How to Use Twitter to Turn Tweets into Vacation Rental Bookings

How to Use Twitter to Turn Tweets into Vacation Rental Bookings

Should I tweet or not tweet? Many sectors have turned to Twitter as a popular platform for sharing information fast, sharing personal narratives, and connecting with clients. However, proprietors of holiday rentals typically ignore this platform. A significant marketing opportunity needs to be noticed by many owners who advertise their short-term rental via Facebook, Instagram, and email.

It’s not just birds that can tweet. Twitter is a brilliant tool for promoting your vacation rental company in a quick, 140-character manner. This platform may improve your bookings and be a terrific addition to your social media toolset. Don’t worry if you don’t “tweet.” We have all the information you need to advertise your vacation rental on Twitter successfully.

Why is a Twitter account required for your vacation home?

There is a tonne of duties involved in running a vacation rental business. Adding social media to the list of responsibilities sounds like a real bear, whether it’s physical property inspections, guest communications, or reservation management. When running your business, social media is one of those unavoidable evils (although it can be enjoyable once you figure it out!). Fortunately, if used properly, Twitter is one of the quickest and most efficient ways to boost reservations.

Be Aware of market trends

You can always join Twitter and start by concentrating solely on your industry if you’re still trying to run an account. One of Twitter’s many advantages is this. Your firm could benefit from the wealth of vacation rental associations, businesses, and specialists who operate their own Twitter knowledge bases.

Start by entering relevant terms into the search field and browsing for vacation rental groups. Look for associations and business titans in the beach rental sector. There is a group for that if you’re curious about the furnishings other holiday rentals use.

Hashtags are another tool offered by Twitter that facilitates grouping ideas under a single “tag.” With hashtags like #airbnbsuperhost and #villarentals, you can get inspiration for your next holiday rental. Also keep in mind that hashtags are a fantastic technique to market your vacation rental company; however, more on that later.

Identify and engage a younger audience

Who uses Twitter the most? Twitter users are often “younger, wealthier, and more educated than the average American,” according to a recent Hootsuite survey. This could be a terrific venue for your business if you’re trying to explore or develop that audience.

Particularly when it comes to millennial travelers, it might be challenging to get into the social media realm. Try Twitter if you’ve attempted unsuccessfully to connect with this demographic on other channels like Instagram.

Having a diverse social media presence benefits your brand.

Even outside of vacation homes, you’ll see that the most popular brands advertise everywhere they can think of. Why does Zillow advertise on park benches and in publications while Coca-Cola does so at football games and beauty pageants? The more your brand is known, the more probable it is that you will attract new clients. Get your name out there on all social media platforms even if you don’t have the advertising budget of the major firms mentioned.

The majority of social media platforms, like Twitter, offer free registration. The creation of a Twitter account, among other social media platforms, carries no risk or potential loss. Your brand will look better the more active you are on social media. Why? Consider yourself a prospective guest, and Twitter is your favorite social media site. Most likely, you’ll go there first to discover if that vacation home has a profile. If not, you’ll be passing up chances to get the word out and get new reservations. Make as many public appearances for your company as you can.

Using Twitter to grow your vacation rental business

Choosing to sign up is simple, but building a following and using this platform to convert users is a little more. It’s just as advantageous to have an account with no posts and no followers as it is to have none at all. Because of this, you must ensure that you not only create the account but also use it effectively.

Join as many Twitter groups related to holiday rentals as you can.

As was already said, having a Twitter account gives you access to information that is not necessarily available on other sites. You only need to know where to seek; there are plenty of experts and professionals working in the same sector as you who are willing to share their advice!

A fantastic approach to see what others in the business are doing and keep current on any trends or changes is to find vacation rental groups in your community or industry. Not to mention, gaining knowledge from other Twitter accounts and groups for vacation rental businesses may provide you the competitive advantage you’ve been looking for to surpass other vacation rental managers.

Keep it concise and constant.

Don’t anticipate being able to create novels on Twitter because the character limit is very limited. The site’s brief, snappy posts are what keep readers interested. Consider what would be good content for this length constraint as you are encouraged to make your argument in as few characters as possible. Giving out interesting facts about your property or advertising weekend deals would be excellent Twitter material that is simple to keep under the character limit.

Boost retweets.

Like any social media platform, engagement is necessary for your account to succeed. You won’t get any traffic if your account has no fans, followers, or trending hashtags. You should nudge your followers to “retweet” or spread your material.

Making your material share-worthy or including a call to action are the greatest ways to do this. When summertime comes around, you might tweet something like, “Retweet if you need a long summer vacation.” Just be sure that your tweets are relatable enough for others to share on their page.

Join forces with other accounts and companies using #followfriday.

The hashtags on Twitter are very fantastic. Despite their widespread use across many social media sites, hashtags are particularly common on Twitter. Some of the day’s most popular hashtags are included in the sidebar, but there are also recurrent hashtags like #followfriday.

Your opportunity to promote other businesses comes on Follow Friday. Although it may at first seem contradictory, doing so is a fantastic way to collaborate with nearby companies and gain access to their customers. When you brag about another company, they are likely to retweet your appreciation, which will put your company in the public eye. Restaurants, spas, regional tourism organizations, and other vacation rental businesses might make excellent partners.

Limit how much you market yourself

The goal of your page will be to advertise your company, draw in new clients, and increase reservations, but this must be done subtly. Advertising won’t be followed or shared on Twitter by anyone. The major focus of your page should be entertainment and engagement, with a touch of self-promotion.

Decide how often you will publicize your company, and stick to it. Maintain the fun, though! Since they are promotions for your page, you don’t want to alienate any of your current fans. Try to keep your self-promotion to a minimum and, when you do, keep it entertaining and interesting.

Observe other vacation rental accounts on Twitter

Be sure to keep your rivals and friends near. Keeping an eye on what your rivals are doing never hurts. You might want to keep an eye out for what the other vacation rental owners in your area are doing in the same manner that you would remain current with industry trends generally. You could try to figure out what makes their tweets or promotions so popular if they are. For your accounts, take inspiration from theirs.

Text is the best, videos are decent, and photos are better.

Hear us out on this one: Twitter tweets with mere text perform best. Contrary to some of the other well-known social media juggernauts, text-based sharing is more successful than video and image sharing. The bulk of tweets are text-based, and this set of tweets also performs the best, according to a recent study by Quick Sprout. What’s more intriguing is that links were included in 65% of those tweets. This leads us to our next point.

Connect your vacation rental website to Twitter.

After all, managing a second social media account requires some effort, so you might as well make it worthwhile. Potential guests can book your vacation rental by linking your vacation rental website to your Twitter account and vice versa. They are now one step closer to making their reservation. This may be the mild prod they require to decide to make a reservation!

In conclusion

Twitter is your best option if you’ve been expanding your vacation rental business into the social media space. The content itself takes minimal time to develop, it’s simple to follow along, and you have a huge audience that you can reach.

By implementing the advice given, make sure your vacation rental twitter account is being used effectively. While having interesting content is essential, remember to use your Twitter account for all of its wonderful benefits, like industry expertise, competitor analysis, and guest communications, to mention a few.

You’ll need a platform to manage all those new reservations you’ve gotten via Twitter. To simplify guest communications and reservation management, Lodgable offers top-notch vacation rental software. Sign up for your free account here!

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