Host Best Practices for Vrbo Guest Reviews

Host Best Practices for Vrbo Guest Reviews

Your visitor may leave a Vrbo guest review of their stay at your vacation rental after they check out. The ranking for this review ranges from 1 to 5. Similar to how visitors may evaluate you and you can reply to guest evaluations, you can review your guests.

These days, word-of-mouth advertising, social proof, and warnings are very potent tools that may make or kill your company.

Reviews from visitors are crucial because they allow you a chance to respond to negative comments made about your property. Finding the time to examine your visitors might sometimes be challenging, particularly if you often rent out or manage your home remotely. To help you, we’ve included some advice on this page.

Why are guest evaluations on Vrbo significant?

It’s crucial to leave a guest review on Vrbo since bookings heavily rely on ratings and reviews. Remember that for visitors or hosts to appear, both must post reviews.

These evaluations will increase your traffic over time while also assisting you and other landlords in making better judgments about possible tenants. Here are some reasons why you need to take the time to write a review for a visitor:

Increase bookings

What is the greatest strategy to promote your amazing rental and boost reservations besides the images and the listing description? Actual testimonials from visitors who have stayed there!

To choose the best course of action for their excursions, travelers depend on the advice of others. Potential visitors will almost always read reviews left by past visitors before choosing your property. They want to know whether making a reservation worthwhile and if the listing’s photographs and description correspond to actual guest experiences. The likelihood that someone will book your property increases with the rating.

You will therefore get more reviews if you rate each visitor! More users will be able to locate your property since your name and profile will be shown more often on the website. Overall, it will boost your bookings and help you establish a better host profile and reputation.

Participate in your community

Providing guest evaluations to support the whole Vrbo host community is crucial. It allows you and other hosts to observe the visitor’s behavior. You can thus observe how a visitor behaves in other rentals as soon as they request yours on Vrbo. You’ll know not to approach a visitor if you see a bad rating from a former host.

A damage-control operation

Another benefit is that it provides hosts an opportunity to repair any harm that has been done. You now have the opportunity to lessen the harm if a visitor reviews your property negatively by replying to the review. It enables you to demonstrate your actions or plans to take in response to your visitor’s concerns.

Asking previous visitors to post reviews is another strategy to limit the damage so that the good reviews will outweigh the bad ones.

How to post reviews for guests on VRBO

Your company depends on positive customer reviews. The host will be able to check the prior ratings when a visitor files a booking request and has been reviewed by previous owners.

1. Review a request on the day of checkout

On the day of check-out, a prompt to rate your visitor will appear in your host’s Vrbo account. If you don’t do it right away, a reminder email will be sent to you three days later.

From one to five stars, you may score your visitor’s performance in four separate areas: general satisfaction, cleanliness, communication, and observance of house rules. Only recent visitors may be reviewed.

2. Calendar

One year has passed from the date of your stay for you and your visitor to submit a review. However, the other party has 14 days to finish their evaluation once one of you submits it. These two week-long evaluations are confidential. The reviews are published after that time. Once you’ve submitted your review, neither of you can change it.

3. Who reads the evaluations?

The only people who may view a visitor’s ratings are the hosts or property managers in the online contact with that particular guest. Even after the booking is over, the host may still see these reviews.

Guidelines for Vrbo guest reviews

The process of writing a guest review on Vrbo is simple, and there are just a few rules that you as a host must follow. The system will automatically regulate your review if you follow the Vrbo content requirements.

The whole procedure is intended to encourage visitors and hosts to provide honest reviews of their interactions; for instance, they are unable to see one another’s evaluations before going live. The reviews cannot be changed once they are published, as was already explained.

You can no longer evaluate a visitor once they submit a review, but you may reply to that review.

Writing a review for a visitor

As we previously said, a card requesting reviews will appear in your Vrbo feed the day after your visitors check out. You just need to click Add your rating.

You may utilize the Review dashboard on Vrbo to add your review at a later time. After selecting the property, go to Reviews and look for the visitor you want to rate. Give the visitor a rating and store it,

On a scale of 1 to 5, rate your visitor in each of the four categories. Keep in mind that you are just able to rate; you cannot write anything. Unlike Airbnb, where you may leave a written review, this is different.

Reviewing something while distanced

You should still post guest evaluations on Vrbo if you want to rent out a house over a great distance. Ask your property manager, if you have one, to provide you with comments after your visitors have left. To make sure everything was left in its proper location and condition, you may also ask them to follow an inventory checklist. Ask your neighbors, assuming you get along well with them, whether the tenants were boisterous.

Obtain more Vrbo guest reviews

You should have more reviews, as we already said. Although Vrbo will ask your visitor to write a review, nothing is stopping you from asking them directly – for instance, in the checkout email or message.

If you’re submitting the request straight from Vrbo, you may do so from either the Vrbo Review page or the mailbox menu item in the navigation menu.

How to improve your Vrbo ratings

You’ll need to be ready for both the positive and bad reviews for every visitor that leaves you with a wonderful review to share. They aren’t always fair, however. What can you do, then, to stop bad reviews?

  • Express yourself clearly.

Having clear house rules for your vacation rental can assist in guaranteeing that your visitors are aware of what to anticipate immediately. Less misunderstanding, disappointment, or dissatisfaction is likely if your directions are explicit.

In terms of communication, always go above and beyond what is expected of you from your visitors. They are more likely to provide a good review if they feel more “cared for,” so to speak.

  • Create a memorable visitor experience

By paying attention to all the tiny elements that will make their stay memorable, you can make sure that your visitors enjoy the time of their life in your rental. Pay attention to their requirements, offer instructions on how to utilize every rental feature, email them suggestions for local activities, and follow up to make sure they have all they need. Ensure that they can get in touch with you whenever they need to throughout their stay in case of queries or emergencies.

By including all the essentials—coffee, tea, and cleaning supplies—as well as thoughtful extras—additional towels and pillows in each bedroom, a welcome basket filled with delectable local fare, fresh magazines, or high-quality games to play on the terrace—you can demonstrate that you have thought of them.

Prioritize customer feedback

As you can see, submitting a guest review is simple, and it’s a good idea to get into the habit of doing so right away to inspire your visitors to do the same. This will increase your reservations, reflect professionalism on your behalf, and guarantee that more people are aware of your rental.

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