How You Can Advertise Your Vacation Rental For Free

How You Can Advertise Your Vacation Rental For Free

If you’re just getting started in the vacation rental business or just want to save money on advertising, there are a number of free options available to you. For a company to be profitable, it must invest in marketing. After all, how will people locate and book your vacation rental if they are unaware it exists?

Be creative and make the most of your available resources, and you’ll be amazed at how far you can go. So, how can you market your vacation rental without investing any money? We’ve come up with seven different techniques to deal with your company.

1. Learn how to use social media.

Where do individuals across the globe go first to publish and share what matters to them with their friends and followers? Social media is a relatively new phenomenon. In recent years, social media has flourished, and today homeowners may communicate with prospective visitors all over the globe using free sites like Facebook and Instagram.


Facebook is the most potent tool for reaching many people at once, with an estimated 2.7 billion active users. It’s also a tool to connect with past, current, and prospective visitors, providing you credibility and advertising anything relevant to your company.

Create a page for your holiday rental to begin. Add features like a book now and a map showing your home’s precise location as well as your contact details. Include photographs, descriptions, and facilities. Join Facebook groups to post your ad and reach your chosen audience. You’ll get more visibility and exposure, which will result in more visitors to your vacation rental company. Then, when guests have been on your property, invite them to post a review for future visitors to read. Lodgable’s Vacation Rental Marketing Guide to Facebook is a great place to start.

If you have an advertising budget set out, platforms like Facebook Ads allow you to promote posts and reach a larger audience.


Is Instagram one of the world’s most popular social networks? You need to share photos and videos on Instagram if you’re running a vacation rental business.

The most straightforward approach to marketing your company is to use photos. You may promote your vacation rental by creating an Instagram account for it. You’ll be able to enthrall your visitors and build a stronger bond with them. It’s not enough to submit photos of your rooms; you also need to sell the experience.

Follow other users in the sectors to better understand the competition and network. Remember to include hashtags that contain the name of your holiday rental in your postings. Make films and tours of your property using this platform. Share tales that capture the soul of your house and its surroundings.

In your bio, be sure to include your contact details. Respond to and like all of the comments, and if you get the chance, ask your visitors whether they may share images of your vacation rental on social media and tag them.

2. Become a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Expert

Vacation rental owners require local SEO to appear in the top few search results for their region. An effective SEO strategy is tweaking your listing’s description to rank higher on Google or Yahoo. Google must assess your website’s content and determine if it is relevant enough to show it to tourists on the lookout. Consider what tourists look for when deciding whether or not to reserve your holiday property. Whether a visitor searches for “vacation home in Florida,” for example, Google will examine the language on your website pages to see if you provide precisely what they’re searching for. Guests will have a better chance of locating your property if you use the appropriate keywords.

There are several fast and basic ideas and tactics that may help you boost the SEO of your website quickly and effortlessly. Google Adverts, a pay-per-click marketing platform that enables company owners to build ads for their services, is another option if you have a limited budget. Guests will see these adverts while looking for properties similar to yours on Google.

3. Make a list on other websites

Many homeowners prefer to offer their holiday rentals on other websites to supplement their business on their own. Another strategy to advertise your home and get more exposure is to use social media. Some travel sites do not charge to display your property; instead, they take a percentage per night per stay when clients make a reservation. Booking.com, Expedia, Airbnb, and Tripadvisor are just a few examples. Using various listing websites to promote your brand, increase reservations, and attract visitors from all over the globe is a terrific method to do so.

4. Get in touch with the tourist information center in your area.

Guests will always investigate the city, region, and things to do in advance by doing internet research about the city, area, and things to do. They’ll very certainly wind up on a tourist website for the place they’ve picked. You may get a free link on an external website by registering with the tourist organization in your region. You’ll get even more advertising for your company. Most local tourist organizations provide all of these services to any registered owner at no cost. However, others may charge a monthly or yearly membership fee.

5. Start Your Website

Create a blog that includes information on your vacation rental house and local attractions. Mention your home’s history and what led you to decide to share it with others. Is it possible that it’s a family-owned business? Allow your visitors to get to know you, make a personal connection with them, and capture their interest. Visitors will feel more at ease knowing that they are in excellent hands if they book your holiday property.

The reader will be enticed to schedule a holiday at your resort if you use storytelling on your website. Remember that your purpose is to tell your narrative, emphasize your brand, and engage with website visitors. It doesn’t have to be solemn; you may also create humorous and engaging blogs! So, rather than merely promoting the benefits of your vacation rental company, it’s about presenting a narrative.

Make sure your blog is updated regularly. Guests who visit your site and discover that the most recent article was authored years ago will be underwhelmed. On the other hand, having an active blog demonstrates that your website is dynamic, functional, and well-maintained.

Your blog should also be SEO-optimized (keywords should be included), and it’s always a good idea to share it on social media, such as Facebook and Instagram. Your readers and prospective bookers may wish to share it online. Maintaining a blog is another free strategy to increase your exposure and sell your vacation rental.

6. Recommendation

It isn’t necessary to rely only on the Internet. Creating new connections and getting to know interesting people are wonderful ways to publicize your company. Begin by concentrating on your local region and attending as many local events as possible. Talk to people, network, and find out what’s going on in your town, whether a new company is opening or a shift in the Town Hall. You should always carry business cards with your name, phone number, email, and address printed on them. Include your property’s logo and a link to your website in the description.

7. Collaborate with local companies

When a new firm collaborates with an existing established local community, it helps grow the brand name. You’ll establish a professional connection with local firms that benefit both sides.

The majority of vacation rental customers are from out of town. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the next city or an entirely other nation. They’re looking for local suggestions. Suppose nearby cafés, stores, and other businesses can promote your property as a place to stay (in return for you recommending their services to visitors). In that case, you’ll have a far better chance of getting more qualifying leads and reservations.

8. Use Lodgable

Lodgable is a free vacation rental software.

Lodgable Can help you help with a variety of other everyday tasks, such as:

  • From a single dashboard, manage various accounts and listings on the leading vacation rental sites.
  • Preventing duplicate bookings by synchronizing reservations across several platforms.
  • Connecting your Stripe account to Lodgable allows you to receive payments and generate invoices.
  • Creating and assigning cleaning jobs to your staff, as well as monitoring their progress in real-time
  • Using a direct booking site to manage your direct bookings
  • Get real market data using our direct integration with AirDNA

Offering you all of the tools to run a successful vacation rental business. Sign up today!

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