The most common Airbnb complaints and how to handle them

The most common Airbnb complaints and how to handle them

Over the years, as a host, you’ve encountered some Airbnb guest complaints. On the other hand, those who are new to the industry may be ignorant of and perplexed by certain regular Airbnb concerns.

The first thing to remember is that you should concentrate on the solutions instead of focusing on the complaints. Complaints about Airbnb may quickly lead to unfavorable reviews and negatively influence your company. As a consequence, make careful to take care of them before they become a significant concern.

However, you are unlikely to impress every visitor, and you will get Airbnb complaints from time to time. However, if you follow these tips, you’ll be able to keep them to a minimum.

1. Dissatisfaction with the rental’s cleanliness

Your visitors expect your house to be spotless. This is why you must maintain a high degree of cleanliness to achieve the Airbnb quality criteria. Furthermore, a better cleaning regimen ensures a healthy atmosphere for your visitors.

How can you keep guests from complaining about cleanliness?

Hiring a professional cleaning service will guarantee that your home is spotless before new visitors arrive. If you want to clean the room by yourself, you will need to put in additional work to ensure that it is exceedingly clean and disinfected.

You are taking out the garbage, and vacuuming isn’t the only thing that needs to be done while cleaning your property. You must also clean any difficult-to-reach locations and give special attention to often disregarded regions. Dusting within the kitchen cupboards, for example, may seem little to you, but it may significantly influence your visitors’ entire experience.

Guests will mention topics in their Airbnb evaluations that you didn’t believe were important. You’re well aware of unfavorable reviews’ impact on your company.

Also, ensure sure there are no offensive odors on the property. Unpleasant odors are often mentioned in guest reports as a major issue. Some people may further exaggerate, describing their stay as miserable because of the foul odor. Equip your rental with fragrant candles and air fresheners to prevent such remarks.

Whether you employ a professional cleaning service or do the cleaning yourself, having a cleaning checklist on hand is a wise idea. It will assist you in making sure you haven’t forgotten anything when preparing your property for visitors.

What should you do if there are a lot of concerns regarding cleanliness?

You should visit the site right away or send someone to take care of the matter. If you don’t act immediately, you may have to provide a full refund to the visitor. This is a scenario in which visitors contacted Airbnb within 24 hours of their arrival. Offer a partial refund to the visitor to prevent a negative review.

2. Complaints concerning a lack of communication between guests and hosts

Although Airbnb hosts are willing to go above and beyond to make visitors feel welcome, many guests expect them to serve as unofficial tour guides. Offer a variety of entertainment choices to prevent bored visitors from complaining about your lack of attention and communication. In addition, anticipate inquiries and discuss the unique features of your home in your welcome book, as well as a list of activities to do in the vicinity.

How can you avoid Airbnb communication complaints?

To guarantee that your visitors have a positive Airbnb experience, provide them with thorough information. You may leave tourist information in your welcome book, as well as recommendations for local meals, cafés, and bars. You may also give directions to each destination from your location.

Keep your visitors entertained by suggesting local food and entertainment alternatives. You’ll be able to welcome them to your city and guarantee that they have a pleasant time learning about its hidden beauties this way.

Demonstrate that you are a thoughtful host who goes above and beyond to provide a positive guest experience.

As your visitors arrive and settle down, make sure to answer quickly any inquiries they may have. Give your visitors a variety of ways to reach you, such as FaceTime, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, and so on. With such a considerate approach, you’ll be one step closer to earning the title of Superhost! It will also assist you in increasing your occupancy rate and earnings.

3. Complaints about the services offered

Guests expect to find the exact facilities listed in your property description when they book your home. You should not claim to give facilities that you do not truly have to prevent complaints regarding amenities.

How can you keep Airbnb guests from complaining about your rental’s amenities?

One of the easiest methods to get more people to book with you is to include amenities in your property description. Since honesty is the best policy, you should always list just those you can give. Check to see that all facilities are functional and in good functioning order.

There’s a good chance that one of your guests will check-in. Some people may want to test out an amenity you marketed just because it seems fascinating or because they’re curious about how it works. You can get a terrible rating if they can’t discover it or if it doesn’t operate correctly.

Also, if you decide to downsize your house and remove any of the facilities, make sure to update your description and photographs and remove the item from the list.

4. Complaints regarding connection problems with the Wi-Fi network

Some visitors may find it difficult to use devices in your house. Ensure they know how to use the devices and connect to your Wi-Fi network by leaving explicit instructions.

How can you keep guests from complaining about poor Wi-Fi connections?

Not connecting to your Wi-Fi network is a fairly typical issue that visitors have after checking in. Nowadays, Wi-Fi is just as crucial as heating and lighting. If your visitors cannot connect to your Wi-Fi network, they may get quite unhappy. As a result, add information on what to do if the Wi-Fi fails, such as resetting the Internet modem/router.

Before your visitor’s check-in:

Provide your Wi-Fi credentials and note them in your welcome book.

If your visitors have a problem, reply swiftly to prevent any Internet-related Airbnb complaints.

Try to explain the answer over the phone or point them to a website with thorough instructions.

5. Complaints regarding how emergencies are handled and resolved

Your visitors will expect you to address any problems with the dishwasher or the thermostat/A.C. as soon as possible. You may expect to hear about it if it isn’t done properly.

How can you keep guests from complaining about your problem-solving approach?

If you can’t fix the problem yourself, make sure your visitors know that someone is on their way to fixing any damaged equipment. It’s a good idea to maintain a list of maintenance providers on hand in an emergency.

If you want to prevent Airbnb complaints, you must act quickly. Having dependable maintenance personnel on call at all times might help you prevent complaints about how quickly you handle issues. Furthermore, inspect your rental’s appliances before new visitors arrive to keep track of their condition.

Furthermore, several digital solutions may assist you in maintaining complete control over your rental from afar. A smart thermostat, for example, may enable you to control the temperature of your rental from afar. You may use an app to help a visitor who has trouble turning on or off the heating.

6. Complaints concerning photographs depicting rental properties that aren’t realistic.

This is probably one of the most common Airbnb complaints. This criticism, like many others, is also simple to avoid.

How can you avoid Airbnb complaints regarding your property’s images vs. its actual condition?

The majority of Airbnb complaints stem from hosts failing to provide enough images that accurately depict the state of their homes. As a result, always capture photographs from many perspectives, not just the one that seems to be the best. In this manner, you’ll provide your visitors with an accurate picture of your lodging.

Explain your expectations to a professional photographer if you decide to employ one. If you opt to shoot the images yourself, you may learn some property photography tips that can help you get outstanding shots.

A few close-ups of well-chosen decorative objects can also assist in attracting more visitors and will improve your rental marketing tremendously! In any case, it’s critical to be truthful and create realistic expectations via your property images.


You may employ this knowledge to your advantage now that you know the most common Airbnb guest complaints and how to resolve them. Remember to be realistic about what you provide and the equipment and appliances available to your visitors.

Honesty might help you keep your reputation as a trustworthy host. If you can’t match the high expectations you’ve established, don’t make false promises of a pleasant stay.

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