How Airbnb ID Verification Works for Hosts and Guests

How Airbnb ID Verification Works for Hosts and Guests

Verifying your Airbnb ID is necessary to join and utilize the leading vacation rental website. Airbnb’s primary concerns are trust and safety. To foster confidence among members of the Airbnb community, the ID verification system was implemented in 2013.

Since then, Airbnb has made substantial improvements to the verification process, making the site a safer place for visitors and homeowners alike. Nonetheless, identification verification on Airbnb is a matter of contention and cause for anxiety among the platform’s users. We’ve addressed the most commonly asked questions about Airbnb ID verification to empower you with the required knowledge.

Continue reading to learn why you should complete the verification step and how Airbnb protects your data.

What Is Airbnb’s Identification Verification Process?

Airbnb ID verification is the procedure through which the platform verifies that each user is who they claim to be. To develop confidence and guarantee the safety of all platform users, Airbnb will need you to present government-issued photo identification or validate your legal identity and address.

When Does Airbnb Request Identity Verification?

Airbnb does not need ID verification as part of the registration procedure. Indeed, you may be asked to verify your identity for any of the following reasons:

Certain hosts may demand visitors to provide valid photo identification when booking a home or activity.

Airbnb may request extra verification to ensure that you are the person signing onto the site.

Airbnb may seek your legal identification to verify that you are at least 18 years old.

How Is Airbnb’s ID Verification Process Conducted?

When Airbnb requests proof of identification, you must provide your legal name and address, as well as a picture of your ID.

There are various methods for establishing your identity:

  • Utilize your smartphone or another mobile device to take a snapshot of your identification;
  • Take a snapshot using your laptop’s or computer’s webcam;
  • Upload an existing photograph of your identification;
  • Include your legal given name and surname;

Include your mailing address (it should match the address where you get banking documents or utility bills).

Additionally, you may be required to take a fresh picture of yourself in addition to the profile photo in certain situations.

However, Airbnb notes that the photo-matching technique is not always 100% correct. It is highly dependent on the reviewer’s ability and expertise. Another factor that may affect the photo-matching process is the photo’s quality. Additionally, it may be difficult for a reviewer to match images if their look changes.

These circumstances may sometimes produce “identical” photographs that are not truly of the same person. As a result, Airbnb encourages hosts not to depend only on the photo-matching procedure to verify someone’s identification.

How to Add Your Identification to Airbnb?

There are three ways to provide your identification to Airbnb:

  • Scan your ID using the Airbnb app on your phone. In this scenario, you should maintain a solid grip on your phone to ensure that your ID is correctly scanned and submitted to the app
  • Utilize your webcam to take a snapshot from inside a browser
  • From your desktop device, upload an existing picture of your ID.

To upload your ID from a PC or laptop, go to Account> Personal Info. Scroll down to the box for the government identification number and click the Add button. Then, choose one to upload from the list of recommended ID types. Continue to begin uploading the required picture.

Airbnb Accepts the Following Forms of Identification:

Depending on your country of origin, you may prove your identity by including one of the following pieces of identification:

  • License to drive
  • Passport 
  • National identification card

Airbnb only accepts government-issued identification, which means that your gym or library card will be refused.

When including a driver’s license as a verification document, photograph both sides.

If you include a passport, verify that your picture has the numbers at the bottom of the page.

Residents of Singapore, Hong Kong, the Netherlands, Japan, and Korea should hide their identity or registration number with tape or their finger while photographing their IDs. If you’re uploading an existing picture, please be sure to remove the number first.

How long does Airbnb take to verify an individual’s identity?

Verification of your Airbnb ID may take up to 24 hours. However, an Airbnb account is often accepted within a few hours.

Additionally, you may check your verification status under your Profile’s verification page. If you have any difficulties verifying your Airbnb ID, please do not hesitate to contact Airbnb customer care.

Is Adding Your ID to Airbnb Safe?

You may believe that sharing personal information is hazardous. However, you may be confident that Airbnb takes all reasonable efforts to safeguard your data. Your data is secured during the verification process by the Airbnb Privacy Policy.

Airbnb utilizes the same strong encryption that websites use to transfer credit card details to protect the data. However, to avoid identity theft, you should avoid communicating your identification through an insecure public WiFi connection.

