Getting Fitness and Wellness Travelers to Book Your Vacation Rental

Getting Fitness and Wellness Travelers to Book Your Vacation Rental

Traditionally, holidays are a time for us to unwind, pamper ourselves, or even go on non-stop tours when we obsess about seeing everything and walk for hours. People’s travel habits have changed, and today they often prioritize maintaining a healthy body and mind. For quite some time, hotels have offered gyms as part of their amenities, but typically, only regular business travelers or those who want to stay to a schedule would utilize them.

So what took place? Millennials exist. Young travelers known as millennials have fundamentally altered how we travel and choose accommodations. In the beginning, we saw a rise in travel on weekends and bank holidays. Then came mobile phone-based hotel searches and payment, followed by last-minute reservations.

Additionally, keeping in shape while on vacation is becoming a top priority for millennials. It’s more important than ever to take a beautiful shot while on vacation due to a shift in behaviors among individuals between the ages of 18 and 35 and the growth of social media. Never before have vacations been so widely documented and shared online.

In a poll by Hotels.com, 8,400 respondents from 28 countries were asked whether staying in shape while on vacation was essential. 66 percent responded in the affirmative, while 42% indicated they would be ready to eat less healthfully for a few days if they could make up the difference with exercise. Additionally, the survey’s participants said they would rather post pictures of themselves at the gym than on the beach on social media. This is due to the growing number of Instagram ‘influencers,’ with hundreds of thousands of followers.

According to internal data analysis by Vrbo, demand for holiday properties with the terms “yoga,” “fitness center,” and “gym” increased by 40% and 30%, respectively, year over year.

Many people have always prioritized living a healthy lifestyle, yet it’s incredibly simple to violate this guideline when traveling. Travelers who depend on staying in shape often search for accommodations that will better suit their demands and enable them to keep up with their regular routines while also allowing them to do it flexibly. As a proprietor of a holiday rental, you may provide these services in your house.

How do those who are into fitness and wellbeing get around?

Fitness traveler avoids putting their physical health in danger while on vacation or even traveling to maintain their fitness level.

A wellness traveler also prioritizes health and seeks to get away from the strains of everyday life. Although “wellness” is growing more popular, it is still not as often used as “fitness.” As a consequence of changing lifestyles, a need for well-being and spiritual tranquility has evolved. Consequently, a wellness traveler isn’t someone who just modifies their itinerary but rather picks a location or lodging with solely their health and relaxation in mind.

Vacations focused on health and fitness are not unusual. There have long been boot camps, yoga retreats, and hotel fitness programs. Companies have even created customized itineraries that include wellness and fitness in their programs. Many even provide a trained chef! As a consequence, accommodations are changing to accommodate this growing trend, and if you want to benefit from this fashion, you may do the same.

Many homeowners have already reaped benefits from transforming their vacation rentals into retreats or lodgings with a variety of activities for visitors. But how do they manage it? Here is our best advice.

How to draw in fitness and wellness tourists

Since their demands are similar—a healthy and active lifestyle, environment, relaxation, etc.—marketing to fitness and wellness tourists is fairly simple. Here are 5 strategies to encourage them to make more bookings.

1. Upgrade your house to maximize its potential

Do you have views of the peaceful mountains from your property? Is your porch a good place to watch the sunset over the water? You have a fireplace, right? Do you have enough room to install a pool? Pay attention to your vacation rental opportunities and invest in giving fitness and wellness guests the greatest accommodations.

Choose a room with plenty of space to turn it into a gathering place where visitors can unwind after a long day of exercise, or renovate the outside to provide a memorable experience for anybody looking to practice yoga in a natural setting. Build a swimming pool that is long enough for lengths or a gym with mirrors all over the walls. As far as your means will allow, go. When you detail every installation and piece of equipment in your holiday rental house, all the expenses will be justified. They will greatly increase the value of your house!

Remember how crucial it is for your visitors to obtain some well-deserved rest. Spend money on high-quality mattresses, pillows, bed linens, and anything else that will make your visitors feel like they are sleeping on clouds and help them wake up feeling rejuvenated.

2. Make investments in gym facilities and equipment

Suppose you have the resources to build up a home gym. In that case, you should not only invest in some high-quality exercise equipment but also provide a space where visitors may do exercises using dumbbells, stretch bands, and other equipment that travel-packing fitness enthusiasts bring with them. Thanks to this, they won’t have to worry about remembering to bring these things.

You may also include extra bikes, snorkeling gear, and hiking poles that visitors require for physical activity while on vacation.

3. Provide meals within your vacation rental

When you’re unfamiliar with the region or visiting a location for the first time, it might be more difficult to find restaurants that provide nutritious food. There are several benefits to including breakfast with your lodging (including the potential to raise your nightly fee), but keep in mind your visitors.

Provide a healthy breakfast with more protein than carbs to put yourself one step ahead and give them the energy they need for the remainder of the day. Oats, smoothies, juices, and fresh fruit are a few of travelers interested in health and well-being preferred breakfast options. Offer them famous superfoods like avocado toast or acai bowls if you truly want to win them over.

Additionally, you should stock your refrigerator with water so your visitors can keep hydrated while exercising. You may also consider providing nutritious snacks like protein bars, dried fruits, and almonds. A reusable water bottle they can carry everywhere they go would be a fantastic idea. Your vacation rental logo may be added to it, promoting your company.

4. Take advantage of nearby events

Do you have a yoga retreat close by? Or maybe a captivating sports event? Any events or conferences for yoga practitioners or fitness enthusiasts? Use your vacation rental blog to highlight the events in your community. Additionally, describe their subject matter and precise distances in your ads.

Additionally, you may wish to take advantage of this chance to network and establish local alliances with the organizers. They may promote their events on your website and advertise your property as a lodging option for attendees. There is no loser here!

5. Provide your visitors with the information they need.

They will regard you as a host who can meet their requirements if you demonstrate that you know what they seek. Here are some suggestions to help you do that:

Give recommendations for neighborhood eateries that serve wholesome, seasonal fare. Encourage them not to consume processed meals or fast food.

Don’t suggest using tourist buses. Provide them with walking directions so they may explore all the points of interest on foot.

Show them the locations of all the grocery stores and stores that sell fresh produce on a map. They’ll probably want to cook at your vacation home, or maybe they’ll require specific attire to partake in particular local activities.

Create a guide with things people can do close to your home and a list of businesses that provide excursions, sightseeing opportunities, mountains to trek, yoga studios, local traditional dances, personal training, etc.

Suppose you want to take it a step further. In that case, you may also provide speakers with various music to work out or unwind, jogging routes in your neighborhood, advice on preventing jet lag, how to be active from day one, nutritious recipes, and recommendations on how to combat jet lag.

Remember that offering all of these features and services will make your vacation rental stand out to guests interested in health and well-being. Profit from this fresh development in the tourism industry!

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