Dos and Don’ts of Themed Vacation Rentals

Dos and Don’ts of Themed Vacation Rentals

The popularity of themed vacation rentals is growing among tourists. Who wouldn’t appreciate spending a weekend in a castle or experiencing a tropical island atmosphere away from the beach? Themed accommodations can provide a memorable and magical holiday experience for families with children.

Additionally, for homeowners, this offers the ideal opportunity to truly differentiate your property from the competition and attract visitors who are looking for something special.

Many helpful tips can assist you if you want to include a creative theme in your vacation rental interior design, but there are also certain mistakes that you should never make.

All property owners should follow the following guidelines for themed vacation rentals.

Selecting a Theme

Of course, choosing a theme for your interior design is the first step. There are several things to think about, whether you decide to go all out with a Marvel superhero makeover or go for something more understated like a mountain lodge look.

Do: Be aware of your target market.

Consider your ideal guests and who you hope to draw in with your theme before anything else. Picking a theme just for the kids is probably a good idea if families are your main target market. Although the parents will undoubtedly be the ones to make the travel arrangements, they will probably want to select a trip that will primarily appeal to their children.

Consider using well-known Disney or Pixar children’s films to entertain your younger guests. Additionally popular are more all-encompassing themes like pirates or castles, and you can get as creative with your decoration as you wish.

Popular movie or TV show themes can prove to be popular even with adults. Consider the fervently beloved franchises Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, or others with a comparable appeal.

Finding a theme connected to the area in which your property is located is an excellent alternative. Creating a Hawaiian beach bar kitchen or a bathroom with green pine trees can add a special touch and give your guests a memorable vacation.

Don’t: Take a chance on something new.

Avoiding topics that are too specialized and obscure is preferable. Choose a style that is well-known and enjoyed by the general public if you want to use the design as the main selling element that distinguishes your vacation rental. If not, there is no added benefit to choosing your offer over a standard, uninspired vacation property.

A Color Scheme is Chosen

After you’ve finished your brainstorming and decided on a topic, choose the primary colors that best depict it. The process will go much more smoothly if you have a color scheme in mind to use as the foundation for your design and decorating decisions.

Do: Organize your thoughts in advance.

You may now create a mood board with your theme in mind to spark creativity and help you see the recurrent hues and tones. This will be a great location to gather ideas if you have a Pinterest account. But you may also start scrapbooking the old-fashioned way by creating a genuine collage using prints and cutouts.

You can use other useful internet tools to help you sample colors from images or digitally paint photos of your room so you can see more clearly which colors go well together. For larger surfaces, you should ideally choose a couple of base colors that are more neutral and serene. You can add one to three accent colors for furnishings and décor to go well with them.

Don’t forget the fundamentals

Even though you should use colors closely related to your subject, you should also consider what is aesthetically pleasing.

It may have the opposite impact if you choose a bright and garish or extremely dark and dreary color scheme. The same is true for combining too many different hues in one area.

Even if potential guests appreciate your theme, they can be turned off. After all, people want their vacation home to be a location where they can relax and get away from the stresses of everyday life. However, if bad design decisions give you a headache right when you arrive, the whole purpose of your trip loses some of its appeals.

Cleaning Up Your Area

If you’re serious about sticking with your concept, you might consider renovating the area you’re designing. Your guests will feel as though they are fully immersed in the environment you are creating for them because the walls and floors are integrated into the overall image.

Don’t: Keep it far from nature.

The most authentic design reflects the “natural environment” of your topic. You could, for instance, transform your flooring into a stainless steel spaceship, a light sand beach, or dark earthy soil while turning your walls into a starry universe or a sunny blue sky. You could also achieve the same look with a matched carpet to save you the cost of new flooring.

Do you have artistic talent yourself or do you know someone who does? A mural will bring your topic to life on the walls of your home, and it is unquestionably a very significant work of art. You may even consider hiring a professional artist to give you that extra something because it will also help you stand out to guests.

Don’t: Exaggerate the theme.

You might want to consider keeping your theme restricted to only a few rooms in your vacation rental for the best effects. If your budget or timetable prevents you from completely renovating the space, compromise and only spend money on one or two rooms. Make those particular rooms outstanding rather than just having the motif partially completed across your house. This will undoubtedly be far more beneficial to the experience of your visitors.

Purchasing or Making Custom-Made Furniture

Your theme can truly stand out from others depending on your chosen furniture.

Do: Examine homemade alternatives.

Your themed vacation rental will be taken to the next level with specially-made furniture. However, you aren’t required to shell out a lot of cash for brand-new installations or to hire a designer to create pricey unique goods.

You have several DIY options at your disposal to decorate the simple furniture you currently own or recently purchased. Just a fresh coat of paint can do wonders! Additionally, if you are skilled in crafts, you might attempt to add even more homemade modifications using supplies from the hardware store. Your visitors will surely notice your attention to detail.

Avoid letting safety slide.

Make sure all your custom furniture is secure and child-proof if you experiment with DIY projects. The latter is particularly important if you frequently entertain families with little children or animals.

There shouldn’t be any chance of any furniture pieces falling over, breaking off, or splintering, risking your guests’ health and safety. Therefore, check each additional installation thoroughly before using it. One small issue, such as a protruding nail or loose screw, can lead to a devastating accident.

Quality continues to be preferable to quantity. So don’t let the cost or time commitment demotivate you. A few cheap-looking pieces of furniture won’t have the same effect or value as one exquisite centerpiece for your themed vacation rental.

Equipment and Décor

The success of your themed vacation rental can be made or broken by the decoration, so pay close attention to every last detail. Unique, one-of-a-kind pieces can bring your concept to life and give the room a real sense.

Do: Use all of your creative imagination.

Follow your creative instinct to create unique and eccentric ideas for your interior design. Whether it’s an antique map, a specific action figure, or a vibrant neon sign for the wall, incorporate anything if it goes well with the theme you’ve chosen. These little touches will add a special, magical touch to your visitors’ stay. If your creative vision is still missing, you can find further inspiration on other social media platforms like Instagram.

Don’t: Ignore what visitors desire.

Always remember that little is more. Too many trinkets, artwork, and posters will make your room feel crowded and won’t necessarily enhance the overall quality of your theme. It will be much more effective to set a singular, carefully chosen statement piece in its place.

On the other side, you also shouldn’t finish the job by hanging some posters. Your guests can tell how much thought and consideration went into designing your home immediately. The decision to reserve your themed vacation rental ultimately rests on how they see you at that crucial first encounter.

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