How to Make Your Vacation Rental Luxurious in an Instant

How to Make Your Vacation Rental Luxurious in an Instant

Luxury travel and hospitality were the main topics during the ITB Berlin 2018 conference. In the words of Marc Aerberhard, President of Luxury Hotel & Spa Management, the new luxury travel industry is “all about what money cannot buy.”

What does this mean, then? Luxury tourists of today value experiences above material possessions and simplicity over glitter. In any case, the luxury experience for visitors begins even before check-in. These visitors anticipate an easy booking procedure, transparent communication, a helpful host, and a fantastic place to stay while on vacation.

While improving your hosting abilities takes little financial outlay, upgrading your vacation rental to a more abundant space might significantly increase your spending. But it’s not necessary! You can make many inexpensive improvements to your home to help it look like a five-star resort.

Keep it simple.

When creating your rental’s interior from scratch, it’s simple for novice vacation rental owners to get carried away. However, minimalism works far better to create a truly opulent atmosphere in space than jamming in every find. Investing in a select few essential items of furniture and accessories looks better and is significantly less expensive.

Consider the layout of your home and list the bare minimum of furniture each space needs. For instance, a table and chairs are all that is required in a dining area. If there is enough area, you can consider placing a bar trolley at one end of the space, provided it doesn’t block any doorways.

Instead of overstuffing your rental, invest in a few key pieces to instantly transform it into a high-end hotel vibe. Additionally, it will make your professional images look more spacious to visitors looking through them.

Use textures to your advantage by playing with them.

You’ll need a keen eye for finding eye-catching elements as well as the know-how to put them together to create a luxury interior design. Modern and opulent vibes are created by combining metallic components with organic materials like stone and wood. Accessories made of gold or rose gold are chic and in vogue right now.

Additionally, textures can be used to spruce up your soft furnishings. Think about placing soft, fluffy blankets on top of spotless, white bed sheets during the winter months. In the summer, you can replace these with textured throw pillows in muted tones. A thick rug can soften a large wooden and metal table in the dining area. Full-length drapes can also provide drama and accent hardwood floors in the living area.

Utilize frames and mirrors to create illusions.

Large mirrors and framed photographs or artwork can do wonders to make any space feel luxurious and large, regardless of the size of the space. Particularly in transitional areas like hallways or corridors, a statement mirror with a gorgeous frame may quickly smarten up a house.

Although mirrors might be pricey, secondhand shops can have great deals. Otherwise, you can be inventive and transform an old mirror into a focal point by painting or fixing it.

Remember that lighting is the linchpin.

Homes that are dim and gloomy do not exude luxury. Good lighting (both natural and artificial) is necessary to create a luxurious environment for visitors to enjoy. Give people options to select from, such as ambient side lighting and overhead ceiling lights. According to Nadia McCowan Hill, a style consultant for Wayfair, layering lighting can help “create atmosphere, interest, and an illusion of height.”

In addition to picking excellent light fixtures, it’s critical to consider the bulbs you utilize. According to McCowan Hill, the main factors that affect your decision should be how bright the space needs to be, the atmosphere you want to create, and how energy-efficient they are.

Additionally, spotlights can draw attention to architectural details or feature walls. Because they foster a sense of intimacy and warmth, they are also effective in a dinner table setting.

Highlight the doorway

In the vacation rental business, first impressions matter a great deal. When your guests first enter the door, you want them to experience the same sense of anticipation they felt when they reserved your property. Because of this, your home’s entrance needs to be a work of art.

Imagine entering a five-star hotel. You would anticipate being welcomed by a classy reception area with a thoughtfully furnished seating space. Although your vacation rental is unlikely to include a lobby, you may easily reproduce this magnificent entrance by following a few straightforward guidelines. Purchase a small sideboard or entry table to start. Then, create a warm and balanced arrangement with a design lamp, a vase of fresh flowers, and a little ceramic dish for guests to leave belongings like house keys in. Consider putting your welcome book on display here so that it is one of the first things guests see when they enter your house.

Additionally, if you give visitors a welcome letter, this arrangement is the best spot to ensure they discover and read it thoroughly.

Repurpose cheap, simple furniture to create something extraordinary.

There are several ways to accomplish this if you want to renovate an older property on a budget. Affordable retailers like Ikea sell simple furnishings at very competitive costs. You can make ordinary items into show-stoppers with a little imagination.

For upcycling inspiration that will make your vacation rental seem instagrammable, check out websites like Pinterest. Searching for “Ikea furniture hacks” or similar terms returns hundreds of results that can help you become creative. Many will enable you to make a $30 shelf unit appear as though it belonged in a design gallery.

Make sure the visitor’s experience comes first.

High-end visitors want a luxurious experience from your establishment in addition to being treated and acknowledged. You, as the host, could arrange for your guest to receive exclusive offers in the area. Nearby local spa? Join forces with them to provide your guests with a special deal. Near a vineyard? At the checkout, provide a premium day of wine tasting as a limited-edition add-on.

According to National Geographic’s luxury travel trends projection, “luxurious no longer seek souvenirs.” They prefer to have trip experiences that they can blog about. Although it will play a significant part in giving your visitors the best possible experience, your home is not the only factor. Being a gracious, considerate host who has planned and offered advice will go a long way in defining the level of luxury of your vacation rental.


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