Can I Increase My Airbnb Bookings With Guest data? 

Can I Increase My Airbnb Bookings With Guest data? 

You know how challenging it is to remain competitive in the continually evolving vacation rental market. You’ve probably read a lot of blogs about how to make your Airbnb listing better, and there is undoubtedly a wealth of helpful information available. It follows that you will have:

  • taken the greatest photos you can
  • Excellent description provided
  • Booking Activated Instant
  • you’ve started updating your calendar
  • Comply with Business Travel Regulations
  • Always give feedback to visitors and respond to messages right away
  • Have taken every action you can think of!

Are you under the impression that there is nothing else you can do? Well, there is!

How can you enhance your Airbnb listing using guest data?

Being a host myself, I am all too familiar with the challenges of being competitive in an industry that is so dynamic and expanding. I became aware of the need for reliable and economic data when I was managing over 30 vacation rental homes in Switzerland because it would allow me to compare the performance of my rentals to those of my rivals.

I was interested in learning more about the local market and what my potential consumers were looking for when making reservations. I was aware that having access to this kind of knowledge would offer me a significant competitive advantage and enable me to better serve my potential guests.

information on current hosts

Utilizing data eliminates the element of speculation in marketing your vacation property. If you are a current host, statistical reports might help you learn more about the rivalry in your city. You may get a far better sense of the market you are operating in by learning things like the search terms people use to find and review rentals, specifics about the facilities your competitors offer, their cancellation policies, and even the overall number of listings in your location.

When you have a deeper understanding of your market, you can make better plans, edit your listing, and even make changes to your vacation rental property to improve the experience for your guests.

Info for real estate investors

Access to clear and reliable information is crucial for people considering investing in real estate for vacation rental purposes. Researching the ideal area and kind of vacation rental before investing is crucial.

Using data, you may compare the vacation rental markets in various cities and regions. In the city you are considering, there may be a lot of competition for vacation rentals at the price and size you are considering investing in. It may be good to compare with other cities to determine whether there are more opportunities for you to maintain your vacation rental full and quickly boost your ROI. By examining data from various marketplaces and locations, you may determine precisely where to buy and what kind of property to invest in.

Information about the hotel industry

The hotel business has faced significant challenges as a result of the market’s explosive growth for owner-operated vacation rentals. It has created a wide range of new competitors previously unknown in the market. Hoteliers must consider fresh, cutting-edge approaches to understand their business better and cater to their guests if they remain competitive in this “brave new world.” By using precise data and statistics, hoteliers can better comprehend the market in which they are currently competing.

Explore the facts about your city and get geeky!

Reviews, as we all know, are what drive our vacation rental business. As a host, I’m constantly curious about: What do visitors expect from their trip?

  • What do visitors enjoy?
  • What visitors didn’t enjoy about their stay
  • What my city’s visitors are looking for.

The data that I refer to as The Pulse is my favorite (yes, I have a favorite!). You can explore the terms that visitors are using to describe their vacations using this kind of data to get a feel for your city. You can make sure that the most pertinent keywords are used in your descriptions and marketing after you are aware of the search terms your potential visitors use to find the ideal vacation rental.

Data can be a tremendous advantage to your vacation rental business overall. When creatively applied, it can significantly aid in the ascent of your listing on Airbnb and provide you with the knowledge required to enhance the service you offer.


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