Become a Better Airbnb Host with These 4 Tips

Become a Better Airbnb Host with These 4 Tips

Every Airbnb host wants to do a good job, but have you ever wondered what a host needs to do to get guest recommendations?

As an Airbnb host swimming in the same sea as thousands of other property renters, it’s in your best interest to think about the little things. Put yourself in your guests’ shoes and think about what you want and need as a tourist in a new city. There are many ways you can make your guests feel welcome and show them that their happiness is important to you. Here are four easy, practical steps to becoming a host people will want to recommend.

Find out what your Airbnb guests want!

1. Help your guests find their way around the city.

Think about the little things, Airbnb host! Your guests may have never been to the city before, so they may need a map. You can give them one when they arrive, with a handy “You are here” icon showing where their rental is.

Tell your guests where to find tourist information, supermarkets, the best place to have fun, and at least one restaurant you like.

A description of how to get from the rental to central places by public transportation can be beneficial. You can leave a brochure at the rental that shows how to get around the city and how to get a chauffeur. 

2. Give someone a first-aid kit

A first aid kit is essential, but there are more exciting things. It will not only help your guests take care of themselves if they get hurt, but it will also send them a vital message: their health and safety are essential to you. Even if they don’t end up needing them, being able to get bandages and disinfectants right away will give travelers peace of mind, which is what a vacation is all about.


3. Time Spent on the Property

If it’s raining and your guests want to stay inside, what could you do to make their stay more enjoyable?

Make sure the place looks nice. You should be good to go with a few snacks in the kitchen and a bottle of wine on the coffee table in the living room. What about something to do? A deck of cards? Try new things.

In the kitchen, cooking tools are a must. If the house has a yard, there should be a grill and coals in case your guests want to cook their food.

4. Be available and give people a way to reach you.

There will always be questions, problems, and mishaps, and that’s fine. When these things happen, the best thing to do is to answer your guests quickly.

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