How to Utilize an Airbnb Lockbox for Self-Check-In

How to Utilize an Airbnb Lockbox for Self-Check-In

An Airbnb lockbox is the appropriate answer to a frequent issue that hosts experience when they cannot give over their keys to guests in person. Rental keys are kept in a safe lock box for visitors to retrieve when they are ready. Providing visitors with the option of self-checking in has lately grown in popularity. Self-check-in removes the need for a personal touch and allows visitors greater freedom.

Discover the advantages of utilizing a lockbox to secure your Airbnb property keys and ensure a seamless check-in procedure for your visitors.

What is an Airbnb Lockbox, and how does it work?

A lockbox is a tiny storage device to keep your rental keys safe and secure. It’s tough and needs a security code to open.

The following are instructions on how to utilize an Airbnb lockbox:

You may keep your keys safe in a lockbox or handle the lock on your Airbnb door. There are a variety of lockbox systems available, each with its lock design:

  • Electronic and smart lockboxes – electronic or smart lockboxes are affixed to a door and open automatically when a code is entered correctly or when access is shared through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Each time a visitor checks out, the passcode may be changed.
  • Dial lockboxes – with a turning dial, these lockboxes mimic locker room padlocks. Users enter a series of digits into the dial one by one.
  • Wheel lockboxes – The Airbnb lockbox comprises many scrolling wheels with numbers ranging from 0 to 9. Users pick numbers for a combination that unlocks the lock by scrolling on each wheel (usually a four-digit code).
  • Push-button lockboxes – one of the simplest safety boxes to use is a push-button lockbox. It will instantly open if you enter the right sequence of numbers into the buttons.

What Are the Advantages of Using a Lockbox on Airbnb?

There are several advantages to including a safe lockbox into your property management strategy:

1. Security

Self-check-in reduces the transmission of COVID-19 by removing the necessity for a meet-and-greet and a physical transaction. Compared to a real meet and greet, this technique is also a safer option for you to pass over the rental keys to your visitors. Contactless check-ins are encouraged by Airbnb lockboxes, which might make visitors feel safer when checking in.

1. Affordability for both hosts and visitors

Having a lockbox eliminates the requirement for you to greet your visitors. This saves time since you won’t have to organize your schedule around people coming at certain times.

Furthermore, lockboxes may assist save money since hosts who can’t be present pay management to do it for them. With a lockbox, you won’t have to pay someone to give over your keys regularly.

Guests also benefit from utilizing a lockbox to check in since they have greater control over the process and may arrive at any time that suits them. They may check-in at a slower speed without a host present. Guests who have traveled a great distance may be tired and uninterested in conversing with hosts or managers.

3. Key safety

A lockbox is more secure than a hiding location for your rental keys. The majority of safety boxes are built to resist break-in attempts and lockpicking. It’s less probable that your keys will be taken from a lockbox than from behind a rock or a pot plant.

What Is the Price of an Airbnb Lockbox?

Secure lockboxes come at various prices, with the most basic models costing between $10 and $20—boxes in the mid-range range from $30 to $40. Depending on the type, high-end smart lockboxes may cost anywhere from $100 to $300.

What Types of Lockboxes Are the Best?

To pick the ideal lockbox for your Airbnb property, start by looking around to see what’s out there:

Cost-Effective Options

ORIA Key Storage Lockbox 

The ORIA Key Storage Lockbox is a durable steel and zinc alloy that resists hammering and sawing. The dials consist of four scrolling wheels programmed to generate unique codes. Inside the box, you may store up to five keys for your visitors to use when they arrive at your rental. Amazon has it for $17 bucks.

Kingsley Guard-a-key Lockbox

The Kingsey Guard-a-Key Lockbox is an excellent value for money budget Airbnb lockbox. It has a scratch-resistant vinyl shell and is composed of robust metal. Using the four number wheels, create a unique combination lock that can hold up to 10 keys.

You may feel confident that only your visitors will be able to access the keys within with over 10,000 potential combinations to choose from. Amazon has it for $14.


Masterlock 5424D Portable Lock Box 

The shackle on the Master Lock Portable Lock Box may be wrapped around door handles or removed to place the box on the wall. Create a four-digit code that you can quickly change. During the night or when vision is poor, the dials illuminate. Several locks or access cards may be stored in this type. Amazon has it for $40.00.

Lockbox for Kidde Access Points.

The Kidde Access Point Lockbox is a basic yet effective Airbnb lockbox that can hold up to two sets of keys. It may be permanently installed at a location of your choosing. Set a unique code for your visitors to obtain access, and once they leave, reset the code to a new combination. Amazon has it for $30.

Upper Range

Master Lock 5514D Bluetooth Electronic Wall Mount Lock Box

The Master Lock Bluetooth Lock Box, as the name implies, enables visitors to acquire access through a Bluetooth connection. Set up access codes for yourself and your visitors, share codes with them, and get alerts when using this smart Airbnb lockbox with the in-house app. Amazon has it for $117.

