Marketing Your Vacation Rental to Millennials

Marketing Your Vacation Rental to Millennials

The fact that millennials travel more than any previous generation is not surprising; social media is the best source of evidence. Before the pandemic, it was very probable that you would find hundreds of photos of your pals traveling the globe if you were to go through your Instagram account.

This generation is eager to start over after a year of travel limitations because they are ravenous for fresh experiences. But millennials aren’t booking hotel rooms. Instead, many tourists are choosing cozier options like vacation rentals. Vacation rentals are typically acquired through online travel companies or websites for private lodging, giving travelers greater freedom to unwind, explore, and even prepare meals at home.

It’s time to start marketing to this generation of travelers if you haven’t already. Make use of the following advice to draw millennials to your vacation rental.

Utilize vacation rental software to simplify reservations

Convenience appeals to millennials. Consumers are now looking for vacation rentals on their smartphones, laptops, and tablets as our culture becomes more digital.

Many owners of properties are unaware of how crucial it is to have a direct booking website. Purchasing vacation rental management software will give your property the boost it requires. You may individualize your company and dazzle potential customers with options like a website builder and message automation.

A staggering 93% of this group regularly utilizes smartphones. However, compared to previous generations, their preferred booking procedure frequently differs greatly. Millennials use their mobile devices to plan weekend vacations, compare vacation rental prices, and read reviews from past visitors instead of making a phone call to a travel agency. You’ll probably pass up rental prospects if your rental is difficult to research or not mobile-optimized.

Add extra OTAs to your property listing

While having a website where visitors can reserve a vacation home is essential, you should also employ online travel agents. Millennials prefer to have choices, so they look for lodging on a variety of OTAs, including Airbnb, HomeAway, Vrbo, Expedia, and Booking.com.

To sync your appointments, calendars, and pricing between your website and the aforementioned listing sites, use a channel manager. You’ll be able to save time while also gaining more exposure and awareness. If you have a channel manager, the tedious labor of monitoring rates and calendars for hours on end is done for you.

Look at tutorials and other free resources to understand the fundamentals if you are unsure of where to begin.

Benefit from social media

72% of millennials, according to Skift, are susceptible to advertising’s effect when choosing a place to stay. There is no justification for vacation rental owners not to use these channels since 90.4% of them are active on social media. Create your company’s Instagram and Facebook accounts immediately if you haven’t previously.

The creation of Instagrammable nooks on your property is another aspect of appealing to millennials. That’s right, the interior design greatly influences how your rental is advertised and found by others. You can practically guarantee that if visitors are charmed by the hanging plants in your living room or the antique headboard in the bedroom, they will post about it on their Instagram story. That is the practice of free advertising.

Review your property.

Because they don’t have a lot of money, millennials demand value for their money. To effectively sell to millennials, your home should be modern. Empire Siding and Windows asserts that even something as straightforward as a fresh coat of paint may make or break your house:

“Any area of your property will look more appealing with a fresh coat of paint. Use neutral colors in your palette, just like a seasoned realtor. Stay away from the desire to go colorful and fashion-forward.

Don’t forget to fix anything that needs fixing and to clean up the landscaping. Peeling paint or outdated fixtures won’t make your images stand out versus rentals in your neighborhood.

Increase the facilities

Think about millennials’ deal-breaker perks, including high-speed Wi-Fi and energy-efficient equipment, in addition to cleaning up the property. Although you might think that introducing new features will have a hefty initial cost, they will probably pay for themselves within one to two years. Here are some additional features that millennials find appealing:

  • clever appliances (such as Smart TVs, lighting, and locks)
  • fully functional kitchens
  • Every room has a plug, an adapter, and a charger.
  • a multi-channel audio system
  • a barbecue outside
  • Netflix and other streaming services
  • Organic and natural toiletries
  • Excellent coffee (a French press or espresso maker is a great advantage!)
  • Workstations for temporary employees

If you live in a warm climate, think about putting in a private pool or hot tub because many visitors are prepared to pay a little bit more for them, rapidly paying for the expense.

Take notice of evaluations

The speed at which information spreads in more digital culture is another effect. Anyone looking for your vacation rental can see your internet reviews immediately, instead of learning about terrible experiences weeks or months later.

You must be mindful of bad reviews’ effect on your occupancy rate. One poor experience could mean the difference between millennials picking your house or a rival rental down the road. Millennials particularly enjoy comparing various vacation destinations.

According to studies, 82% of tourists read hotel reviews before making a reservation. Nevertheless, whether you like them or not, reviews play a significant role in the vacation rental market, so you should make every effort to make sure they are favorable.

Take specialized pictures

Young adults tend to be very visual and base their decisions on what they see. Therefore, creating a positive first impression depends on shooting expert photos of your vacation rental.

We are continually inundated with content throughout the day. You’ll be able to quadruple your bookings by having images that stand out and convey a narrative. You should convey the experience of staying on your property rather than merely showing how the bedroom or garden appears. You’re on the right track if your photos can accomplish that!

Use appropriate keywords.

The market for vacation rentals is competitive, particularly in well-known tourist areas. You’ll soon see more bookings come in if you employ the right keywords when marketing to millennials in both paid and unpaid ways.

For instance, particular descriptions of your rental property like “beachfront,” “luxury,” “slope-side,” or “upgraded” can offer a tonne of added value. Also, if your property has a long description, don’t be scared to list it.

Millennials could overlook your listing if it just says “beach house” while they’re looking for a “beachfront rental house.” Even if you have no idea where to begin, this free guide will help you better grasp how to position your rental using SEO.

Millennials will be the first to go once travel restrictions are relaxed and it is safe to do so. They will continue to discover possibilities to travel to fascinating new locations as they get older and have more stable salaries. With these easy suggestions, ensure your rental is on their radar and watch as your business takes off.

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