Marketing Your Vacation Rental to Digital Nomads

Marketing Your Vacation Rental to Digital Nomads

Pieter Levels predicted that there would be nine billion people on the planet by the year 2035. Six of these nine billion people will be of working age, and about half will be independent contractors. According to Levels, one-third of these independent contractors will be digital nomads. This implies that there will be one billion remote workers within the next two decades (or even sooner! ).

Many people are packing their bags and traveling the world with a laptop in hand, thanks to the unexpected increase in flexible work and the opportunity to set up an office virtually anywhere. One of the greatest markets in the vacation rental sector is quickly evolving to include digital nomads. How will you respond to their travel requirements?

A digital nomad is what?

Let’s define a digital nomad precisely to get things started. Although there is a difference, there needs to be more understanding between digital nomads and remote workers. According to Wikipedia, digital nomads are “a class of individuals who use telecommunications technologies to generate income and, more generally, lead nomadic lives.”

They represent a rising segment of the workforce that, because of the flexibility of the jobs they hold daily, can work from anywhere in the world with nothing more than a functional internet connection. They choose to travel whenever and wherever they choose, and their lives revolve around their journeys. While seeing the world, these “location independent entrepreneurs” are blazing a new road toward job independence.

Why should you target digital nomads when marketing your vacation rental?

The digital nomad community may be ideal if you’ve been trying to develop your business into other markets and target different customers. They can be a low-maintenance audience with only a few office-related needs. Since they’ll be working much of their stay, they’re also much more inclined to maintain your property.

You’ll be glad you put in the first effort once you’ve entered the digital nomad market. Digital nomads communicate with one another, with other digital nomads, and with online review sites. You can attract customers by focusing on this demographic and providing a top-notch experience, and you can also welcome amazing visitors from near and far.

Identify the demands of digital nomads.

There are few criteria for digital nomads because of their inherent ability to be location independent, which means they can function without an office or a lot of equipment. Let’s look at the best strategies for luring this distinct category of business traveler to your holiday property.

The appropriate amenities

First, the amenities you offer are crucial in luring remote workers to your property. Compared to ordinary vacationers, digital nomads will stay at your property for much longer because they probably work from home.

Because of this, having a range of tidy and comfortable workspaces, quick Wi-Fi, and homey amenities like fluffy towels and a stocked pantry are all necessities. Provide multiple locations within your home where they can set up their workstation without missing out on the daylight. The remote workforce will likely have different hours than those of traditional 9-to-5 occupations.

Promote extended stay deals throughout the off-season.

Many digital nomads choose their next location the day before they depart from their current one. Others, however, will schedule their favorite places to spend the summer, winter, and so on in advance. If your hotel struggles to get visitors during particular seasons of the year, you might take advantage of the situation by providing unbeatable discounts for extended stays. In this manner, your property won’t be empty during the off-season, and you never know—you might even attract a remote worker!

Showcase nearby beautiful locations

The flexibility of choosing how to organize your day is a draw of being able to work from any location. For this group, a location’s worth is determined by more factors than just the accommodations. The digital nomad lifestyle also includes hip yoga studios, indie shops, and cool coffee shops. In light of this, make sure to highlight any special features of your home—such as a great view, a private pool, or any other appealing aspect—along with any nearby attractions that can assist guests to decide to stay with you.

Publish content in Facebook groups

There are thousands of like-minded professionals who all work remotely or wish to in hundreds of groups on Facebook. One of the primary methods they use to inquire about prospects or seek guidance? That’s right, Facebook.

Therefore, if you want to draw online freelancers to your property, social network is a wonderful way to advertise your vacation rental. Always make sure to point them to your vacation rental website so they can make a secure reservation.

Join forces with a coworking facility

Along with being a suitable fit for the flexible employment of remote workers, coworking spaces have grown in popularity in recent years due to the chances for networking and community development that they offer.

Many business owners looking for a new home for their upcoming project may investigate the coworking choices before making a choice. Because of this, think about collaborating with a nearby coworking space and posting a brief advertisement on their website or internal notice board. This will make them more likely to visit your property because they are either already residing there or want to stay there.

Take last-minute reservations

Being a knowledgeable group, location-independent workers will likely try to negotiate the best price with property owners. Accepting last-minute reservations exposes your establishment to competitive travelers engaged in a bidding war. Make sure prospective visitors may get in touch with you directly (for example, through your website), as this will enable them to start a conversation. The awkwardly long calendar gaps left by other guests who arrive and depart on weekends can be filled by last-minute reservations.

influential hosts and well-known digital nomads

Even though they are nomads, this group of travelers is very social. They participate frequently in online forums, read nomad blogs, and maintain relationships with influential people and other prominent digital nomads. By proxy, inspire your potential audience. Inviting digital nomad influencers as guests expand your pool of potential visitors.

It’s not enough to give a free weekend because some Instagram stars can be picky. Get ready to interact with digital nomads in a brand-new way by learning how to draw influencers to your vacation rental.

Utilize specialty marketplaces for digital nomads.

As we previously discussed, digital nomads are very active online. After all, it revolves around their lives and jobs. There are various specialized listing websites for housing for digital nomads. They focus on nomad-favorite places and boast facilities like high-speed internet and numerous on-site work options.

Our top favorite websites for finding vacation rentals for digital nomads are 2nd Address, Plum Guide, and 9flats. Each website caters to digital nomads with unique specialties and interests. As Airbnbs for digital nomads and Vrbo’s remote-work amenities have been a prominent highlight on their pages, even some of the well-known OTAs have caught on to the trend.

Since there will be a significant rise in the number of digital nomads shortly, now is a wonderful moment to consider how to broaden your target visitor market to include this group of people. Use the advice above to promote your holiday rental to the expanding remote workforce.

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