Smart Keybox 3 by Igloohome 

The Igloohome Smart Keybox 3 is a popular solution for hosts looking for a simple and hassle-free key handover. Guests do not need to download any apps to check in, and they may transmit login codes by SMS, Facebook Messenger, or Whatsapp. If visitors want extra keys or access cards, the inside may accommodate numerous sets. Amazon has it for $170.

The following are some of the most common places to get an Airbnb lockbox:

  1. Amazon.com
  2. Home Depot
  3. Ebay.com

You may also go to a local hardware shop to look at their lockboxes and obtain advice before purchasing.

How to Keep Your Lockbox Safe:

Although your Airbnb lockbox is built to survive, factors such as temperature and climate may impact it. It’s essential to take care to protect your lockbox so that it can perform at its best.

Make it weather-proof

If you reside where severe weather occurs, such as heavy rain or snowfall, your lockbox may be damaged or impacted. Don’t keep your lockbox outside in the elements. The lockbox might be clogged by rain or cold conditions. You don’t want to leave your visitors in this predicament, particularly if it’s chilly or rainy outside.

Investing in a cover for your Airbnb lockbox can keep it dry and avoid water damage or freezing the keys. A cover might be a simple slip for the keypad or a full-fledged enclosure to protect the gadget.

This is why you should be proactive and get a lockbox cover to go with it. You may attach the cover while installing the box, saving you the trouble of removing it later to attach it.

Before putting your Airbnb lockbox in, make sure you examine the location for weather resistance. If you don’t want to spend the money on a cover, make sure your safety box is placed in a dry location where it won’t be exposed to rain or snow. A porch or veranda wall may be appropriate, but a protected garden fence is also viable.

Make it safe

When utilizing an Airbnb lockbox for self-check-in, hosts should be aware of the danger of visitors misusing or breaking the lockbox. Even if visitors do not want to mismanage the box, it is possible if they are unfamiliar with dealing with lockboxes.

The lockbox may jam or shut down if you press the wrong buttons or type in the wrong code too many times. Another issue might be that visitors do not properly close or secure the box after collecting the keys. This leaves the box open and vulnerable to theft by minor crooks.

Fortunately, forethought may help you avoid these problems. Leave clear, step-by-step directions for your visitors on how to open and shut the lockbox. Avoid putting check-in instructions with your Airbnb lockbox if it is visible from the road since strangers may stop and read them.

Another option is to invest in a smart lockbox that enables you to send visitors backup codes if the first one fails. The unique code will only be issued to visitors checking in, and it may be reset when they depart, making it very impossible for a stranger to open it. A smart lockbox is also a safer solution because it activates and gives access through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Where Should My Airbnb Lockbox Be Installed?

A lockbox may be attached to two different surfaces: walls and doors. A lockbox on a door is typically quicker to install, but the disadvantage is that it is more apparent, making it an easier target for pickpockets.

Installing your lockbox on a wall takes longer and may need the use of specialist equipment. The advantage is that you have more alternatives for determining where to put it.

When installing your lockbox, you should try to be as clever as possible. Choose a location that strikes a balance between “well-hidden” and “easy-to-find.” The location of your box should be hidden yet easy to locate for your visitors.

Guests may feel angry (particularly at night) if it is placed in a difficult-to-find area, and they may leave a poor review. Send your visitors precise, clear information on how to locate your Airbnb lockbox on your home to prevent this.

For Private Residences

Installing your lockbox in a visible place from the road is not a good idea. Place it on the side or rear of the home if possible. If you live on a busy street with a lot of activity and passersby, there’s a lower chance that someone will attempt to break into your lockbox. However, you should make every effort to keep it concealed from passers-by.

Here are some ideas about where to put your lockbox:

  • On the side of the home — putting the box on the side of your house is the simplest method to hide it while making it accessible to your visitors.
  • In the backyard — There are various methods for securing your Airbnb lockbox in the backyard. It might be mounted on a fence or a garden wall. You may put it near trees or outside features like a pool or fire pit as obvious markers.
  • Conceal your lockbox in the garden – a garden is a perfect place to hide your lockbox. Rental owners are increasingly hiding lockboxes in props, such as behind a fake boulder or within a fake hosepipe. Make sure your visitors know where they can find you by leaving clear directions.

For Apartment Buildings

Choose a simple location to locate but not immediately apparent. Your lockbox should not be placed near a roadway or an access gate.

To prevent any complaints, if you are subletting a house, you may need to ask your landlord for permission to install an Airbnb lockbox on the wall or door.


When visitors check into your holiday home, an Airbnb lockbox may make them feel safer. It may help you increase your rental reservations since many customers nowadays choose self-check-in. Self-check-in is another way to enhance the visitor experience. Guests will be able to plan a check-in time that is convenient for them without worrying about whether or not someone will be available to greet them.

Using vacation rental software, such as Lodgable, to simplify all critical business operations is another approach to improve your visitors’ experience. 

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