Upgrades for Rental Homes that are Budget-Friendly

Upgrades for Rental Homes that are Budget-Friendly

According to 2018 data provided by Reolink, three out of four homes in the United States are predicted to experience a burglary within the next 20 years, with renters often being the most vulnerable.

When it comes to giving visitors a safe space where they can fully unwind, vacation home security is not something you can ignore, even if you’re on a tight budget.

Before your guests arrive, you can rest easy knowing that your house is secure against prospective attackers thanks to these inexpensive and useful suggestions.

Strengthen door locks

Secure locks do not guarantee that the doors will be strong enough to withstand an intrusion attempt. 57.5% of burglaries, according to the FBI, involve forced entry, which means the intruder kicked or picked open the door to gain entry.

As a result, the locksmiths at Lockology Locksmith advise installing hardware rated at least category 2 on all doors. They are thicker and more substantial, which makes it more difficult for attackers to enter. Additionally, these high-security locks are drill- and pick-resistant.

They do advise vacation homeowners to go one better and upgrade to a smart locking system, though. “A master code will be given to you, which you can use to enter the house and reset the code each time you rent it out. Ensuring your tenants have peace of mind knowing that no one before them copied the keys.

Spend money on motion-detecting lighting

Did you know that most house invasions—65%—occur during the day? The cause is that burglars believe nobody is home. Install indoor and outdoor motion sensor lights that simulate human activity and give the impression that someone is home to avoid this potential problem. Outdoor lights are quite helpful for nighttime, while inside lights are perfect for both day and night.

These lighting fixtures are alert enough to notice movement and spotlight any intruders hiding outside the house. The lights can also be connected to a timer to make it appear like a resident is turning them on and off.

Invest in low-cost security cameras

While using fake security cameras to fool burglars is a cheap option, you lose out on important footage and the advantages of a functional system. The good news is that prices on many respected camera manufacturers are dropping, making the investment simpler to defend.

For instance, the home security technology company Wyze Labs has unveiled a camera that costs less than $20 and boasts capabilities like night vision, remote video streaming, motion sensors, audio recognition, and connection with Amazon Alexa. Even if you have just a basic understanding of technology, installation is simple enough to complete on your own.

The Safewise guide offers even more budget-friendly choices so you can relax with a low-cost video system in front of both you and your visitors.

Establish a Covered Lockbox for Extra Keys.

According to the same FBI data, 36.2% of entries were unauthorized. Experienced burglars know the typical hiding places for residents’ extra keys, making it simple to enter with little to no effort. According to Vivint SmartHome, you probably already know where most people keep their spare keys hidden: under the doormat, in the gutter, next to a plant, in a sconce lamp fixture, under a fake rock, above the doorframe, or in the mailbox.

It’s challenging to find a hidden place to store extra keys, so don’t. Use a covert lockbox instead. Even if they discover it, the burglar won’t be able to use the backup key. Lockboxes are inexpensive to buy and may be kept for a long time; all you need to do is switch the combination code each time you offer it to a new visitor.

Safeguard Your Windows

In the first story, windows are just as susceptible as doors, particularly if they are ancient. With these easy and inexpensive suggestions, you can strengthen your windows to keep this potential entry point secure:

  • Your double-hung windows should be “pinned” Thanks to this explanation from Alarm New England, you may perform this task on your own at home with a drill.
  • If your window locks are broken, replace them.
  • Install burglar sensors close to your windows to activate your security system.
  • Put gravel around your house. Anyone at home will hear a burglar pacing the exterior in search of a window!

Even on a Small Budget, You Can Protect Your Rental

As a good landlord, you must provide home security, and implementing the essential safeguards is not as expensive as you think. Even these straightforward, low-cost improvements will protect your rental home and guarantee that your guests have complete peace of mind while staying there.

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