Marketing Your Vacation Rental to Senior Travelers

Marketing Your Vacation Rental to Senior Travelers

Senior travelers may not be your first choice for a marketing target, but there are still many advantages to promoting your vacation rental to them.

In addition to living longer and better lives than ever before, people over 65 also make some of the highest incomes and are typically the group with the freest time and money to travel.

You’ll quickly see why the over-65s should be your next target market when you combine this with shifting vacation attitudes that elevate the value of the “home-from-home” experience.

But make no mistake, there are many different kinds of senior travelers. Here are some suggestions on promoting your vacation rental to senior visitors, whether they’re organizing a multigenerational trip, trying to escape the cold, or taking a hobby vacation.

1. Make the most of your location

It’s no secret that many seniors travel to warmer climates and desirable locations in the south during the winter. You can now make use of this to your advantage. Suppose the weather in your vacation rental remains pleasant even during off-peak season. In that case, you might consider marketing your property well in advance to draw in these visitors and fill your shoulder season.

Early bird rewards like discounts, free airport transportation, or even a complementary activity to enjoy while staying can encourage people to make reservations.

2. Promote regional leisure time activities

Age is just a number, and older people are fitter than ever when it comes to maintaining their health. This might be a terrific selling factor for your vacation rental since roughly a quarter of those over 60 work out at least five times per week. Consider the sports that locals and tourists most like participating in. You could go golfing, fishing, walking, hiking, cycling, swimming, or you could just go to sporting events. Mention any activities that are complimentary or inexpensive for older adults as well (for example, museums, art galleries, local transport, etc.).

In addition to making them feel active and energized, the chance to engage in their favorite pastimes in a new environment will aid them in their search for a genuine local experience of life!

3. Place a focus on property accessibility


Around 40% of Americans over the age of 65 have at least one impairment, with mobility being the major challenge for two-thirds of them. However, don’t let mobility be a barrier that deters potential visitors from visiting your resort.

There are several options for accommodating disabled visitors on your property, and they don’t have to be costly or unsightly. If there are any modifications you can make to accommodate seniors with mobility challenges, be sure to emphasize these advantages in your images and descriptions. Small details like a foldable ramp and removable grab bars in the bathrooms can make a visitor feel more at home.

4. Include more facilities

Seniors are not always content to “rough it,” although they are traveling more than ever. So, from the moment they step foot on your property, make sure they understand that your home has all they require. These conveniences, such as a fully equipped kitchen, extensive cable TV, high-speed internet, and a functional phone line with unlimited long-distance calls, will make your guests feel right at home. Senior tourists will love it when you add the coziest mattresses, sofas, and outdoor furniture to the mix!

5. Employ Facebook Ads

More than 62% of internet individuals over the age of 65 routinely use Facebook, which may surprise you given how many seniors there are in the online community. So, take advantage of this online community opportunity by customizing some advertisements to get their attention! Based on previous senior visitors to your rental, you may effortlessly target particular demographics using Facebook Ads’ age, geography, and hobbies criteria.

6. Show off the tranquil areas of your house

Any visitor will value their space to unwind and relax after a day of golfing, hiking, or generally exploring the area, and this is especially true for senior visitors. By including some expertly composed images that highlight these tranquil areas, you can make sure your property appears as homey and comfortable as possible. Make these spaces as attractive and friendly as you can, whether it’s a reclining sofa, hanging hammock, or outdoor day bed!

7. Discounts for repeat visitors

In your marketing materials, keep in mind that baby boomers typically take four to five vacations each year. Even though research indicates that senior travelers prioritize comfort over financial considerations, a small incentive to book early can be all that’s required to secure their travel arrangements.

Developing genuine connections with your visitors from the outset will leave them with positive memories of their stay. Maintaining contact with your departing past visitors through a newsletter will also aid in the relationship and give you a tool to target them for subsequent stays. Combining this with an alluring money-off deal can quickly result in recurring business.


You cannot afford to ignore marketing to the older generation, especially as they represent one of the fastest-growing segments of the travel industry, regardless of the unique selling point of your hotel. Use the advice in this article to draw more elderly tourists to your vacation rental.

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