Home Safety Tips for Airbnb Hosts

Home Safety Tips for Airbnb Hosts

You’ve purchased a home, put a lot of time and effort into creating a stunning interior design, and hired a photographer to capture high-resolution images for web marketing.

So you’re ready to leave now, right?

Not so fast!

There are practical steps owners must take to guarantee home safety for visitors in rental houses in addition to the legal requirements, such as a vacation rental agreement.

It’s important to have policies in place that encourage visitor welfare and keep them safe in addition to marketing your facility.

What you can do to encourage Airbnb home safety at your vacation rental is listed below.

1. Ensure the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are in working order.

Your house must have functional smoke and carbon monoxide detectors since fire is one of the largest threats. According to the National Fire Protection Association, carbon monoxide detectors should be installed in several places, including outside of any sleeping rooms, on each level of the house, and anywhere else local law demands.

Installing functional detectors in their homes and periodically checking them are two things that Airbnb actively encourages hosts to do. They are encouraging owners to amend their listings to reflect this feature and are giving away 36,000 detectors by the end of 2018. But you should do much more than simply install fire detectors. In fact, you should protect your property with fire systems, such as suppression systems that are designed to put out even the hottest fires.

You can avoid unintentional fires as a host by ensuring that all household appliances and their plugs are in excellent functioning condition. This implies that there shouldn’t be any damaged or frayed cables. and if so, you need to fix or change them. Additionally, you need to have a fire blanket and at least one fire extinguisher on your premises in case of emergencies. Make sure to keep them in a visible, accessible place (such as the kitchen).

Additionally, you can include information about fire prevention in your house rules to instruct your visitors. Make sure they never leave lighted candles unattended, close to blankets or windows, or in the vicinity of any young children. When not in use, remind them to unplug small appliances like kettles and toasters.

2. Take steps to avoid stumbles, trips, and slips

One out of every five senior citizens who fall will get a fractured bone or brain injury, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Another frequent safety issue in the home is injuries caused by falls. In your rental, everything from children’s toys to slick surfaces might cause an accident.

There are several techniques to reduce the likelihood of these kinds of injuries. Make sure all stairways are secure and have sturdy railings and enough illumination first. If you often host families at your vacation rental, parents will sigh with ease when they realize that you have a safety gate for young children that has been authorized.

Slips might happen when the bathroom floor is damp, so provide bath mats with a non-slip backing or fasten them with grip tape. Consider adding safety rails, which are advantageous for elderly passengers and also assist in making your property more accessible for visitors with disabilities.

Finally, provide a place where kids’ toys may dwell while visiting, whether it be a big plastic box placed in the living room’s corner or a more original thought that will prevent any trip hazards at home.

3. Safely keep cleaning supplies

Over 2.1 million occurrences received advice from US poison control services in 2016. Many common household goods, such as cleaning and home maintenance supplies and over-the-counter medications, might pose a toxic risk to your visitors.

The likelihood of your visitors being victims of this possible danger might be reduced with the correct information. By keeping all detergent and cleaning supplies completely out of reach of youngsters, you can reduce the risk of poisoning on your property. To prevent inadvertent discovery, keeping them in a high-up, the locked closet is preferable.

Make sure there is enough space for visitors to store their cosmetics, such as makeup or hair supplies. For example, installing safety locks on bathroom cabinets may help prevent children from accessing these products.

4. Include warnings about operating appliances safely.

You may believe sunburn is the most noticeable burn visitors might have on your property. However, home equipment like stoves, ovens, dishwashers, and grills may also result in burns. You may do a few straightforward things at your vacation rental to lower the possibility that any visitors will finish up with burns in A&E.

To prevent kids from unintentionally opening the dishwasher before it has fully cooled down once the cycle is complete, you may install a dishwasher lock. Additionally, suggest that visitors utilize the stove’s rear burners while cooking so those little children can’t easily reach and touch the hot cooktop. Additionally, consider purchasing stove knob covers to shield adults from accidentally turning the gas on or letting children put the knobs into the “on” position.

To further prevent accidents or injuries, post clear, comprehensive instructions for operating outdoor grills properly.


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