.

When Taking Pictures

It’s acceptable if you decide against hiring a professional photographer to take images of your rental property. However, there are a few things you should bear in mind if you plan on doing this yourself.

Number of Photos

Although you shouldn’t overdo it with the images you use in your listing, you should have more than one. You might wish to have at least one of each of the rooms that visitors will use, depending on the property. Outside photos are also fantastic, but make sure the house has decent curb appeal.

The best characteristics of your rental property should be highlighted so that you may utilize them as a selling point to entice guests to make a reservation. The kitchen is always quite significant. If there is enough room for the kids both inside and outside, this can be another aspect you want to include in your pictures.


To take a quality shot that will look great on the Airbnb platform, you don’t need expensive or powerful photography equipment. This is all you will require if you have a high-quality cell phone that enables you to shoot relatively good pictures.

Avoid the Common Image Errors

When obtaining an image, one of the major mistakes that many hosts make is the size. The reason that the photographs must be small since they can only use a certain amount of space on the Airbnb dashboard. Take pictures that are at least 1024 by 683 pixels in size. The resolution will be significantly greater, and if necessary, you can always downsize them using some straightforward software.

Avoid taking your images in a vertical orientation as well. Compared to images in the landscape format, they don’t fit the space as well. Viewers can get a greater feel of the property’s features and spaciousness by seeing it in landscape format.

Get the rental space ready.

You should set up your rental home correctly before taking any images of it. Making ensuring it is clean, uncluttered, and organized comes first in this process.

Suitable Lighting

Another thing to bear in mind is that any photo that was taken in the daytime will seem much better on Airbnb. Additionally, it tells the visitor that the property has a lot of natural light, which most visitors will find intriguing.

There is a ton of helpful information on Airbnb photos that work well for hosts on the website itself. Spend some time looking into this. Additionally, if you visit the Blog, you could discover more helpful ideas.

Positioning and Uploading

As a host, your next duty is to upload all of your images to the listings you are generating on the Airbnb website. Uploading the files is simple, but you should take the time to arrange them correctly so they flow smoothly and look well.


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