What is the best way to offer discounts on Vrbo

What is the best way to offer discounts on Vrbo

An excellent method to increase bookings for your Vrbo property is to include promos. You can advertise your house through discounts in a variety of ways. You might offer a nightly discount to visitors who want to stay for a full week or a larger discount to visitors who want to book the entire month. You can do this quickly by logging into your account and using your calendar.

When you get there, click the gear symbol, choose rates from the drop-down menu, and your settings will open with the “Base Rates & Discounts” option visible. The proportion of the discount you want to offer for seven or more days, or 28 days or more, can then be entered. Don’t forget to click “save” after you’re finished.

Many homeowners want to provide seasonal specials, like winter sales. You can easily change your base pricing for those specific dates if you wish to advertise discounts on particular days, such as for a seasonal discount.

  1. Go to your dashboard by navigating.
  2. On your “calendar,” click.
  3. Then select “rates.”
  4. To view multiple months at once, click “year view” in the top left corner of the screen.
  5. To highlight every day of the season, click on the first and last days of the season on your calendar.
  6. In the screen’s pop-out window on the right side, choose your sort of nightly rate.
  7. Enter the amount of money you plan to demand during that period.
  8. You can use the calendar in the pop-out panel to select the days you want to adjust the rate for and then input a different price per night by clicking on them.
  9. On the “save rate,” click.

Discounts for the military on Vrbo

Simply include it in the listing description if you want to offer discounts to active-duty military personnel. As Vrbo does not handle it, individual owners are responsible for offering discounts to service members.

There used to be a field where you could input the discount rate when sending a quote to a prospective visitor. That’s not the situation anymore.

You must modify the quote you provide the inquirer if you want to offer a military discount or any other discount that applies just to that particular visitor.

For instance, if your property costs $100 per night per person and you offer a 15% military discount, you price them $85 per night once you realize they are in the armed forces.

Editing your quote involves:

  1. Establishing an account login.
  2. Select the “inbox” icon from the left menu.
  3. Select the question you want to answer.
  4. To access the message’s quote part, scroll down.
  5. On the pencil icon, click.
  6. Edit the rental amount once the quote has opened.
  7. To let your guest know the modifications were made, click “save.”


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