How to Make Money with Airbnb Experiences

How to Make Money with Airbnb Experiences

As an Airbnb host, you’re constantly looking for new approaches to provide your visitors with the greatest possible travel experience. Although visitors constantly want to experience what the area has to offer, doesn’t it become monotonous and cliché to see them returning to the same tourist attractions time and time again?

Living locally is something you already know how to do. You each have your interests, favorite places, and daily routines, which visitors would love to learn more about. What if we told you that there is a way for you to do this while earning a little more money on the side and sharing your hobbies with your guests?

You can accomplish just that with Airbnb Experiences.

Airbnb Experiences: What are they?

In-person or online events that are designed and led by locals are called Airbnb Experiences. These extracurricular events allow hosts to showcase their towns, hobbies, causes, abilities, interests, cultures, and more in addition to the typical tours and classes.

To qualify as an Airbnb Experience:

  • The hosts must be authorities in the subject
  • The interactive experience gives visitors a behind-the-scenes look at a neighborhood or culture.
  • The encounter fosters interpersonal relationships

Airbnb Experiences elevate local lives by integrating visitors fully into the host’s world. They can include dining out, paddle boarding at dusk, learning about historical sites, learning about ethical fashion, and the list goes on.

If your proposed Experience satisfies all the requirements, you can start hosting visitors and making money while doing what you enjoy.

Advantages of Airbnb Experience Hosting

With the help of Airbnb Experiences, you may meet people from all around the world who are interested in your niche. The advantages go beyond the increase in income.


One type of traveler is not the only one who can have these experiences. Some will take advantage of the chance to network, while others will use it to immerse themselves in the community or find off-the-beaten-path attractions. They can also be carried out alone or in groups. No matter if they are staying with Airbnb or not, a wide variety of people will swarm to take advantage of your offer.

With Airbnb Experiences, you have the same freedom to decide when and how often you host as you would with an overnight stay. You can still participate even if your schedule hasn’t changed. When you have the time, this can simply be a side project or an addition to your regular activities.

You can be an Experiences host even if you don’t let overnight visitors into your house. All you need is charisma to make your guests feel at home and a drive to flaunt the world. This is a fantastic opportunity that is available to everyone.

How to run a successful Airbnb Experience

You must first obtain Airbnb’s approval before you can begin hosting an Airbnb Experience. All Experiences must adhere to the established rules and specifications and are not permitted to be categorized as accommodations or services.

The three pillars of a quality experience must also be met by your experience, which means that you and your listing must show competence, insider access, and connection. You may be confident that your proposal will pass the test if you can understand these three principles.

To submit an experienced listing to Airbnb, you must first create one. You should list the following items, among others:

  • a heading and an explanation
  • The place
  • Specify what you’ll be providing and what items people should bring.
  • 7 images that depict your journey
  • minimum age; visitor activities and skill levels; and
  • The largest possible group
  • The beginning and duration
  • The cost per person

To ensure your experience information are accurate, submit your ad along with a “what we’ll do” part outlining the activity for your visitors, an “about you” section outlining your expertise and qualifications, and a “settings” section.

Along with your ad, you must also offer a brief video demonstration for an online experience and a section on “what guests should bring.”


When you have completed all of this and provided Airbnb with proof of your identification, you should receive your results within a week. Once you’ve been approved, you can start accepting reservations and adding availability to your calendar. You are welcome to revise and resubmit your experience proposal if it is rejected.

The commission rate for Airbnb Experiences is what?

All experiences listed on Airbnb are subject to a 20% service fee; however, this percentage can change if both the owner and Airbnb agree to it. The price of the goods, services, support, and liability insurance that they offer are covered by this service fee.

The experience’s established price determines the amount due by the hosts. The price listed for the Experience on the Airbnb website will already include the service charge.

After a reservation is made, Airbnb will immediately deduct service costs from host reimbursements. 24 hours after a completed encounter, hosts can anticipate receiving their revenue, less the service fee. Since all fees have already been deducted from your settlement, you may always anticipate keeping everything you earn.

Airbnb’s Most Popular Experiences

There are many Airbnb Experiences to choose from, with more than 40,000 listings spread across 1,000 locations. You might be curious about the most popular Experiences to get an idea of what you should be delivering your visitors if you want to differentiate yourself from the competition.

To give you an idea, some of the categories available for Experiences are nightlife, nature, sports, food & drink, history, entertainment, music, concerts, and the arts. Let’s look at some of the top Airbnb Experiences available on the platform.

Experience with wine tasting

Wine tasting is an old-fashioned activity. Perhaps you’re a wine connoisseur or you own a family vineyard that you want to make available to the public. It’s a well-liked outing since it’s fun to go on with friends or to meet new people, and it also has a touch of refinement.

Visitors are welcomed to the Family Vineyard Experience in Frascati, Italy, where they participate in a history-based walking tour of the vineyard, a lesson on winemaking in the wine cellar, and a concluding taste with cheese and salami.

Belleville Unbottled is used! Visitors to Paris, France, can sign up for an insider-led tour of the greatest wine bars in the city, stimulating their senses while they learn about the city.


