Marketing your Vacation Rental to Groups

Marketing your Vacation Rental to Groups

Vacation rentals have long been a popular option for group trips in one manner or another throughout history. Private vacation rentals offer a more comfortable and social vacation experience than standard hotel stays and are a reasonably affordable option for lodging.

Take advantage of the opportunity to sell to this sizable market if your holiday rental is already suitable for large groups. Still, trying to figure out how? By implementing these top six suggestions, you may rent out your entire space to groups of people.

Select the vacation rental groups you want to target.

It may seem apparent, but knowing exactly who you are trying to attract—and who you are not—can also assist organizations in deciding how to evaluate your property.

So take a seat and consider which groups might benefit most from your vacation home. Some examples of them might be as follows:

  • gatherings/reunions of multiple generations of a family
  • groups of close friends traveling together for a particular purpose (e.g. skiing)
  • trip for corporate teambuilding
  • sports groups
  • Thrill seekers
  • various retiree groups (local organizations or clubs)
  • festival devotees
  • Bachelor/ette celebrations

Once you’ve identified your target audiences, think about how to incorporate key phrases into your descriptions to speak to them specifically.

Create a catchy headline.

In particular, if you’re marketing your property on numerous listing sites with fierce competition, let potential guests know immediately that your place is ideal for entertaining groups.

Make use of as much detail as you can without going overboard. Instead of using the word “big,” use the adjectives “spacious” and “expansive,” and include any unique information that would appeal to group travelers. They’ll appreciate that you took the time to tailor your headline and description to their demands.


Show them the details of their stay.

No matter to whom you are marketing, owners and managers must stage images to highlight the characteristics and amenities of their properties.

However, when doing this to draw group visitors, you need to put yourself in their position and truly see what they’ll want to see. It may be a picture of the kitchen table set for 12 people with a new hamper of breakfast foods or one of the poolside with enough sun loungers for everyone. It will be much simpler for your guests to see themselves at your house if you try to stage these photographs.

Preparing meals at home improves the visitor experience, especially because many groups choose rentals to save money while on vacation. Since 87% of visitors prefer rentals to hotels since they come with fully functional kitchens, it makes sense to target this market.

Offer enticing rewards.

Savings incentives and special offers can be the deciding factor when selecting one type of lodging over another, as anyone who has ever booked a holiday will attest.

Offering incentives during the low season can be a wonderful method to obtain reservations when there would otherwise be very little demand. This is not to say that you must do this all year long. These can help convince guests to remain with you over your competition, whether it’s money-off coupons, “kids go free” promotions or a voucher for a complimentary activity close included.

Wherever your target audiences are, advertise.

Going straight to the source is occasionally the most effective strategy for attracting your target market. Do you want to draw in more families? Once your property has been child-proofed, list it on specialized, family-friendly websites like Clanventure. Do you want to host more sports teams at your hotel? Join forces with nearby stadiums and venues, obtain a copy of the schedule, and look for social media groups that attend these events.

You might simply need to be a little inventive to find a strategy to attract these renters to your house.

Post endorsements from previous groups.

What better approach to persuade additional groups to come than by utilizing first-hand accounts of previous visitors? Online evaluations may make or break the perception of a property, and more travelers than ever depend on them over personal recommendations.

Presenting the best group visitor experiences will demonstrate to potential guests how ideal your residence is for their holiday. And as a consequence? Booking will be impossible for them to resist!

When you know how reserving your property with groups is simple. Which organizations do you frequently host at your rental property? Please share your strategy in the comments.

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