Unique and Creative Ways to Gift Holiday Renters

Unique and Creative Ways to Gift Holiday Renters

Travel demand peaks throughout the holiday season. This year, 114 million Americans are anticipated to pack up their cars or board planes to spend the holidays away from home, making this a lucrative time of year for your vacation rental business.

Take advantage of the opportunity to give renters an even more memorable experience. Who knows, by implementing the suggestions below, you might secure a five-star review, a few recommendations, or perhaps convince your guests to return for the celebrations the following year. Here are seven original and imaginative Christmas gift ideas for holiday tenants.

1. Introduction Letter

A welcome letter’s major objective is to provide visitors with a warm, personal welcome to your house, even if you are unable to greet them personally. It introduces you as the host and provides a summary of your rental.

A welcome letter together with your Christmas basket can make your guests feel special. It will serve as proof that you are a kind host who genuinely values hospitality. You can use the following template for your Christmas guests:

2. Construct a shopping manual

It’s difficult to battle the crowds at the eleventh hour, especially when it comes to last-minute Christmas shopping. With a guide, though, you can lessen your tenants’ troubles. When navigating the stores, individuals can make use of this to find what they need fast and easily.

To achieve this, compile a list of your favorite local stores as well as advice on which ones to visit and which to avoid. Inform them of the best businesses and shopping centers for Christmas gifts. Give them a list of nearby stores where they can purchase all the dinner ingredients. Add some regional food as well! Tell them where they can find the greatest organic produce in your town or region.

Before distributing the brochure to visitors so they may enjoy their vacation, laminate it. These small details significantly enhance the experience.

3. Welcome basket for rentals

Fill a basket with everything you need to make a holiday treat. The holidays are recognized for their traditional meals and drinks, such as spiced gingerbread cookies, warm chocolate, and creamy eggnog. These delectable delicacies make you feel cosy and nostalgic, brightening the season.

Upon arrival, wow your tenants with a holiday gift basket full of cheery treats. If you’re stumped as to where to begin or what to include in the basket, draw inspiration from the following:

  • Kit for making a gingerbread home with additional toppings
  • all-inclusive hot chocolate with marshmallows and cinnamon
  • Christmas cookies can be made with fun cookie-cutter shapes.
  • Ingredients and red wine the creation of mulled wine

These are just a few of the necessities for a vacation. Additionally, you can include homemade products like jam, chutney, candles, soap, etc.

4. Work together with nearby companies to provide exclusive deals

Make inquiries with local establishments about providing your tenants with a special discount before your visitors come. For instance, if you’ve lived in the region for a while, you might already be acquainted with some of the proprietors of nearby eateries and coffee shops. Work with them to set up a tiny, special discount just for renters who buy food or drinks there.

Keep in mind that these relationships will help neighborhood businesses when making your case. By providing special discounts, you can entice tourists who might not normally visit your neighborhood’s eateries and shops to go out and do their shopping, eat, and drink.

5. Stockings for Christmas

On your mantelpiece, hang some stockings and stuff them with goodies. You can include things like fluffy socks, bath bombs, chocolates, candy canes, and candies. Whatever you wish to share, the holiday spirit! If children are expected, have some small toys available.

The stockings can be customized with the name of your vacation rental stitched on them. The ideal approach to decorating your vacation rental for the festive season is with stockings.

6. Allow them to adorn a tree

Decorating a Christmas tree is one of the most common holiday customs. This is especially welcome if they didn’t buy or decorate a tree at home in expectation of being away for a holiday, but it doesn’t mean they can’t participate just because they aren’t in their own home.

Display the naked tree in your main living area so your tenants can see it easily. Put a box full of colorful decorations, lights, tinsel, and other holiday accents next to it on the floor so that the family may decorate it together. This kind of act will encourage your guests to bond and share in the comfort and nostalgia of this season, even when they are far from home.

7. Provide a sitter for guests

Family time is treasured while traveling with kids, but occasionally the grownups need a night to themselves. If your visitors are parents with young children, consider surprising them with a babysitting service so they may enjoy a romantic date night or attend a nearby holiday event.

Work with your sitter to ensure they are available for the task whenever possible. Ask friends and other locals for ideas if you don’t have a sitter or they won’t be available on those dates.

Even though it may seem like an unusual “present,” giving it can make a huge difference for adults who are feeling down after spending the day with sugar-fueled children. Not to mention that they wouldn’t have a babysitting choice if they didn’t know anyone in the area!

Don’t forget to inform your tenants in advance so they may make plans and arrange a time with your sitter.

Treat your guests well during the holidays.

Bring the holiday inside your rental property so guests can take advantage of the full holiday season in their homes away from home. These thoughtful extras show guests that you care about their visit and vacation, which may even persuade first-time renters to return.

Make a conscious effort to leave a lasting impression on anybody who visits your inviting vacation home this season with a few easy yet enjoyable suggestions.

You may demonstrate to your visitors that your rental is a home away from home by giving them these seven original presents. Your visitors will appreciate the work you put into making your place feel cozy over the holidays and will have a special Christmas.

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