How to Get Good Reviews on Vrbo

How to Get Good Reviews on Vrbo

As earlier chapters indicate, strong reviews are essential for achieving high Vrbo rankings and obtaining more reservations. You’ll discover how to acquire more favorable reviews, what you can learn from bad reviews, how to encourage your visitors to post feedback after their stay, and why it’s useful to review your guests in this part.

Communicate With Your Visitors

The journey of a visitor to your home starts long before they arrive. It begins the minute they make a reservation. Guests want to hear that their reservation has been approved as soon as possible, so they can stop looking for a place to stay and start organizing the rest of their vacation.

Follow up on the reservation and reassure the visitor that they may contact you or the property manager directly if they have any questions or concerns. They will feel more at ease about their stay if they have a personal, direct connection.

Once they’ve arrived at the property, continue to be accessible in case of any property-related emergencies or questions they may have. Don’t leave them in the dark if they want a late check-out or a location to store their bags until their flight. You will relieve their worry and get a positive rating if you respond quickly.

Thoroughly Clean your Rental

Every visitor has the right to expect a spotless home when they arrive. Whether you clean the home yourself or pay someone to do it for you, you are accountable if anything is overlooked.

Dirty corners, crumbs in the fridge, and hair on the bedding will certainly result in a negative review. When cleaning, pay great attention to the details so that when your guests come, they feel as at ease as if they are in their own house. Wipe off all doorknobs, inspect windows for streaks, and check for any objects or things left behind by prior visitors.

Also, don’t forget about outdoor furniture. During cleanings, patio furniture and grills are sometimes forgotten. These goods must be available for visitors to use right away when they arrive. No one wants to drink a cool beer while sitting on a chair that has been sprinkled with bird droppings.

There are evident traces of hasty cleaning, implying that keeping your rental home spotless isn’t a top concern for you as the owner. As a consequence, a disappointed guest can submit a poor review.

Keep the Property in Good Condition

Maintain your property regularly. This may need setting aside a week or two during the year to provide upgrades and repairs to the property. Problems such as peeling paint or a leaky roof will not go ignored by your visitors. They may even have an impact on the quality of their stay. Filters, lightbulbs, fire alarms, and other household basics should all be checked regularly.

Publicize the Place

Not only are you promoting your rental home, but also the surrounding region. Include any surrounding parks, beaches, lakes, or hiking routes in your photos. It will draw in more visitors since they will be presented places of interest automatically.

If you live in an area where there aren’t many famous attractions, do some research on local things they could love that they wouldn’t have known about otherwise. Make a list of places to dine and activities to see and do in the vicinity.

You’ll also want to double-check that the listing’s address corresponds to the actual address. Don’t indicate that it’s in a certain region or near a particular attraction if it isn’t. This will only result in negative feedback, and your visitor may believe you were dishonest.

Freebies Should be Included

You may not believe that complementary soaps, lotions, or a hairdryer make a difference to your visitors, but they do, particularly if they have forgotten anything at home. Snacks such as little chocolates or sweets, crackers, coffee and tea, fruit, bottles of water, and even a bottle of wine are other complimentary presents that visitors love.

Use Lodgable to Set up your Company for Success

The first step toward a faultless guest experience is a nicely designed house. Now that you’ve spent a lot of time and money furnishing your vacation rental house, make sure other areas, such as guest communication, are in good working order. After all, you don’t want your visitor to blow a fuse because they could not contact you when electrical equipment failed.

Software like Lodgable can help you provide the best possible guest experience while saving you time on common tasks like messaging and posting reviews. 

Lodgable can also assist you with a variety of other tasks. These are some of them:

  • Manage several accounts and listings on the most popular vacation rental networks from a single interface.
  • Syncing bookings across several platforms to reduce the chance of a double-booking
  • Connecting your Stripe account to Lodgable allows you to receive payments and create invoices.
  • Automating the process of sending out guest reviews
  • Using our free direct booking websites to handle direct bookings
  • Integrated dynamic pricing
  • Real market research is available at your fingertips

Signup for an account at no cost!

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