Vacation Rental Branding Lessons You Can Learn From Kim Kardashian

Vacation Rental Branding Lessons You Can Learn From Kim Kardashian

The Kardashian-Jenner family has made a fortune through branding; they have done this by blatantly exploiting their fame. What can we infer about personal branding from Kim Kardashian? And why do vacation rental companies resemble her so much?

Kim Kardashian isn’t your normal celebrity; whether you like her or not, she transitioned from being a TV star to a well-known entrepreneur. The Kardashian and Jenner families could be more talented and well-known for anything in particular. The Kardashian paradox is that they are well-known for excelling at being famous. Additionally, vacation homeowners can benefit greatly from them.

1. A distinct brand image and message

Kim Kardashian

The personalities, fashion senses, and interests of the Kardashian family members vary greatly. They have made advantage of these resources to develop distinct personal brands and themes that speak to practically all American demographics. For instance, Kourtney Kardashian appeals to new mothers and emphasizes caring for her young children in her brand messaging.

Though she began as a socialite and now presents herself as a powerful businesswoman, Kim has effectively adjusted her message throughout the years with the help of her army of publicists. She has even appeared on the Forbes cover!

Owners of vacation rentals

Like all companies, successful vacation rentals hone their positioning and brand personality through concise messaging.

Vacation rental companies must be emotional, mixing their marketing strategy with human emotion to connect with their visitors’ interests and passions, just like Kim Kardashian.

For instance, Cottage on Anglesey, written in the style of a friend giving you advice, discusses taking a long stroll around their place and visiting a lighthouse:

Main Points

While brand names are fantastic, you need also give your company a personality and convey it through your brand message. Write a larger story in which your brand plays a part rather than merely stating what your brand is (such as “Colorado vacation rental”).

You can define your brand statement using the three-part model:

  • Starting: Issue. Consider the issues that arise for your visitors and how your vacation rental company will address them.
  • Middle: An answer. Describe how your company is resolving the issues you highlighted in the introduction.
  • Successful conclusion. Tell everyone how effective you are at resolving these issues. Your rental property company is awesome! But be sure to explain why. You’re still in business and will continue to be prosperous, so take care not to make it sound like the end of the road.

2. Remaining in the spotlight while adoring it

Kim Kardashian

Kim enjoys publicity. She makes sure she is photographed every day to keep current. No matter what occurs in her life—whether she gains weight, travels, or has a second child—she will exploit it to generate thousands of dollars. Even a little weight gain is not a huge concern to Kim; she posts numerous images of herself in waist trainers, diet drinks, and diet pills.

Owners of vacation rentals

Owners of vacation rentals must utilize all of their potential. For instance, owners of vacation rental homes near the beach should snap images of their surroundings and the views from their homes, indicate the activities and events visitors may participate in, and describe everything else they can expect when they book!

For instance, Anemone Hotel has a page listing the best tourist attractions around. Incredibly useful information for their visitors!

Main Points

It’s crucial to keep current and relevant. New event in your neighborhood? Whatever you feel is pertinent, such as updating your listing description or offering discounts, should be done. These goods are the kind that will make you stand out from the crowd!

Your goal is to continue to be prominent and relevant for a very long period, much like Kim.

3. Increasing societal influence

Kim Kardashian

The Kardashian family uses a consumer-driven social media marketing approach to highlight their lives. Find their social media pages if you want to know what they’re eating, and wearing, where they’re vacationing, or how they’re enjoying their life. Their admirers adore the stuff they’ve created by turning their ordinary activities into stories. Giving their viewers what they want is “simple” for them because they are aware of their target audiences and what is expected of them.

One of the most popular superstars on social media, Kim Kardashian, is a pro at creating excitement and keeping it going for as long as possible. For instance, she provides a teaser photograph of a new project on Twitter, Instagram, and her blog after a few days. Once the project has been made public, and the buzz has restarted, these photographs finally appear again. She is skilled at raising anticipation and interacting with her audience.

