Short-term rentals that allow pets: Is it a good idea?

Short-term rentals that allow pets: Is it a good idea?

Pet-friendly vacation rental apartments have a lower vacancy rate than non-pet-friendly rentals, and they’re also 16 percent more costly. Here are some more figures to persuade you to accept animal guests into your short-term rental:

  • The average pet charge in the United States is $50.
  • The average cost of pet cleaning is $120.
  • A $200 refundable deposit is the norm.
  • Pet-friendly short-term rentals are 4% more likely to be booked than non-pet-friendly homes, and animal owners spend an additional $23 per night on average for pet-friendly lodging.

How Much Should Your Pet Fee Be?

One of the best things about having a pet-friendly short-term rental is that pet owners are already expecting to pay more at the checkout. Most apartment complexes in major cities even demand a monthly pet fee when it comes to typical rentals.

Why don’t you charge a pet fee when there’s so much cleaning involved? Remember, though, that charging a flat cost for all visitors with dogs isn’t the ideal idea since not all dog breeds need the same degree of care.

For example, larger dogs with long hair are more prone to shedding. On the other hand, poodles, Portuguese water dogs, Wheaten Terriers, and other bigger breeds do not shed at all. There are also other pets to consider, such as cats, which often do not create much of a mess.

Most animal-friendly short-term rentals set their pet costs at $10 to $50 per night, depending on the animal and breed type. You may also add a pet cleaning charge, which costs about $120 on average. Other aspects to think about include:

  • Size — define the maximum size of the pet you can accommodate and use this option when calculating a pet cost for a certain visitor.
  • Age – examine the pet’s age since younger dogs and cats are more likely to misbehave and be lively, which may lead to more accidents and damage.
  • Breed — ideally, a hypoallergenic breed.
  • Potential harm – think about the potential for various dogs to cause damage, and specify which kinds and types of pets you accept at your rental.

How Do You Make a Pet-Friendly Short-Term Rental?

If you’ve determined that this is an investment worth making, the next step is to renovate your home to make it pet-friendly.

These tips will not only help you accommodate your new animal-loving visitors, but they will also help you pet-proof your property and preserve your neighboring relationship.

1. Organize your documents

Make a quick call to your homeowner’s insurance carrier to see whether changing your house pet-friendly would affect your rate. While most insurance providers cover virtually all dog breeds, cats, and fish for little to no cost, it’s still a good idea to cover all your bases.

Check ahead of time to see what immunizations and licenses are required in your area. To minimize any confusion with future visitors, create a clear and detailed pet-friendly policy.

Finally, make it a necessity that all pets be vaccinated, free of ticks and fleas, and have a tag, proof of ownership, and other essential documents.

2. Purchase textiles that are pet-friendly.

Make use of materials that are simple to clean yet tough to degrade. Even if you ask your clients to keep their dogs off the sofa and bed, they will most likely ignore your request. Use pet-friendly materials to safeguard your furnishings. Choose a stain- and moisture-resistant fabric.

3. Put up barriers and make your rooms pet-proof.

Install dog fences and use mattress covers to preserve surfaces and keep dogs from going over banned areas. Here are some more suggestions for pet-proofing your space:

  • To keep dogs from opening cabinets, use childproof locks.
  • Store hazardous things in secured locations or on high shelves; keep garbage cans within cabinets, and verify whether your houseplants are harmful to particular animals.
  • Cover any heating vents with coverings.

4. Use surfaces that are simple to clean.

Avoid liquid-absorbent carpets and fabrics, as well as those that are prone to stains and damage. Hard-floor surfaces are the simplest to clean, which is why we suggest laminate, tiles, or vinyl for your flooring.

5. Make sure there are enough water dishes, toys, and other pet necessities.

Make sure your visitors have everything they need for their pets. This decision will result in better ratings, more reservations, and less commotion. Here are a few pet-friendly features that we recommend:

  • Chew toys 
  • Cat scratchers 
  • Brushes 
  • Treats 
  • Water dishes 
  • Dog gates 
  • Crates 
  • Waste bags 
  • Extra leashes 
  • Extra collars 
  • Chew toys 
  • Cat scratchers 
  • Brushes 
  • Treats

6. Require a security deposit to safeguard your stuff from any harm.

Always ask for a deposit if the visitors do any harm during their stay. We recommend requesting a $150-200 refundable deposit, but you may choose your fee. Finally, review your state’s laws and regulations to determine any specific requirements.

How Do You Get People to Come to Your Pet-Friendly Rentals?

It’s one thing to set up your property for dogs, but obtaining respectable visitors is very another story. You must make it clear that you welcome pets; otherwise, you will be wasting time and money optimizing your listings without receiving the expected return. Here’s what you should do to advertise your resort and attract pet-owning travelers:

  • Keep your rental listing up to date.

Make sure your pet-friendly listing is up to date on all booking platforms. Because there aren’t many Airbnbs that accept pets, your listing will be more popular. Include images and a list of all pet-friendly features. You may also use pet-owner groups and forums to promote your ads.

  • In your rental description, mention that you are pet-friendly.

To boost the exposure of your pet-friendly rentals, be sure to use SEO techniques. In the title and description, mention that you’re pet-friendly and enable particular settings that may be found on booking websites. Consequently, when a consumer searches for “pet-friendly,” your listing will appear towards the top of the results.

  • Add any pet-related regulations to your home rules.

Make precise regulations to prevent any misunderstandings between you and your visitors. You’ll find recommendations and advice for home rules in the area below.

Pet-Friendly Suggestions House Rules for Short-Term Rentals

To guarantee optimum pleasure for all parties involved, you should prepare a list of guidelines for all visitors to observe. Here are some of our top picks:

  • The number of animals

Determine the maximum number of animals you’ll be able to bring to your property.

  • Animal species

Choose whether to accept just dogs and cats or additional creatures such as rabbits, fish, snakes, gerbils, and so on.

  • Weight restrictions

The size of your lodging will determine this. Most vacation rental owners, however, limit the weight to 40 pounds.

  • Restricted locations

Declare which rooms and places are off-limits to pets.

  • Waste 

Make designated areas in your backyard for your dogs to relieve themselves. Make it clear to your visitors that they are responsible for collecting trash and properly disposing of it.

  • Leashes

 Make it mandatory for all pet owners to keep their pets on a leash while wandering about the neighborhood to prevent any unpleasant circumstances.

How to Run a Pet-Friendly Airbnb Successfully

While running a pet-friendly Airbnb takes more time and work, it’s unquestionably a wise business decision if you want to maximize your return on investment. If you’re concerned about the cleaning and other responsibilities that come with having dogs in your rentals, consider using vacation rental software.

Lodgable can help to elevate your business, learn more about what lodgable can do for you by scheduling a demo today.

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