Does Airbnb Conduct Age Verification?

According to the platform’s Terms and Conditions, individuals under the age of 18 are not permitted to use Airbnb. This is because adolescents under 18 are not permitted to engage in short-term rental agreements. Airbnb can verify your age and offer this information to the host when you submit your ID.

COVID-19 Update: Airbnb Increases Restrictions on Users Under the Age of 25

Airbnb has always been adamant about user age verification, and with the implementation of the worldwide party ban, user age verification has become even more crucial. Unauthorized parties were already prohibited from Airbnb apartments, but when the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak struck, Airbnb decided to tighten its restrictions even more. Airbnb revised its policy to guarantee that all guests follow social distancing guidelines.

Apart from prohibiting parties on future reservations, Airbnb has barred users under the age of 25 with less than three good ratings from reserving complete houses in neighborhoods near their residences.

However, visitors under the age of 25 may reserve an Airbnb home outside of their current location. Additionally, they are permitted to reserve a private or hotel room in the same place as their primary residence.

Which Information Is Disclosed to an Airbnb Host?

Airbnb does not disclose its users’ identifiers publicly. If a host requests identification verification from a visitor, the host will get just the following information:

  • The first name on the guest’s identification card
  • Whether or if the visitor is above or under the age of 25
  • Whether their unique identifier was correctly inserted
  • The guest’s profile picture and name

As a visitor, you can rest certain that the following information will never be shared with your host or with anyone else on Airbnb:

  • Your identification picture
  • The photo you take of yourself to authenticate your identity
  • Your legal address

How Does Airbnb Prevent Fraudulent Activity?

Airbnb uses machine learning as part of its ID verification procedure to anticipate possible issues. Airbnb’s real-time monitoring technology analyses hundreds of signals in real-time to identify and terminate any questionable behavior. If the algorithm detects any suspicious conduct, the Airbnb team may take various actions. As a result, to avoid fraud, Airbnb may deactivate a questionable account outright.

What Are the Airbnb ID Verification Benefits for Hosts and Guests?

Why does Airbnb check ID, and is this good for all stakeholders?

Where authorized by law, Airbnb does background checks on verified ID holders to find criminal convictions and sex offender registrations. At the moment, background checks are only available to individuals based in the United States.

All hosts and visitors are vetted against regulatory, section, and terrorist watch lists globally. Airbnb may share information about guests with banks, financial institutions, and law enforcement organizations to assist in investigations. These investigations may include tax, money laundering, compliance with sanctions legislation, and criminal matters.

Benefits of Airbnb ID Verification for Guests

Airbnb’s ID verification procedure assures that hosts are who they claim to be. Given the inherent hazards of renting a house from a stranger, Airbnb validates hosts’ identification to create trust.

Airbnb visitors may feel comfortable that the listing they will book is legitimate and that the owner is authentic.

Additionally, the verification procedure ensures that Airbnb has someone to hold responsible in an incident.

Benefits of Airbnb ID Verification for Hosts

ID verification benefits both hosts and Airbnb by preventing fraud. The Airbnb ID verification method benefits both visitors and hosts. Airbnb hosts depend on Airbnb to handle payment processing and collection from visitors. As a result, ID verification helps verify that all payments made via the platform are legitimate.

By verifying their Airbnb accounts, hosts may increase their bookings. Guests prefer to book with hosts whose identities have been verified and have a “Verified ID” label. To demonstrate that you are a trustworthy host, you must complete your Airbnb profile and include all required verifications.

Increasing the Credibility and Success of Your Business

The addition of Airbnb ID verification eliminated the platform’s anonymity and enhanced the user experience for both visitors and hosts.

If establishing yourself as a successful and responsible property manager is on your to-do list, spend some time to validate your Profile. Obtaining the “Verified ID” badge enhances your Account’s reputation and contributes to a higher occupancy rate. To ensure a steady flow of reservations, it is critical to constantly enhance the visitor experience. The key to providing the ideal guest experience is to maintain control of all areas of the hosting process.

Fortunately, there are various tools and software solutions available to assist you in managing your task without being overwhelmed. Vacation rental software, such as Lodgable will help ease the stress of running your business and increase your revenue. 

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