Property Inspections: Pen and Paper vs. Property Inspection Software

Property Inspections: Pen and Paper vs. Property Inspection Software

The way that the world operates has been radically altered by technology. On our cellphones, we check bank accounts, on our laptops, we read the news, on our iPads, we teach our kids math, and even on our Kindles, we download books!

Property managers continue to insist that the real estate market is immune to technological disruption and still conduct inspections on paper, even though the technology is constantly growing around us.

In some ways, the property industry’s reluctance to adopt new technologies has been a boon because it has created a huge window of opportunity for radical change-makers like new organizations.

For more information on the advantages of converting from pen and paper to digital inspections for you and your vacation rental business, continue reading.

Don’t bother about the opposition.

Sadly, by utilizing ineffective methods to conduct inspections, property managers continue to impede both corporate and individual growth. Managers everywhere are finding it difficult to keep up with change, utilizing everything from archaic pen and paper techniques to cumbersome Excel spreadsheets.

You may put yourself ahead of the competition by simply embracing technological improvements and incorporating property inspection software into the operations of your businesses. When you use this kind of technology to accomplish your procedures, the guest experience improves greatly. Additionally, all of the information you require is always available. You search your software in the same way you would a Google search rather than sifting through file cabinets. You open your online app on your laptop and start working rather than having piles of loose paper cluttering up your workspace.

Using property inspection software to run your business instantly puts you ahead of the competition in every area of management.

Using property inspection software increases productivity.

Would you be willing to expedite a three-hour inspection that typically takes 30 minutes? You’d do it, of course!


You may cut your time in half by making the most of an inspection tool. This gives you a tonne more time to interact with visitors who are coming over, respond to their questions, and, of course, spend more time with your family. In essence, having more time gives your business more chances to expand.

Inspections were once completed in the following ways:


  • how to format an inspection checklist
  • Printing that list on paper
  • As you examine, make a note of anything with a pen.
  • the act of photographing the place using a camera
  • returning to the workplace and typing up the data in an expert manner.

Enjoyable, no? Wrong! Certainly not, in our opinion.

You may do everything with the help of property inspection software. You:

  • Load inspection checklists in advance into your smartphone.
  • Conduct the examination.
  • By taking images within the app, your inspection report will automatically be updated.
  • To compare the state of a property, bring up older reports.
  • even allow users to sign documents in-app as proof of tenancy.

The highlight, though? After leaving the property and uploading your report, you are thought of the inspection.

This implies that you may be sitting at your desk in your office viewing images that a manager uploads while they are on-site doing an inspection using the software’s mobile app. Keeping everyone informed at all times, not only boosts productivity but also helps you grow your business.

enhance your brand

If your automobile broke down, would you trust a mechanic? No. Why would you then put your trust in a property manager who manages your property with a piece of paper and a pencil?

The branding of your business isn’t boosted by typical property inspection reports. But customized inspection software allows you to add logos, headers, contact details, and images to your reports. By doing this, each report you transmit or produce has a polished, businesslike appearance.

Businesses may stand out from the competition and position themselves as change leaders in the real estate sector by using property inspection software.

In conclusion

Even though it has shown its ability to elevate your brand, technology is widely underutilized in the property management industry.


A variety of skills are needed for the challenging job of property management. While still upholding a high level of service, using property inspection software enables you to hold both you and your team members accountable. Only a small percentage of property managers have started using property inspection software as a result of realizing the value it provides to their operations.

Will you be the following property manager to embrace change, take charge of your future, and utilize property inspection software within your company?


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