Should Vacation Rentals Owners Partner with Local Businesses?

Should Vacation Rentals Owners Partner with Local Businesses?

Contact the nearby villages to see if they’d be interested in collaborating with you. You may start promoting one other’s enterprises by buying from them (for example, amenity packages, gift baskets, etc.) or recommending their offerings. They could advertise your rental on their website and social media profiles.

Cross-promotion: What is it?

Cross-promotion in marketing is promoting a related product to the consumers of a primary product or service. This tactic is perfect for vacation rental owners because it’s generally a reasonably priced yet very successful way of improving sales and marketing reach.

When new firms engage with the local community, which is already established, it will assist create brand recognition and affinity.

Why it’s critical to work with and support local businesses

If you own a vacation rental business, collaborating with nearby businesses and doing mutual marketing might have a lot of other advantages. Discover what they are now!

1. It’s a risk-free marketing tactic

Through cross-promotional initiatives, companies collaborating can grow quickly and with little risk. Both partners can engage with a sizable target audience through reciprocal efforts, such as email and social media. Building meaningful alliances with complementary service providers who will appeal to your guests is crucial if you want to keep this low-risk strategy going. It is not the game’s goal to partner with everybody and everyone “simply because.”

2. Expand the number of your clients

Most visitors to vacation rentals come from outside the area. It doesn’t matter if that’s the next city or a different nation. There is a tremendous chance to get more qualified leads and, therefore, more bookings if neighborhood stores and other companies offer your property as a place to stay (and in exchange, you recommend their services to visitors).

3. Increase brand recognition

Partner marketing is a fantastic strategy to increase brand recognition in the neighborhood. Especially if businesses are providing online sessions, delivery, in-house experiences, etc. Establishing a connection with these providers makes it simple to provide passengers with mutual discounts, such as 10% off the activity or 10% off the overall rental booking. These campaigns might help get your brand noticed by potential customers. When collaborating with any business, make sure to include the provider’s logo on your website and request that they reciprocate by including it on their website and promotional materials.

4. Increase your company’s profit margin

Unsurprisingly, attracting more customers and bookings for your company will result in higher overall revenues, even if you give your partners’ clients discounts. Additionally, word-of-mouth advertising is free, so you don’t need to spend money on it to get results!

5. Establish enduring connections with other companies

Partnerships are two-way streets, which means that both parties to the contract can benefit from the advantages they bring. Reaching out and starting relationships with other local small businesses will enhance sales for both of you while strengthening and fostering a sense of community in your neighborhood.

6. Enhance the visitor experience

While expanding your reach and getting your brand acknowledged are the main benefits of cross-promotion and partner marketing, it’s also crucial to consider its beneficial effects on the guest experience. Visitors will be impressed and have more faith in your abilities as a vacation rental company if you give them a list of recommended contacts with whom you, the owner, have a professional relationship. These specifics may motivate people to submit positive evaluations when they check out.

How to patronize small companies while avoiding social interaction

There are a variety of ways you can help out your neighborhood businesses, but here are a few suggestions to get you going:

1. Place a web order for goods and services

You’ll still need to stock up on your usual amenities, and you might even consider providing a grocery delivery service to help your visitors through their quarantine. Consider replenishing your supplies from smaller vendors or internet retailers even if some pharmacies and supermarket stores are still open.

2. online courses 

Ask the area gyms and yoga studios if they have any online classes available. Would they be open to providing your guests with cheap classes?

Many studios and gyms had to close their doors, but they are still giving away free Instagram, Facebook, or Zoom live sessions to the local population.

3. Present Cards

They’ll want to return to the location that looked after them once the lockdowns are removed. It is even better if you give them a gift card to one of your preferred nearby businesses and a special discount. By paying in advance for goods and services, you’ll be supporting your community’s small businesses during the lockdown, and your visitors will be more inclined to return.

4. Be bold and make contact.

You may have gotten to know a few of the proprietors of your frequent small businesses. Get in touch with them and discuss how you can support one another. Keep your ties strong and help one another out. Imagine the hospitality and services industry sector as a single, massive Main Street that can support itself.

Cross-promotions and partnerships with neighborhood companies are incredibly effective and cost-effective ways to increase website traffic and bookings. It is also a trusted way to build brand awareness in your community and help you stand out from the competition, provided you choose relevant partners.

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