Vacation Rental Property Amenities That Set You Apart

Vacation Rental Property Amenities That Set You Apart

Property managers and hosts should think about how to make their short-term rentals stand out above the competition to generate the most significant profit as more guests opt to book short-term rentals on Airbnb and other platforms in place of crowded hotels. Although they play an essential role in luring prospective visitors and are acknowledged as having a substantial influence on holiday experiences by 97% of US travelers, amenities are sometimes disregarded.

After seeing the value of making property upgrades, consider these four features that will set your vacation rentals apart from the competition:

1. Spas and hot tubs

Who doesn’t like unwinding in a spa or hot tub? Offering these facilities is the ideal way to provide visitors with the vacation feel they’re after. If they’re torn between two hotels, the thought of relaxing in a bubbling jacuzzi can be precisely what they need to make up their minds.

Although having an above-ground hot tub might be enjoyable for visitors, think about installing a built-in one instead. The property may be elevated from “standard” to “luxury” with the addition of an in-ground hot tub surrounded by lovely landscaping.

2. Unique Appliances

People may find vacation rental homes appealing because they have little comforts they would not often get at home. On the other hand, many individuals will only rent a place if it contains the machines they usually use at home, such as food processors, dehydrators, and smoothie blenders. The ability to provide visitors with the vacation experience without requiring them to give up daily routines, like preparing supper and eating in, is a significant selling point of vacation rentals versus hotels.

But that’s not all. Using gadgets outside the kitchen is also quite effective in obtaining reservations. A garment iron could be a “must” for a business traveler who has to seem professional, while an air purifier, for example, might be a lifeline for visitors with allergies.

3. Accessories for Water

Large bodies of water, such as lakes and seas, are often placed close to vacation properties. Even while the mere prospect of lying on the beach or having a swim might be attractive, consider how much attraction you can add to your homes by giving your visitors some entertaining water accessories.

Offering snorkeling equipment, stand-up paddle boards, canoes, or kayaks may make their experiences more memorable. Canoes and kayaks may be exceptionally cost-effective since many guests can use them simultaneously.

4. Unique Electronics

Although some visitors want to unplug, most want access to their favorite types of entertainment. Assure prospective visitors they will have everything they need to engage in their regular pastimes, whether it’s a Netflix membership, video games, or high-quality speakers. Increase the ante by purchasing a smart TV or a variety of video game consoles your guests may not have at home.

Separate Yourself

These are only four suggestions to get you going. Think about what will improve your experience and make you want to promote the property to others, not just what you’d expect to be offered as a visitor. Adding more than one of these facilities would undoubtedly be ideal; even just one may significantly boost rental occupancy for your properties.

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