Forgotten Things to Keep in Your Airbnb in Case You Have Forgetful Guests

Forgotten Things to Keep in Your Airbnb in Case You Have Forgetful Guests

Those first few steps around an Airbnb, ahh, those first few steps around an Airbnb, ahh, those first few steps around a Check for a clean unit. Check for clean linens. Check for a great view. This trip had been long overdue. *Buzz* – oh no, there’s only 10% battery left. It’s time to plug in the phone. Then it happens. It’s now or never. Your visitor realized they had forgotten to bring a charger. Perhaps the only thing more important than the phone. It takes a lot for a guest to have a fantastic vacation, but it only takes a few things to ruin one. In a matter of seconds, forgetting to bring an important item may turn a peaceful trip into a miserable one.

Here’s How You Can Assist Your Guests with Some of the Most Frequently Forgotten Packing Items:

Because people are often so enthusiastic about their trip that they forget to pack the essentials, we’ve put up a list of the most usually overlooked travel goods that you may give for your guests. This modest effort will go a long way toward ensuring their happiness, which will result in 5-star ratings.

1. Toiletries in general

If you can think of it, your guest may have forgotten it, from a toothbrush to a contact solution. Make a toiletry kit with a toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, deodorant, q-tips, razors, moisturizer, makeup remover, nail clippers, nail paint remover, face wash, a comb, hairspray, hair ties, and contact solution.

Basically, any bathroom-related thing you can think of will work in your welcoming toiletries kit. These small touches will have a big impact on your guests’ stay and may even get you that five-star review.

2. Electronics We Rely On 

You might think your bathroom is finished after that last list, but no bathroom is truly finished unless it has a blow dryer. This easy hotel-style touch will elevate your rental to new heights.

When it comes to gadgets, have a few travel adaptors on hand for international visitors. Also, make sure your guests have access to phone chargers.

3. Seasonal Gear 

Your guests may not be equipped with the necessary gear depending on your location, environment, and time of year. Put some ponchos and an umbrella or two in the coat closet if you live in a rainy area. When it’s too late, they realize they should have brought these items on their journey.

 If you’re staying in a warm climate or your rental has an outdoor pool, bring a pair of flip-flops and a bottle of sunscreen. And if your guest forgot to pack their SPF, you can bet they also neglected their aftersun cream.

4. The Traveler’s Bible

It may seem stupid, but your guests are sometimes so thrilled about their trip that they forget to bring the most vital item — a backpack. Printing your logo on a drawstring or tote bag is a great way to promote your property management company. Your guests may also be without water bottles, which would look fantastic with your brand printed on them.

You might want to provide a map to your international visitors. Yes, everyone has Google Maps on their phones, but international visitors may not have a working SIM card in your area. Do you recall the days when you had to hand-draw a map? Include a few pencils in your rental as well. They’re going to come in handy.

5. Materials for Reading

Privacy is one of the most appealing features of a vacation rental over a hotel. It’s a fantastic time to unwind with a good book because there are no strange individuals in the lobby to mingle with. Fill the bookshelves in your property with the greatest sellers or your personal favorites.

 A book, on the other hand, is useless if you can’t read it. It’s possible that your guests won’t have their reading glasses with them. Fortunately, you can pick up this frequently overlooked travel necessity at the dollar store.

6. Every Hour Is Happy Hour When You’re On Vacation

A drink or two of wine is always part of a peaceful weekend away. Your visitors are likely to have remembered to bring that bottle of wine they’ve been saving for a special occasion, but they didn’t consider bringing a corkscrew. Because most forgotten travel things are small, it’s possible that this one was ignored. It’s a good thing you’ll give them one.

7. Eat, go to the beach, and sleep.

Nobody judges you for sleeping beyond noon when you’re on Vacation. You can prevent your guests from waking up if they wish to sleep in. No, you don’t need to contact NASA; instead, keep a sleep mask on your nightstand, along with some earplugs. It’s the most often forgotten item to pack because your guests probably don’t use them at home and may have expected that the airline would supply one for them to grab if they traveled by plane.

8. First Aid – More Delicious Than Lemonade

Your guests may have a first-aid kit at home, but it’s most likely hidden in the kitchen cupboard, and it’s unlikely to have made it into the packing list. This is one of those things that individuals are unaware they require until it is too late. It’s a useful tool, and while you’re at it, add a bottle of aspirin in there as well.

9. Create your laundromat

Your guest most likely had a long packing list with outfits for every situation, but the list most likely did not include a laundry bag. Clothes in perfect shape before the journey get wrinkled after being jammed into a suitcase for hours. An iron could certainly help your guests get rid of those creases. Put together a handy sewing kit containing a stain removal pen for those just-in-case times. These goods are all fine, except your guest neglected to bring clothing, in which case there’s nothing you can do.

It’s not a difficult task

By this point, you may have noticed a recurring theme: the most frequently forgotten items to pack are both incredibly useful and rather little. As a property manager, one of your main priorities is the satisfaction of your guests; by including these goods in your rentals, you’ve already gotten half of the way there. So, as you can see, saving your guests’ holiday isn’t difficult.

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