Tips for Getting Bookings for Your Big Vacation Rental

Tips for Getting Bookings for Your Big Vacation Rental

The most recent HomeAway Trend Report reveals that bigger isn’t necessarily better when it comes to vacation rentals. According to their research, demand for distinctive lodgings like castles and estates skyrocketed by 55 and 25 percent in the previous year.

But why is there a rise in this number?

Compared to regular hotel-style accommodations, vacation rentals often provide much greater room at a lesser cost per person. Vacationers who stay in rental houses often make considerably greater use of the property as a whole than those who stay in hotels, who typically merely use the room as a base to sleep and take a shower. A lot of holidays center on the property itself. Popular pastimes include hanging out by the pool with family, cooking large group meals in the well-equipped kitchen, and relaxing on the couch with a nice book or movie.

Millennials are the ones who are accelerating this trend, according to HomeAway’s in-depth analysis of the visitor demographics that are reserving bigger units. Those in their 20s to 40s who are growing up, establishing kids, and choosing to travel with their parents (the grandchildren’s grandparents). The survey claims that over the last year, there has been a 325 percent increase in families traveling with kids.

Knowing how to promote your large vacation rental may significantly increase the number of bookings and attract more visitors to your house. To boost bookings for your big home, heed our recommendations!

Choose the proper guest kinds.

You should spend some time figuring out who your target market is in terms of visitor kinds when you are first starting your vacation rental company. There are a variety of individuals you might try to attract if you have a big or interesting property.


For families on the road, vacation rentals provide the convenience that many other lodgings do not. An Airbnb is a terrific choice if you want space, entertainment choices, a kitchen and eating facilities, and washing and dryer. Giving your customers family-friendly facilities like cribs, highchairs, and a variety of toys or activities may offer your property a competitive advantage and convince families to make reservations.


Due to the greater “bang for your buck” impact, more non-family groups are also purchasing bigger holiday properties. The nightly charge decreases when expenses are split among many friends or group members, but the quality and facilities are often far better than those of any comparable lodging option. Be it clear on your website that your house is appropriate for these visitors by posting pictures of prior groups having a good time there. Also, make sure to get evaluations from previous groups and post them on your website.


Numerous businesses organize yearly off-site events for each team or even the whole company. For a corporate weekend trip, you may work with nearby businesses to arrange meals, activities, and concierge service in addition to a nice location to sleep. Smart business owners will value saving money on lodging since it will allow them to use part of their budget elsewhere.

Make your house a place for events

Turning your vacation rental into a venue for special events is another extremely successful strategy for getting a full booking calendar if you have a unique home in a sought-after neighborhood.


Today, one-fourth of all wedding ceremonies take place at a destination. Couples spend over $16 billion on weddings annually, so it’s a lucrative industry to enter. However, if you want to utilize your home as a wedding venue, be sure to have the appropriate insurance in place, always request a damage deposit, and abide by any regional laws and event planning regulations.


Along with overnight stays, several businesses and startups gather together for teambuilding activities all year round. Consider renting out your space to local companies for these kinds of events daily if you have a low season with normally fewer reservations. This works particularly well if your property is a distinctive lodging option, like a castle or farmstead, since it will enhance the visitors’ memories of their visit.


There is never a lack of reasons to host a party, whether it’s a 50th birthday, silver wedding anniversary, or naming ceremony for a new baby. Vacation homes with plenty of outside areas, in particular, might truly benefit from this business potential for hosting summer parties. Promoting your house as the perfect venue for parties might draw in event planners seeking something a little more unique than a drab hotel meeting space.

Spend lavishly on luxuries

According to the HomeAway survey, the most coveted feature of a holiday house is a private swimming pool. Even though many large homes already have this feature, some owners may think it would be worthwhile to construct a pool to draw in more visitors and bookings. Even though it requires a sizable initial expenditure, the benefits will last very long.

Make sure you spend money on the necessary facilities that every visitor wants in addition to a pool. This may range from a welcome basket filled with delectable goodies from the area and a ton of fragrant amenities to robes and slippers for each visitor and a mountain of board games to pass the time in the evenings!

Larger vacation homes provide more value and benefit visitors.

Large vacation rentals may offer guests much more than a place to stay while away from home. By providing the finest facilities, the best overall value, and a better overall visitor experience than any of your surrounding rivals can, you may leverage this information to increase revenue.

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