Best Cleaning Tips For A Sparkling Home

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Days are getting colder, evenings are darker and Holidays are on the Horizon. Holidays bring time with family and loved ones. It is time to get your house clean and ready for the holiday season.

However, we all know the stressful panic that sets in when we have emptied all our drawers and cupboards of possessions and are stranded in the middle of a room looking a lot messier. The temptation is often to give up. 

If you recognize yourself in this, don’t worry. Follow this simple guide to beating that overwhelming task, making this clean manageable, and keeping your house clean all year round.

Getting started 

The first step to thoroughly cleaning your house is to prepare. Diving in without a plan will leave you swamped and unmotivated. Organize yourself room by room, tackling the smallest first.

Next, break down what is in each room. There’s no feeling of satisfaction quite like ticking off items on a to-do list. Create a list of everything that needs cleaning, including window sills, door frames, and lampshades. You might want to follow an established checklist and tailor it to your home so you don’t miss anything.


Once you have yourself organized, the next step is to start removing the clutter from your house. The difficulty here is to make sure you stay on track and don’t let yourself get distracted when rediscovering long-forgotten possessions. This step isn’t about throwing away everything but rather about assessing its usefulness and either organizing it or getting rid of it.

To avoid that dreaded feeling of being swamped by all your possessions scattered across your floor, ensure you work cupboard by cupboard or shelf by shelf. 

Get creative. Consider whether you might repurpose something rather than getting rid of it entirely. Too much Tupperware from old takeaways? Repurpose them as plant containers. 

If you really cannot find a way to reuse something, make sure it is disposed of or recycled correctly. 

Get scrubbing 

Now that everything is put away in the correct places, it’s time to start the big clean. The best way to begin scrubbing is a ‘top-down approach’. This requires vacuuming the ceiling before moving on to the walls and floors. Any dust dislodged from the ceiling won’t land on the floor after it has been cleaned. 

Alternatively, one clever hack is to use a spare or old pillowcase as a duster as it collects the dust, preventing it from dropping onto the recently vacuumed floors. 

Ensure that you clean the undersides of all your furniture and doors — don’t leave the back of the sofa just because no one can see it. You might even want to take the cushion covers off to wash separately. 

When you start scrubbing, follow the same top-down approach using the correct cleaning products, or create homemade products from natural ingredients. If you want to speed up to a more efficient process, you might find it easier to vacuum and hoover as you organize your possessions in the step above.

Now, repeat with each room until your house is sparkling clean.

Maintain it 

What if you kept your house tidy all year round? Perhaps next Fall will see you doing a quick weekly clean rather than launching a days-long project that you’re bound to tire of fast. The difficulty when it comes to cleaning is keeping it up.

The easiest way to maintain a clean, tidy house is to prevent the clutter from entering your home in the first place. This is also good advice for leading a more sustainable life. For example, rather than letting the used plastic bags pile up in your cupboards, invest in reusable, environmentally-friendly bags. 

Be savvy about how you find your new bags. Reuse and recycle those old clothes you weren’t sure whether you needed to keep to make a reusable bag. 

Whilst spring cleaning may come around once a year; your cleaning schedule doesn’t have to be so infrequent. Set yourself a goal. Can you tackle one room a month? Two a month? If you keep yours up, next spring won’t be such an overwhelming challenge. So, what are you waiting for? Get started.

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