Although she may take nudist photos, she also discusses young children, politics, and (her) enterprises.

Owners of vacation rentals

They must determine their target markets and develop customer personas. For instance, Disney and Universal Studios are only 6 miles away from Orlando’s Palm Breeze Reunion Retreat. Families who want to see Orlando’s top attractions are one of their primary target markets.

Although their vacation rental is open to anybody who wants to visit Orlando, they can categorize their potential customers into categories for marketing, such as couples, families with young children, family reunions, etc.

Once they are aware of who their visitors are, they must determine where to look for them. Do they regularly use social media? From what nations are they arriving? or do they reside there? Knowing them better can help you choose how and where to communicate with them. Simply because most firms use social media for marketing doesn’t mean you have to follow suit. Simply put, everything depends on your audience.

The owners of vacation rentals are present on several listing platforms, including their website, Airbnb, FlipKey, and others, in addition to effectively reaching their target demographic. It aids in boosting their properties’ visibility—as long as they have a competent channel manager, of course!

Main Points

You may not even need social media; you don’t even have to use it every day. However, if you want people to know about your vacation rentals, what you do, what you enjoy, and, most importantly, what you have to offer, use all the marketing avenues necessary to promote your brand.

Make sure your vacation rental has the same power in search engines as Kim Kardashian does when you type “Kardashian” into a search engine, and the top result appears is Kim Kardashian.

4. Your company name

Kim Kardashian 

Kim’s last name, Kardashian, helped her build her empire. Her father was a well-known celebrity attorney who gained notoriety when he notably defended OJ Simpson. Kim’s last name enabled her to establish connections with Hollywood’s wealthiest individuals and begin establishing herself.

Owners of vacation rentals

Not all proprietors of vacation rentals can profit from a brand name that was well-known before they introduced their current one. But like her, proprietors of vacation rentals must choose a brand name that ingrains its identity in the minds and emotions of its clients.

There is a reason why Shangri-La hotels aren’t referred to as “Top Asian Brand of Luxury Hotel and Resorts,” and there is also a good reason why you shouldn’t use a title like “Colorado Vacation Rental Home” for your vacation rental.

For instance, Tangerine Sunsets offers vacation rentals in three locations with breathtaking sunsets: Nassau, Orlando, and Havana. You can infer that they are in a tropical region just from reading their brand name. To make sure that everyone was aware of their business, they also included “holiday villas” in their name.

Main Points

Your brand name will be how the world sees and recognizes you, much as Kim K. Be imaginative, but make sure it works for your company. Once you have a name for your company, register the domain for your website and claim your username on all the major social media platforms.

5. Specialization and expansion

Kim Kardashian

Every Kardashian family member has developed a specialty brand that appeals to various market segments. Women who are worried about their weight and want to maintain a healthy lifestyle are drawn to Khloe. Kim encourages women to embrace their identity while Kourtney charms mommy bloggers.

They have diversified to cater to every facet of their target customers’ lifestyles since they are so familiar with them. You can bet that Kim K has either developed her product or promoted one of several lifestyle-related products.

Here’s a good illustration: in addition to being able to download her emojis from the Apple store and use them on your smartphone, you can also purchase merchandise with her emoticons! As a result, you can now get iPhone cases and wrapping paper with her face, butt, or preferred words.

Owners of vacation rentals

Every type of vacation rental has a specific market, from small, affordable villas for surfers in Bali to enormous, exclusive residences on five acres beside a lake for a weekend of water skiing.

Offering supplemental services like excursions, spa visits, and equipment rentals is also a wonderful idea. Even though you specialize in holiday rentals, you may still expand your brand to offer those extra comforts.

For instance, Beachside Resort offers its visitors fishing tours in addition to its expertise in cabin rentals:

Main Points

Owners of vacation rentals are not required to provide every travel-related amenity, but it does assist in providing additional services that will enhance your visitors’ vacations.

Who would have believed that a famous person like Kim Kardashian could teach us so much?

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