Turnover Management: Successful Check-in and Check-outs For Vacation Rentals

Turnover Management: Successful Check-in and Check-outs For Vacation Rentals

No matter how many properties you own, hosting a vacation rental involves a variety of duties, including maintaining your house, caring for your guests, and advertising your rental. You must also oversee check-in and check-out procedures for each reservation.

As essential as offering cozy pillows and tea and coffee supplies are the welcoming and departure of your guests.

In this post, we’ll outline the benefits of offering your visitors a first-rate check-in and check-out experience as well as the specifics of the process.

What happens during check-in and check-out?

Guests’ arrival at your vacation property and all subsequent activities are referred to as check-in. Checking out is the exact opposite. It occurs when visitors check out after a pleasant stay at your property.

What precisely occurs at check-in and check-out, though? What considerations are necessary for a seamless process?

The arrival of the visitor

Since vacation rentals offer greater comfort and convenience than typical hotels, many visitors opt to stay in them. Opening the doors is just one aspect of check-in, along with the following:

Previously communicated

Most likely, communication with your visitors begins as soon as they reserve your vacation rental, but it also continues as you prepare for their arrival. You need to let them know how to check in, who will welcome them, what time they should arrive, and other details.

Additionally, if you supply meals in your vacation rental, ask them if they need anything particular. This will earn you additional points. You can also describe the easiest method to get to your location from the airport, railway station, or highway (for example, if they have any dietary requirements or allergies).


Send your visitors a courteous reminder the day before their arrival if they need to pay a security deposit when they check-in. You should draught a vacation rental agreement for you and the visitor to sign if you wish to establish house rules and obligations that both parties must abide by.

Greeting your visitors

Handing over the keys, offering a tour of your home, and explaining a few things are all part of welcoming new guests. Show them every room in your house, paying special attention to the nuances you’ve planned just for them to make them eager to remain.

Give your visitors the key and ask them to check how the door opens. Even though it would sound absurd, perhaps their door has different mechanisms than yours. If they cannot enter later without you, doing this will stop an emergency call from being made.

It’s critical to clarify the operation of domestic equipment, the locations of consumables (in the kitchen and bathroom), and even where to dispose of trash. To ensure you remember everything, prepare in advance everything you want them to know. The moment is also right to go over how your deposit is used for any damages.

Activities in the area

Consider helpful suggestions you can provide your visitors on everything from where to go to the best restaurants in the area, and prepare responses to any queries they might have. Recommend a laundromat if your vacation rental doesn’t have a washing machine. Are there any places they should stay away from at night? Map out their location. Will they ride the metro? Describe the finest tickets to purchase as well as the service hours.

You can also list things for them to do while there, like play or theme parks. To provide them with a variety of options, including leaflets and maps.

Emergency numbers

This may be the most crucial aspect of the check-in procedure. Make sure your visitors have access to your cell and landline numbers and your email address. Provide them with your availability schedule and, just in case, another emergency phone number.

Make a list of the ambulance, police, and fire department phone numbers in your area as well.

Remember that just because you give someone a lot of knowledge doesn’t guarantee that they will retain it, especially if they have just finished a long journey and are tired. Because of this, it’s wise to have a welcome book in your holiday home. You can record all the details and directions you discussed at check-in here.

You can take advantage of this opportunity to go above and beyond by providing them with a welcome package. Here, you can add gift cards for local eateries and coffee shops or a basket of unique mementos for them to take home and give to their friends and family.

The departing the guest

In addition to waving farewell to your visitors, check-out involves returning the key and refunding their security deposit if everything is in order.

Leaving your visitors and obtaining your keys

Since we’ve already stressed the need to provide outstanding customer service when guests reserve a vacation rental, it’s a good idea to be on-hand and watchful when they check out to make getting your keys easier, get a sense of how their stay was, and wish them well on their travels.

Performing a property inspection and repaying the deposit

Check every area of your house that the departing visitors may have accessed. If there are any significant flaws or problems (not simply normal wear and tear), estimate the repair cost and deduct that amount from their deposit. Return the full amount as soon as you can if there is no harm. Tell your guest how long it will take if they are anticipating the deposit via bank transfer.

Reminding your visitors that you would love for them to leave a review on your website or one of the listing sites is a terrific idea at this time as well!

Cleaning and getting ready for your upcoming visitors

Now that you have a fresh start wash all the linens and towels swap out the soap and shower gel, and tidy up everything. Recall to clean the kitchen and bathroom, dust all the surfaces, and perform a deep clean if required.

Automated Check in and Check Out

What do you mean by automatic check-in and check-out? It occurs when you employ other methods to let guests into and out of your property while you are not physically there during check-in and check-out.

This technique has advantages and disadvantages, so let’s begin by outlining the various choices. There are smart home appliances and apps that enable you to check in and welcome guests without having to be present, so it doesn’t just involve giving your guests keys. You may even provide all the information about your neighborhood through these kinds of apps.

Programmable locks

There are various kinds of automatic locks, but WiFi door locks, which let visitors enter a home with a code or a mobile app, are the most popular.

There are already several products available that involve covering the existing lock with an electronic one that can be unlocked with an app or other WiFi-enabled gear (such as wristbands). Another option is to put a lockbox with the home keys inside that can be opened with a code or smartphone application close to the door.

Employ a company

You may also discover a company that specializes in guest turnover that will perform the work for you if automated check-in and check-out appeal to you but you don’t want to lose that warm and friendly human touch.

Concierge services will take care of welcoming visitors and explaining all aspects of their stay and vacation, as well as cleaning your home after each booking and getting it ready for the next one.

Automatic check-in advantages and disadvantages

Automated check-in systems may have additional drawbacks besides the inability to greet visitors physically. First of all, you can’t be certain that the person who arrives at your house is really who they claim to be on their online booking. Additionally, you need to be certain that they fully comprehend all household regulations and are familiar with how all domestic gadgets operate. Of course, you can’t personally recommend places in the neighborhood.

However, computerized check-in would reduce your workload and speed up the procedure, giving visitors more freedom and relieving them of the need to arrive on time.

You can now provide a five-star check-in and check-out experience for your vacation rental, whether you want to add a personal touch or cut down on time.

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