Marketing Your Vacation Rental to Couples

Marketing Your Vacation Rental to Couples

It has been demonstrated by science that couples who travel together have a closer bond. Couples are the next guest category you need to target, especially given the $8 billion that US newlyweds spend annually on their honeymoons.

Given that many couples travel to commemorate special occasions, such as anniversaries or birthdays, there are several ways to catch their attention and effectively market your home for getaways for two. Here are seven suggestions for transforming your vacation rental into an alluring getaway for couples.

1. Improve your facilities

One of the finest methods to draw guests in is by offering amenities that set your establishment apart from its competitors. Hot tubs are one of the best luxuries you can add to your property to raise its value, claims Tripping.com. For owners with limited outdoor areas, a hot tub is an affordable investment that can increase nightly value by at least $31 per night per room. Additionally, a typical rental can be transformed right away into a romantic getaway with the addition of a hot tub.

2. Run campaigns for couples.

While each couple on vacation will have their memorable dates, you can generate buzz to draw more couples to your establishment over particular holidays by running marketing initiatives. In addition to the more obvious Valentine’s Day promotions, you might consider establishing special rates or deals for other significant holidays like Christmas, Labor Day, or even the Fourth of July.

Consider sending out an email marketing campaign to evaluate interest in advance of these dates. Create social media banners to promote the offer, and make sure all marketing initiatives point visitors directly to your vacation rental website.

3. Engage a qualified stager and photographer.

Travelers pay close attention to the smallest things when looking for suitable accommodation for couples. You must ensure that your property’s images and description are high caliber because that is how people will evaluate it. It’s time to take action if your photos now appear to be a little stale. However, you ought to consider spending money on a skilled stager before working with a professional photographer.

This interior designer will understand precisely how to arrange your spaces to appeal to romantic types. That might be demonstrated by having matching robes in the bathroom, a pair of bicycles in the garage, or even just the fluffiest-looking pillows on a king-size bed that is neatly tucked. This will encourage the vacationing couple to reserve their house by making it appear warm and inviting.

4. Make a unique honeymoon or mini-moon package available.

According to statistics, 99% of newlyweds in the US go on a honeymoon, and the most common places to go are Las Vegas, Hawaii, the Caribbean, and Jamaica. That doesn’t mean they are only found in these locations, though!

By providing a honeymoon or mini-moon package, you can increase the number of reservations from couples wherever your property is located. This can include enticingly priced additional extras like massages, private chef services, or breakfast in bed.

5. Offer a sweet welcome basket.

All visitors enjoy freebies, but couples will value them even more if you genuinely consider how to make their stay romantic. To go the additional mile, stuff a welcome basket or hamper with treats like fragrant candles, bath oils, a bottle of wine, dark chocolate, and other aphrodisiac foods. Make sure to include images of this welcome basket in your website’s photo gallery or make it available as an add-on for customers who want to surprise their significant other.

6. Post testimonials from other married couples on your webpage.

Another incredibly successful method for convincing couples to reserve your property? On your webpage, emphasize testimonials from past partners’ visitors. Real-world examples of how other couples have loved your rental are invaluable in persuading others to make a reservation. To post these wonderful reviews on your website, ask every visitor (particularly the couples) for a review after they check out.

7. Late check-out option

The last night of a romantic break shouldn’t be followed by a hasty departure from a vacation rental. Including a late check-out option in the package may let couples enjoy their last night of freedom. You have nothing to lose by allowing them to sleep in, and it will help visitors leave feeling at ease rather than hurried. Travelers will recall the lasting impression you make with your five-star service, and special touches like this will undoubtedly help your resort stand out.

Marketing your vacation rental to couples doesn’t have to be challenging (or expensive). When you use the above advice, your home will begin drawing more touring couples. Vacation homeowners have little to lose and a lot to gain when couples are one of the fastest-increasing travel demographics.

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