The Best LinkedIn Groups for Vacation Rental Owners and Professionals

The Best LinkedIn Groups for Vacation Rental Owners and Professionals

Like many other facets of the “sharing economy, the vacation rental sector ” embodies this concept. Owners, managers, and even travelers themselves have access to a growing library of resources where they may ask questions, get answers, share pertinent knowledge, and keep up with the most recent business news.

Which of these assets ought proprietors and visitors make use of? Facebook Groups.

There are already several LinkedIn Groups designed with the needs of the industry in mind. Here is a list of our top picks for vacation rental industry experts to join, in no particular order.

1. Vacation Rental Marketing and Distribution

Members of this forum talk about their best marketing strategies and distribution methods, which can assist property managers in getting more bookings. Vacation rentals, second houses, and other sorts of holiday accommodations are the main topics of debate.

Alex Aydin, CEO of BookingPal, oversees operations.

1.192 members, total


2. Information on vacation rentals

Industry experts discuss breaking news and updates regarding or about short-term rental properties in this LinkedIn group.

Managed by Emily Thompson, who has over 5 years of expertise in the real estate and vacation rental markets.

There are 2.989 members.

Linkedin.com/groups/115167 is the group’s URL.

3. National Association of Vacation Managers (Official)

The Vacation Rental Managers Association has a LinkedIn group (VRMA). An international, reputable trade organization for the hospitality and VR property management sectors, the VRMA was established in 1985.

Kevin Hurley, Director of Marketing at VRMA, is in charge.

6.040 members total.

Linkedin.com/groups/1218567 is the group’s URL.

4. The Vacation Rentals Group’s Vacation Rental Professionals

a professional community with over 9,000 members from numerous nations and continents. Here, users start discussions, exchange information, offer one another support, and build a community around services like holiday rentals, cottage rentals, Airbnbs, hosted lodgings, and other kinds of “home-style” lodging for use throughout a holiday or vacation.

Eric Mason, who has over 20 years of expertise in the hospitality industry, is in charge.

12.634 members are present.

Linkedin.com/groups/69889 is the group’s URL.

5. Hotel, tourism, luxury, wellness, food, and spa forums

This group has hundreds of thousands of members, and the topics of conversation cover just about everything related to the tourism sector, from spas to gastronomy. Owners may learn a lot about managing their rentals from hotels, even though it’s not specifically applicable to holiday rentals.

Barak Hirschowitz, president of the International Luxury Hotel Association, oversees operations.

Member count: 313.166

Linkedin.com/groups/108417 is the group’s URL.

6. Vacation properties, rental apartments, and the Internet

The travel industry has changed significantly as a result of the internet. This group is intended to assist the owner as new lodging websites and online travel firms appear daily. One of the finest ways to learn is to gather a sizable group of owners and operators to learn from one another. Encourage best practices and inform people of the internet’s risks in this sector.

Ashwin Kamlani, President of RoomKnights and previous CEO of Regatta Travel Solutions, is in charge of running things.

2.187 members total.

Linkedin.com/groups/2741368 is the group’s URL.


This LinkedIn Group is a community for independent vacation rental owners where experts discuss helpful information, breaking news, and advice on all things related to vacation home rentals.

Manager: Van Woods, owner of VRBO

2.189 members total.

Linkedin.com/groups/1832223 is the group’s URL.

8. Sales and marketing for vacation rentals

An online forum where business experts may exchange successful sales and marketing strategies and learn from one another.

Eric Mason is in charge.

There are 1.509 members.

Linkedin.com/groups/2337130 is the group’s URL.

9. The Professional Association for Vacation Rentals

Nearly 2,000 additional professionals can offer assistance or listen to independent owners and managers’ thoughts as they work to grow their companies in our LinkedIn Group.

Cristophe Angelou, CEO of Portugal Immobilier, oversees operations.

2.210 members total.

Linkedin.com/groups/118121 is the group’s URL.


An autonomous group created specifically for the benefit of vacation rental owners and managers is known as AVROA or Association Of Vacation Rental Operators & Affiliates. Owners are stronger when they work together, according to AVROA, which focuses on industry knowledge, education, and collaboration.

The Associations of Vacation Rental Operators and Affiliates is run by Rodney Fitts, President.

There are 531 members.


11. Vacation Rentals Internationally

This network links businesses and people that work in the vacation rental and holiday home sectors. They talk about the challenges, benefits, and opportunities for advancement that working in this industry presents.

Ashwin Kedia, who has over 20 years of experience in the field, is in charge.

4.350 members total.

Linkedin.com/groups/88725 is the group’s URL.

12. Vacation Rentals

With nearly 4,000 members and growing, vacation rental owners and managers may connect in this group to discuss sensitive business matters and chat openly about the sector in a welcoming environment.

Miki Mo, CEO of BestTravelWebsites.com, oversees operations.

3.682 members total.

Link to group: linkedin.com/groups/881917

13. Global Travel and Tourism Industry Professionals

This LinkedIn group is the largest of its kind, with more than 272,000 members. Professionals use this group from around the world for networking, knowledge sharing, business debates, career guidance, advertising, and reacting to job openings.

Managed by: Harish Jain, Green Rootz’s founder

282.697 participants

Linkedin.com/groups/90576 is the group’s URL.

14. Travel, Tourism, and Hospitality Group

a LinkedIn group for anyone actively working in the hospitality, travel, or tourism sectors. In this network, discussions frequently center on airlines, tour operators, cruise lines, hotels, car rental agencies, travel technology firms, tourist boards, etc.

Renee-Marie Stephano, the Medical Tourism Association’s founder and president is in charge of it.

128,377 members total.


Linkedin.com/groups/25007 is the group’s URL.

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