Integration with HomeAway and Vrbo

Integration with HomeAway and Vrbo

Sync your reservations, calendars, and prices across different channels and OTAs by connecting your HomeAway and Vrbo listings with our channel manager through API connection.

Calendar Sync between HomeAway and Vrbo

Sync your calendars across all of the leading channels linked, such as Airbnb, Booking.com, and Expedia, by integrating your HomeAway / Vrbo listings with Lodgable’s channel management. Our two-way synchronization will seamlessly import your reservations, availability, pricing, and promotions.

The dates on your HomeAway / Vrbo calendars will be immediately shut off once you get a booking on an external listing. Similarly, if you obtain a reservation on HomeAway / Vrbo, all of your external calendars will be disabled for the reservation duration. Our channel manager will ensure hourly updates to present the most up-to-date availability and avoid duplicate reservations.

The finest HomeAway / Vrbo channel manager

For HomeAway / Vrbo, Lodgable has a fantastic channel manager. Connect your listings to Airbnb, Booking.com, Expedia, and your vacation rental website to seamlessly sync your calendars, reservations, pricing, and payments in one consolidated dashboard.

It’s never been easier to manage your holiday rental. Avoid overbooking concerns by saving time on manual procedures like updating your calendars one by one. Our channel manager for HomeAway and Vrbo will ensure that your website and external listings are in sync.

What does Lodgable synchronize with HomeAway / Vrbo? 


The information of future bookings and guests will be automatically linked.


Your calendar will be automatically updated when 18 months of availability have been linked.

Rates, fees, and special offers

The seasonal and default rates will be in sync. Prices, taxes, and levies are also available daily, weekly, and monthly.

Photographs and information on the rental

Descriptions, rental kinds, amenities, photos, number of guests, size, instructions, and more may all be found here.

Credit cards and payments

Payments and credit card information are integrated into Lodgable so that visitors may be charged immediately.

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