How to Market Your Family Vacation Rental in 2022

How to Market Your Family Vacation Rental in 2022

Family travel is predicted to increase in popularity in 2022, so if you play your cards properly as a host for family vacation rentals or Airbnb for families, you may anticipate a spike in bookings. Families are not only expected to travel more frequently due to the pent-up demand from COVID, but their travel habits are also evolving.

One of the largest parts of the tourist business is family travel, with forecasts showing that by 2022, there will be 376 million annual family journeys. Family travel is rising, with many parents planning to treat their kids to more luxurious vacations in 2022, according to the vacation rental booking site Vrbo. As they review their work-life balance, families are anticipated to book family home holiday rentals further in advance and to stay longer.

Large family reunions and multigenerational travel plans are anticipated to rise as families make up for missed time and prioritize spending time together, including taking family pets. Due to this, large family vacation rentals and rentals accepting pets may see an uptick in demand.

What steps can you take to enter the family travel market? How can you ensure that families are satisfied by making it simple for them to find your family-friendly vacation rental?

Tips to Get Families to Visit Your Family Vacation Home

To get families to notice your rental when they book a holiday, it is no longer sufficient to check the “children welcome” box on a listing site for vacation rentals like Airbnb. In actuality, many so-called “kid-friendly” residences lack the necessities for parents, which (more often than not) results in disappointment and anger and frequently manifests itself in negative visitor evaluations.

There are simple ways to family-proof your property without detracting from the pleasure of your visitors if you’re concerned about property damage, breakages, and spills. For instance, functional, affordable furniture with vibrant colors, plenty of storage, sanitized surfaces, and no breakables.

What do parents desire, then? It’s similar to what everyone wants: to have fun, relax, and unwind. But as anybody with children knows, family vacations frequently lead to sky-high stress levels. When you promote your family’s Airbnb or family rental as a fantastic choice for families, you must capitalize on this pain point. Show prospective visitors how your rental or a family-friendly Airbnb enables parents to enjoy a well-deserved break!

Make it clear in your listings.

Don’t forget to highlight family-friendly qualities in your listing descriptions on websites like Airbnb or your website. You’ll stand out from the crowd and demonstrate to parents that you provide more than just the necessities. It’s important to be explicit about the amenities you provide because this will assist you in attracting families to your house.

Make the parents’ lives simpler.

The best way to do this will vary depending on the age of the children, but in general, parents need to picture themselves relaxing with a book or glass of wine while their children are secure and content. Here is a summary of some of the unique difficulties parents encounter by age:

  • Babies: The main concern of parents of young children is getting them to eat and sleep. Parents that are worn out are not going to enjoy their trip!
  • Toddlers: Safety takes priority as soon as a youngster begins to move. Worrying causes stress, and stress is the last thing parents need when away.
  • Older kids: For this age range, fun and activities are the focus. Parents will be happier if their children are happy, too.

Offer reassurance with safety features

Parents can unwind knowing their children are secure. Baby-proofing your house is a smart idea for infants and young children. If you don’t have kids, ask a friend who does to come over and thoroughly inspect your house. You’d be surprised at how many hidden dangers exist in a typical home if you got on your hands and knees and looked at the environment through a toddler’s or newborn’s eyes. Electrical socket covers, kitchen and bathroom cabinet and appliance door locks, stairgates at the top and bottom of stairs, temperature controls on water faucets, and many other items are critical safety precautions.

Outdoor security is crucial, especially if you have a pool. Make sure the pool is walled in and that you have a pool cover available for when the pool is not in use. If you wish to host families with young children, there are better choices than having a hot tub or other outside water features like a fishing pond. Families with young children also appreciate secure enclosed gardens to stop young children from running into the street, as well as alarmed doors, nightlights, and railings or barriers on balconies.

Super Tip It may seem paradoxical, but adding information about any probable concerns might help assure parents that you have thought about their needs. If you have a pond near the house, let parents know and explain how they can keep their children safe. (Maybe the doors chime when they are opened or there is a locked screened-in porch.) Parents are grateful to obtain this kind of knowledge ahead of time. When they arrive, there are no unpleasant surprises (or irate calls!) because they know what to expect.

Make cleaning up the mess simple for them to do.

It takes a lot of work to clean up after kids, so the easier you can make it for parents, the more they can unwind. Additionally, it facilitates your task during shift changes in between stays. Here, wooden floors, plastic-lined tablecloths, and easily wiped surfaces come to mind. Take it from us: with this type of rental, forget about white couches and light-colored carpets, towels, or bedding. Provide plastic cutlery and crockery, particularly for use on the terrace, and safely store away any valuables and breakables.

Help them maximize their vacation.

Parents frequently need more time to explore nearby attractions and dining options thoroughly, and larger families may seek methods to cut costs when traveling. Make sure to leave a welcome book with recommendations for local family-friendly activities, and think about writing a blog post on your website that lists kid-friendly establishments. Include options that are accessible by foot or that are conveniently located, as well as pricing information for public transportation

For younger children, this can include neighboring art and craft studios, kid-friendly beaches, or playgrounds. Consider petting zoos, neighborhood museums that offer kid-friendly tours, and restaurants or parks with family-friendly décor.

Skateparks, movie theatres, discos, and shopping districts with hip eateries that have intriguing decor are favorites among teenagers or older children for their TikTok or Instagram reels.

Maximize your family’s living space.

Families prioritize quality time together, so design warm, spacious areas where everyone can relax together, such as a living room. Make the kitchen accessible and welcoming to everyone since it is another place where families frequently congregate.

The element of fun

Parents are happy when their children are happy. Therefore, be sure to emphasize “fun choices” in your property descriptions and ads. A DVD player with family DVDs, Netflix or On Demand Cable, bicycles, paddle boards, a ping pong table, a splash pad, or some fun board games could all be considered among them. Make sure that everything is in proper working order.

To establish yourself as a fun family vacation rental or fun Airbnb for families, get creative and add a few unique touches for children of all ages.

Some features to have for various age groups

For infants

  • A portable crib (pack ‘n play) or crib
  • Baby blankets/sheets
  • Highchair
  • watch for babies
  • Baby swing or seat
  • Warmer/sterilizer for bottles
  • handheld blender or a small food processor
  • A changing table or pad
  • Stroller

for Toddles

  • ladder gates
  • Dining table booster chair
  • bed rails
  • outlet shields
  • books and toys for toddlers
  • Stair step
  • child’s potty or toilet seat
  • toy baths
  • bath mats with traction
  • umbrella-style buggies
  • Wagon
  • Blackout drapes and blinds in children’s rooms

For young children

  • bunk rooms or kid-friendly bedrooms
  • Young adult books
  • Indoor and outdoor toys
  • Games on a board and cards
  • Playstation, Xbox, and Wii game consoles
  • either soccer or ping pong
  • sporting goods
  • Scooters
  • Kids’ bicycles, helmets, and a pump

Start by incorporating one little enhancement at a time.

The family market is a sizable one that can be easily and affordably penetrated. As you book more family reservations, gradually increase the number of facilities you provide. Ask about the children’s ages before a family arrives to get a sense of what they might require, and you might include a small gift for the kids in a welcome basket.

Vacationing with kids is not an easy feat! The small details in the greatest family vacation rentals, in our experience, make the largest difference for parents.

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