Experience cooking on Airbnb

Enjoy cooking? It is wise to host an Airbnb cooking event. A cooking lesson is the best way to discover the regional cuisine and culture. Perhaps you have a talent for creating some scrumptious local cuisine or unique ethnic delicacies.

For chefs and cooking enthusiasts alike, this can be a fantastic chance to provide them with a wonderful and enjoyable experience.

Check out the Authentic Thai Cooking Class in Khet Khlong Toei, Thailand, or the Secret Garden Paella class in Barcelona, Spain.

Natural environment

A local guide is much better while exploring natural wonders. If you enjoy spending time outside, you can offer your talents and knowledge to guide visitors through secret hiking trails, invite them to a farm experience, or let them try out a brand-new outdoor sport.

An excellent illustration of a special experience that an outdoor enthusiast can provide to visitors is camping on a cliff in Colorado, USA.

Yoga with Goats is a unique take on a traditional workout in New York, USA. Visitors visit farms to see nature while practicing yoga with the animals.

Airbnb virtual experiences

Experiences on Airbnb don’t have to take place in person. You can also participate in online activities from the comfort of your home. Online interactions provide your company access to a global market, and they have countless potential applications.

Even though we are all familiar with the standard online music concerts, dancing and exercise classes, and cooking lessons from the epidemic, many hosts have taken the time to get inventive with their online offerings.

When you host an online experience, make sure to include a list of the items your participants will need to be ready to complete the activity correctly.

Follow a Plague Doctor Through Prague, Meditation with a Japanese Buddhist Monk, and a Coffee Masterclass is a some of the most unusual online experiences.

Airbnb team experiences

The workplace is adopting more and more team-building exercises. The importance of teamwork and the Airbnb Experience’s community-building component should be emphasized throughout team excursions.

You can attempt staging a virtual escape room if you enjoy mysteries or theatre since escape rooms are a well-liked team-building exercise.

Since cooking and cocktail lessons are more popular choices, it is advised that you market to teams if you currently conduct one of these online programs.

You should concentrate on team building’s mental stimulation component. The True vs. False Funny Historical Game and the Virtual Magic Show and Lesson are two instances of this that are frequently used.

The best way to monetize your Airbnb experiences

Airbnb Experiences offer a fantastic way to increase your Airbnb income. You can join the platform without providing a place to sleep, or you may add an experience to go along with your overnight stays.

Many Airbnb hosts have already signed up for Airbnb Experiences to increase their earnings. A vacation rental business requires certain experiences, such as led walking tours, history classes, local cuisine, and bar crawls. If you have a specialized interest or passion, your portfolio of experiences will expand, and you will be able to provide more to visitors.

Overnight visitors would appreciate being shown around the city they are visiting by their host since it makes it simpler for them to familiarise themselves with the location. Additionally, it enhances the hospitality component of the experience and the stay, which generates better evaluations.

Joining Airbnb Experiences can help you reach the relevant audiences if you have something you enjoy and believe others will. All you have to do to see your profits rise is to establish an engaging listing and begin receiving bookings.

FAQs regarding Airbnb experiences

Here are some frequently asked questions by hosts regarding Airbnb Experiences.

Is hosting an Experience a requirement for being an Airbnb host?

No, hosting an Experience does not need you to be an Airbnb host. Although it is common for Airbnb hosts to use Experiences to upgrade their guests’ stays, it is not necessary. Airbnb used for short-term rentals and Airbnb Experiences are two different entities. You can decide whether to use one platform exclusively or both simultaneously. If you decide to have listings on both, you must do it separately.

Can I host an Airbnb Experience without owning a home?

To host an Airbnb Experience, you do not need to own a home because this platform is for events and activities rather than for housing. The only situation in which you might need to own a property is if you are hosting an experience that, for some reason, depends on you having one.

What should I demand in exchange for an Airbnb Experience?

Your Airbnb Experience’s cost will vary depending on a few variables. When you first start, you should research how much other people are charging for comparable services. This will provide you with a general idea of the price range you should be charging.

The type of activity you provide will also affect how much it will cost to operate it and how willing people are to pay for it. You must consider whether travel is necessary, whether supplies or ingredients are required, and whether cleaning is necessary because each of these elements has the potential to either increase or lower the cost.

Consider the number of reviews you have and how long you have been operating the experience. People could be prepared to pay more if you are a seasoned professional guiding the experience than an amateur, at least until you develop some trust in the platform.

When you start, you should set your pricing a little lower and gradually raise it as more testimonials and stories support your experience. Play around with pricing until you hit the sweet spot because it’s all relative.

Do I need to run an Airbnb Experience?

Airbnb Experiences are activities that are available both online and in person that allow visitors to experience life from an insider’s perspective. Everyone can find their expertise because there are so many different Experience categories.

You should host an Airbnb Experience if you have a passion, interest, knowledge, or unique perspective to share with the world. It’s a fantastic platform for bringing together tourists and those looking to liven up their life with an endless array of options. You can earn money by engaging in your passions.

Everyone has something to offer, whether it’s a passion for a neighborhood sports team, culinary expertise, kayaking experience, sustainability, or even local bar scene information. Someone is eager to learn about your experience somewhere out there.

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