Consider These Details When Growing Your Rental Team

Consider These Details When Growing Your Rental Team

If your vacation rental company is expanding, it may be time to think about how you can maintain the current pace without being worn out. The straightforward solution is to expand your rental team, whether you do it by hiring staff members or by beginning to assign duties, like marketing, to freelancers to free up your time for other important company priorities.

Before making a recruiting decision, think about how to increase your team and what you need to do to make it a successful means of growing your company.

Think of a Contractor vs. an Employee

The first choice you must make when thinking about recruiting is whether to choose a full-time or contract employee. The cost will also change as a result of the legal distinction between the two.

For instance, hiring a full-time employee will not only cost you their salary but also their payroll taxes and even their health insurance. However, since they work as an employee of the company, their duties may vary day to day depending on your company’s demands.

While a contractor is legally required to work on a project-by-project basis. This implies that they are given a particular project to work on and are paid for it, either every month or per project. The sole expense for this kind of employment is the amount you agree upon.

According to Rocket Lawyer, it’s crucial to comprehend the distinctions since misclassifying personnel might get you into problems with the IRS.

It is advisable to discuss your needs and if hiring a contractor would be a prudent legal move with a lawyer or attorney. For many firms, this is a murky issue, and you don’t want to deal with it afterward.

Search for Both Hard and Soft Capabilities

You should look at the candidate’s wide areas of knowledge about their hard skills, which are specialized, trained talents they have accumulated through experience while deciding who would be the best fit for your job. Candidates with experience in sales, for instance, are likely to be adept with a variety of software systems. Which hard skills will be necessary for this new employee to succeed?

Don’t overlook the value of soft skills, such as the capacity for collaboration, communication, flexibility, problem-solving, and creativity. Use these suggestions from SparkHire to gather the information you want during interviews since soft skills may be more difficult to identify:

  • Create inquiries that address the particular soft talents you’re seeking.
  • Be particular
  • Utilize objective evaluations, such as personality assessments
  • Inquire about prior failures or disappointments to assess self-awareness.

Create the Job Description

Have a job description even if you believe you already know who you want to employ. You could find that the individual you had in mind isn’t the best fit when all the responsibilities and demands are laid out in writing. On the other hand, it assists you in establishing expectations for the candidate so they are aware of their duties.

Include all significant responsibilities, relevant experience, and any desirable technical abilities the position calls for, such as mastery of a particular vacation rental management system. If you’re unsure about where to begin, search for comparable job posts to get a feel for the structure and style.

Get Ready for Training and Onboarding

It’s time to set up the onboarding procedure once you’ve selected the ideal candidate (or candidates!) to join your company. This will be how they will first see your business. It not only determines how simple it will be for them to join your company, but it’s also a crucial component to make sure the hiring process goes well.

A solid onboarding program should involve initial orientation as well as functional training (software, procedures, etc.) and team absorption, according to TrainingIndustry. “Team integration” for a vacation rental company can just involve introducing the new hire to folks they’ll be working with often. For instance, cleaning employees or maintenance personnel, even if they don’t work full-time for your business.

Before the new hire’s first day, write out your onboarding strategy, ideally as a checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything crucial.

Choose the Advantages You’ll Provide

Along with hiring, paying, and training staff, you also need to think about the perks that team members may look forward to. The most common components of a regular W-2 benefits package are health insurance, paid time off, and retirement. You may not be obligated to provide all of these benefits depending on the size and structure of your company, but medical insurance deserves special attention since, according to Glassdoor, it increases employee satisfaction more than any other benefit.

Provided you’re concerned about expenses, take a look at the Small Business Health Options (SHOP) marketplace, which lets you and your team sign up for coverage if your company has at least one full-time employee. Your choices for plans include a broad range, including HMO, PPO, FFS, and more, according to the guide Shopping for Small Business Health Insurance. The more alternatives you have, the better chance you have of selecting the one that best suits your goals, your budget, and the needs of your workers.

Prepare to Hire

You may need to hire someone to relieve you of part of your workload if you want to keep building your team. However, before making a recruiting decision, take into account all the relevant factors, such as the kind of person, the necessary skill set, and the perks you can provide. With everything planned out and ready to go, you can be certain to choose the ideal candidate for the position, enabling your company to develop and flourish at the right rate.

Use Software

One of the best ways to handle a growing team is by utilizing vacation rental software. With Lodgable you are able to get all the tools you need to manage a fast-growing team all at no cost. From our powerful channel manager, and dynamic pricing, to free direct booking sites and market research tools. Sign up for your account today!

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