Boost Your Bookings with These Useful Vacation Rental Apps

Boost Your Bookings with These Useful Vacation Rental Apps

You’ll notice that the majority of people around you are either on their phones or hunting for their phones if you ever ride the metro or stroll down the street in a large city. However, with roughly 4 billion smartphone users globally and a huge demand for mobile connections, this is unsurprising.

The smartphone business has exploded in popularity, and it will continue to do so as it develops with faster networks and futuristic designs. In fact, it has begun to supplant desktop use entirely. According to StatCounter, mobile devices account for 55.73 percent of internet traffic, while desktops account for 41.46 percent and tablets account for 2.81 percent.

So, how can we, as vacation rental owners, take advantage of this increase in smartphone usage? Apps!

Apps That Every Vacation Rental Owner Should Have

There will always be something out there to assist you to operate your vacation rental more effectively, whether it’s OTA applications, cleaning services, or property management software.

To assist you, we’ve compiled a list of the best applications that may help you grow your vacation rental company. Check it out!


Pulse, a Booking.com partner app, makes it simple for property owners to manage their properties. Keep track of all developments, answer to visitors promptly, and change your room availability at any moment.

You may choose which kind of information you’d want to receive, such as new reservations or cancellations, if you’re operating a multi-property company and are overwhelmed by the number of alerts hitting your phone. You may also update photos from your mobile device, saving time and attracting new visitors while on the road.

Here’s where you can get the Booking.com app.


The Vrbo app, which is available for free to all owners and managers, makes it exceedingly simple for vacation rental owners to manage their companies at all times. It allows you to amend your listings at any moment, update your calendar, respond to messages, and get booking inquiry alerts straight to your phone.

Trip Boards, a great tool for travelers to store and arrange homes for their next trip, are a standout feature on the Vrbo app. Travelers may “heart” and vote for their favorite places and homes with their friends and family. As a vacation rental owner, you should be aware of the app’s capabilities and how your visitors will interact with it.

Here’s where you can get the Vrbo app.


The Airbnb app is noted for its ease of use, enabling users to access the same services as the website. The inbox, stored replies, and resolution center are the app’s highlights.

Don’t waste any more time browsing through your email! You may archive previous messages and search for key terms using Airbnb’s app. If you become weary of answering the same questions, the app also allows you to store your replies to use later. When words aren’t enough, you may also send visual greetings to your visitors.

Last but not least, you may visit Airbnb’s resolution center straight from the app if you have any issues or inquiries.

For iOS and Android, download the Airbnb app.


Expedia launched its mobile app in 2015 in response to rising demand from passengers. Today, their Partner Central app works in tandem with the website to assist owners in providing the greatest possible visitor experience.

Boost your productivity, reply to reviews, interact with visitors, and keep track of inventory. From your phone, you may upload and tag photos, as well as highlight nearby sites of interest.


If you want to take your vacation rental company to the next level and invest in property management software, Lodgable has a variety of services and solutions to assist you to do it.

Your company (and mental health) will flourish with a channel manager that seamlessly syncs your calendars, reservations, and prices from the best online travel agencies listed above, as well as technologies that make accounting much easier.

At Lodgable we also offer you your own site directly integrated with our software. Making the connection between calendars seamlessly. 

Lodgable currently does not have a downloadable app on iOS or Android. You are, however, able to access the app through any mobile and desktop browser. 

Apps & Tools for Vacation Rentals

We suggest reading our blog article on Essential Solutions to Transform Your Vacation Rental Business if you’re seeking additional specialist applications and tools to aid with certain property management duties. Pricing, cleaning, repairs, key changeovers, lighting, and interior design are just a few of the applications available!

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