If you been in the business long enough, you have sure to have been exposed to different property management systems and maybe even a channel management software. Most hosts are handed a connection portal and left to create the accounts themselves. But This process involves multiple steps and can take months to complete.

We believe channel management should be better. We won’t just give you a list of channels and then leave you to publish them on your own.

How are we different and make the process easier? Easy, we are a full-service channel manager. That means we actually deal with connecting your property to all the channels! After you are connected, we manage these connections and help you navigate the complexities of each channel.

This will save you months of wait time and pulling your hair out! The best part is you no longer need to learn how to communicate with each channel if you need support. You just reach out to us and we take care of it for you! So ditch your “channel manager” and come see what a real channel manager can do for your business.

See the Lodgable DifferenceSee the Lodgable Difference

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