Vacation Rental Website Builders: Things to Avoid

Vacation Rental Website Builders: Things to Avoid

While there are many articles out there explaining what to search for in website builders and vacation rental software, it’s uncommon to find information on what to avoid looking for.

However, given the similarities between various software options, knowing what to stay away from can help you make your pick.

Let’s look at the top 10 issues that owners find the most frustrating when choosing their website builder for holiday rentals!

1. It prohibits the use of a “Book Now” button.

Travelers enjoy making online reservations for vacation rentals as long as the process is simple and secure. To let your visitors know they can make reservations right on your website, you must be able to add a call-to-action, such as a “Book Now” button, through your website builder.

Calls to action prompt your viewers to act right away. Therefore, strategically placing them on your website can greatly increase the number of direct reservations you receive for your rental.

2. It’s out-of-date

Since its inception, the internet and its numerous millions of websites have dramatically improved. Which of these modifications is the most crucial? The creation of mobile-friendly sites.

You need to get out of there if your software needs to be updated and won’t let you make a mobile-friendly website. A responsive vacation rental web design is not only necessary for contemporary vacationers, but it is also taken into account by Google’s exact search engine results algorithm. Unfortunately, your website will only be found if you utilize an outdated website builder that adheres to updated SEO guidelines.

3. It can’t be customized

Customization is essential for any vacation rental firm looking to make a name for itself online. Your website should provide information about your company and encourage visitors to arrange a reservation.

Make sure you can customize any elements you like if you decide to choose a ready-made website template rather than building your site from scratch. Never forget that your site is unique to you, regardless of the fonts, colors, background images, or sidebar menus!

4. The speed

Speed is now more important than ever for internet enterprises, and not simply from the owner’s or management’s perspective. While it’s crucial for owners of vacation rentals to be able to swiftly and easily access, change, and update their websites whenever necessary, it’s equally crucial for potential guests to be able to navigate and make their bookings just as quickly and effortlessly.

Since users form opinions about a webpage within the first three seconds, selecting a software program should be a key consideration.

5. You cannot gather customer reviews.

Possessing the option to display customer feedback and reviews is one of the key components of a vacation rental website. Therefore, only consider a website builder if it includes this capability.

Positive social evidence, such as excellent internet evaluations, has repeatedly been among the most important variables influencing tourists’ selections when making hotel reservations. They might even suggest returning visitors if you’re a truly excellent host.

6. The price is high.

The cost will unavoidably be a factor when choosing your website builder for holiday rentals. Similar to how you understand something is probably false when it seems too good to be true, the same is true of expensive website builders. To ensure that it’s a practical solution for your company’s needs, you must perform some calculations before committing.

Additionally, you should always delve into the little particulars to grasp the entire picture. Does the annual or monthly subscription contain any additional commissions or extras? Before signing on the dotted line, be sure you are fully informed, including the costs.

7. It is unsupported

For many owners and managers, deciding to build a website for their vacation rental business can be a major move, so it makes sense that they would want to feel supported at every stage of the process.

It appears that you should keep looking for a better option if the website builder you’re considering can’t guarantee that your questions will be answered promptly (i.e., within 24 hours), that problems will be resolved effectively, or that there will be a resource center like a knowledge base available for you to find answers to FAQs on your own.

8. It lacks the proper integrations

You must verify that your website builder software is already integrated (or capable of integrating) with all the resources you need to run your business successfully. Your website will serve as the foundation for your rental marketing initiatives.

For instance, you can lose out on a sizable portion of the market if you can’t accept credit card payments online. Likewise, if connecting to a dynamic pricing tool or adding your social media feeds is difficult, it’s time to look for a website builder that makes these tasks simple.

9. It isn’t adaptable

Signing up for a web builder service that isn’t flexible can be a major risk because your company’s conditions might change frequently. This is especially true if you manage rental properties and constantly add new tenants.

One of the wisest software choices you can make is to pick a versatile website builder to let you make the adjustments you need to accommodate your changing business.

10. It isn’t product-focused

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of website builders available, all of which are ideal for your company. However, very few of them are genuinely created with vacation rental business owners in mind.

While using a general website builder (such as WordPress, Wix, etc.) may be acceptable, picking a builder specifically designed for vacation rentals is a far better choice. This is because they are created by top-tier programmers who consistently work to improve the product while keeping your company’s interests at the center of everything they do.

Additionally, they offer tailored solutions to manage your holiday rental daily. For instance, channel managers, reservation systems, and booking engines.

Running a vacation rental business should be enjoyable if you have the proper equipment and website builder software. Is reasonably priced, has a fantastic support staff, boasts all the necessary industry integrations, and continually adds new features and functionalities.

Fortunately for you, Lodgable offers beautifully designed websites that are integrated with our channel manager making it incredibly simple to manage all of your calendars from a single location. 

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