Tips to Make Your Vacation Rental Go Viral

Tips to Make Your Vacation Rental Go Viral

Each year, the holiday rental market becomes more crowded and competitive. Renters are now conducting more extensive research due to the growing number of possibilities. As a result, marketing has advanced significantly.

You might be wondering how to draw attention to your property in the face of the fierce competition, let alone make it go viral. The first step is to keep in mind that you can no longer simply put a listing and call it a day, whether you own a resort or a cabin. You must promote your business!

Why it’s Important to Advertise Vacation Rentals

The vacation rental market has been steadily growing and improving in recent years. As a result, renters’ behavior has changed. Today, there is a rising demand for houses that are expertly managed in addition to the desire for uncommon experiences.

According to travelers, owners must provide greater amenities, more security and safety, and attentive customer service. Their tolerance for poorly run hotels has drastically lessened, particularly in light of the virtually limitless options available to every visitor.

Therefore, think of ways to show yourself as reliable and then keep your word. Thanks to testimonials and word-of-mouth, your investments will eventually pay for themselves.

Let’s look at several tactics to make your rental home popular online, draw in enthusiastic tenants, and prosper all year long.

Bring Imagination to Life with Visuals

Consider yourself looking through web listings for holiday homes. Would the thorough description or the number of bedrooms catch your attention first? The likely outcome is no.

While the aforementioned elements are still crucial, it’s necessary to remember that humans are primarily visual beings. Tired people looking for the ideal spot to stay during their downtime just want to browse attractive postings that fit their criteria.

The easiest approach to grab attention, persuade visitors to call you, and increase their excitement for their holiday is with visual material.



Each listing website has filters, so users only see homes matching their criteria. They will begin clicking on the most appealing properties once they have narrowed the possibilities down to only realistic listings.

To entice potential guests, your rental images must be attractive. Maintaining them in high definition, accuracy, and date will increase bookings.


Images are incredibly effective at piquing users’ interest in the offer, but video content closes the deal. In the following minute, they’ll call your phone if the listing fulfills their requirements, and you use a little video to tell a compelling story.

This is your chance to be imaginative and create content that shows visitors having a blast in your vacation rental. The remainder of the task will be completed by the viewer, who will place themselves in the position of those in the video.

Although making videos requires commitment and quality, you may need a staff of experienced editors to do it. All you have to do to get started is locate a professional business owner video producer.

Put influencer marketing to use

And finally, why not use a tried-and-true advertising tactic? Use the success of influencer marketing to your advantage. After all, posting posts with a high chance of going viral is the whole point of social media identities. If they advertise your property, their sizable audience will probably copy them and check it out.

It shouldn’t be difficult to arrange an agreement with an influencer, either. They’ll promote your vacation property in exchange for the chance to win a free trip that you’ll give.

By vlogging about their vacation, a couple can appear more genuine in their marketing and avoid being accused of being deceptive. Ask the influencer to highlight and highlight the main advantages of staying at your rental. They can even arrange a meeting with you, the owner, to discuss the situation while promoting the listing for added visibility and growth in potential customers.

Process gamification

Competitions lift people’s moods and pique their interest in your rental property. How many times have you bought a product after seeing it on social media solely because a contest was associated with it?

Recognize the Lucky Ones

A long-term profit is produced by reducing the price for ten guests who book a week at your property. However, you may go beyond simply giving out discounts. Instead, why not increase engagement by making users earn their rewards? Take these actions:


  • Monday, let people know you have a unique deal for summer vacationers. They’ll be promoted on your second personal Instagram account.
  • Tuesday: Post pictures of your rental on your account and tease the deal.
  • Wednesday: Clearly state that competition winners will receive a 20% discount.
  • Establish the regulations and release the form on Thursday. Only those who share your content with their followers and tag you will be considered.
  • Continue posting about Friday.
  • The promotion expires at midnight on Saturday, the last day.
  • On Sunday, randomly select ten followers to receive the discount.

More individuals will have time to view your adverts after a week. Even those who don’t succeed will keep you in mind the next time they plan a vacation.

Encourage referrals

Compared to internet strangers, people are significantly more likely to accept recommendations from friends. Why not take advantage of that propensity and provide the loudest property visitors with some extra benefits?

For instance, people who post five pictures of the rental or its environs and tag the owner while they are there get to pick the date first the following time. In no time, engagement will increase naturally.

Main Points

Your marketing tactics don’t have to be intricate to be effective. Curiosity is always piqued by the creation of promotional content that appears authentic and emphasizes quality. Giving customers a good experience encourages them to recommend your property to others.

Once the promotion cycle gets going, it won’t stop rewarding you. Soon you’ll have a whole season of delighted clients, elevated visibility, and unceasing expansion.

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