Airbnb Instant Book

Airbnb Instant Book

Instant books are bookings made instantly by a visitor on Airbnb. Guests are not required to enquire or ask the host before arrival. Guests just choose their trip dates, agree to the house regulations, and complete their payment by pressing the booking button.

Guests may locate properties that allow immediate booking with the search criteria “instant book” when homeowners listed on Airbnb have instant book enabled. This enables tourists to rapidly locate properties that are available for immediate booking. Many tourists like this since they don’t have to wait for the host’s permission, particularly during same-day reservations.

Many hosts drop their fees with an empty calendar to entice last-minute reservations. Airbnb hosts must ensure that they have entered the required dates accurately for the quick booking option. Guests may then filter out the listings that need a prior inquiry.

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Same-Day Airbnb Reservations

Because Airbnb fast book allows guests to book instantly, hosts can get same-day bookings. A tourist may reserve lodging on the same day, much like hotels, if the homeowner has enabled Airbnb to immediately book on their property.

Airbnb hosts may choose a time throughout the day when the immediate booking is no longer valid. A host, for example, may set a cut-off time of 5:00 p.m. After this period, guests will no longer reserve the rental. Similarly, the property will not appear in their fast book search criteria. As a result, the hosts benefit from having additional time before the deadline to prepare the property and make it available in the event of a last-minute booking.

Instant book is still available for hosts who wish to avoid same-day reservations. Homeowners may give their tenants early notice ranging from one day to a week. When visitor books directly, hosts are contacted and have adequate time to prepare their property.

Requirements for Instant Booking on Airbnb

There are no substantial requirements for hosts to have a ready-to-use booking system. The sole need is that visitors be able to book right immediately, and based on their preferences, they can book same-day or be alerted up to a week in advance. As a host, it’s critical to contact the visitor as soon as possible once they’ve made a reservation. Guests should be given whatever information they need about the rental, such as how to check in, If they need to unlock a lockbox, if the wifi door lock has a code to enter the property, and so forth.

Cancellation of an Airbnb reservation on the spot

Hosts may cancel instant book bookings without incurring any fines or costs. This might be due to several factors:

  • Hosts are hesitant to have visitors stay because of their prior ratings, including no reviews or poor ones.
  • Hosts are concerned that their visitors may breach their home rules or disrespect their property, such as throwing a large party.
  • The guest has not replied to the host after making a reservation.

The homeowner may also cancel the booking during the visitors’ stay.

If a host wishes to cancel a reservation, they must sign into their account and click on “Your Reservations”. After locating the reservation, they wish to cancel, they may cancel it by pressing “Change or Cancel.” After that, hosts are prompted to pick a reason for canceling, such as “I’m uncomfortable with the reservation” or “the visitor has breached my house rules.”

There are certain restrictions when it comes to canceling the Airbnb fast book policy. Homeowners may only cancel their subscription three times per year. If they exceed this limit, they must contact Airbnb community support immediately to prevent additional fines.

If hosts cancel often, the quick book function may need to be disabled.

How to Disable Instant Books

Sign in to your Airbnb account and click “Your listings” to stop the Airbnb fast book option. They must then choose “Manage to list” and “Booking settings” from the drop-down menu. Choose “All visitors must submit reservation requests” from the drop-down menu to disable the function. Similarly, choose “Guests who meet all of your standards may book without seeking permission” to enable it.

Airbnb Instant Book’s Pros and Cons

The Airbnb rapid book option has both advantages and disadvantages.


  • Assists owners in becoming Superhosts
  • Vacation rental search results are more prominent.
  • A rise in bookings
  • An increase in revenue


  • Every day, the rental must be ready.
  • It’s possible that many cancellations will occur (both from hosts and guests)
  • There isn’t enough time to screen visitors.
  • One-night stays may be encouraged.

Conclusion: Should You Use Airbnb’s Instant Booking Service?

The choice of whether or not to have an immediate book is entirely up to the host. The immediate book function is attractive to hosts who want to attract last-minute bookers, live in the rental already, or earn extra money.

While hosts who wish to screen their visitors before they leave have enough time to make the property ready and prevent any dangers may want to remain with the standard queries.

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