Use Lodgable’s Airbnb channel manager to sync your calendar

Use Lodgable’s Airbnb channel manager to sync your calendar

Sync your calendars and reservations across all leading online travel agencies, including Vrbo, Booking.com, and Expedia, using our Airbnb channel manager.

The Airbnb channel manager at Lodgable

The Airbnb channel manager from Lodgable is an integrated solution that connects all of your Airbnb listings to your vacation rental property management software. If you use channel management that works with Airbnb, all of your reservations, calendars, and pricing will be instantly synced with other popular online travel agencies like Vrbo and Booking.com.

Our comprehensive two-way Airbnb API connection prevents multiple bookings and ensures that your reservations are always updated. Managing your vacation rental property in this manner saves you time and minimizes the likelihood of human mistakes occurring.

What is the best way to synchronize your Airbnb calendar?

Simply fill out a simple online form given by Lodgable to sync your Airbnb calendar, and our connection team will merge all of your data, bookings, and listings into one platform.

The Lodgable channel manager combines your Airbnb calendar with the calendars of other prominent online travel agencies into a single unified dashboard. When you sync your Airbnb calendar, our API integration syncs all of your data (bookings, availability, pricing, and so on) across Lodgable, Airbnb, and any other external listing linked to our channel manager.

When you use our Airbnb calendar sync, any bookings you get on an external listing are instantly blocked off on your Airbnb calendar. Because of instant and digital synchronization, overbooking and multiple reservations are significantly less likely to occur.

Why do you need the services of an Airbnb channel manager?

When it comes to running your vacation rental company, Airbnb channel manager can help you save time and improve reservations.

All of your bookings may be managed from a single location, saving you up to 20 hours of manual labor each week. You’ll also cut down on any human mistakes that might put your company at risk. You may use our Airbnb channel manager to mark up prices and optimize your earnings since Airbnb charges a commission on reservations.

What does Lodgable accomplish in terms of synchronization with Airbnb?


Sync your bookings and visitor information. The whole booking amount is imported.


The calendar will be updated automatically when 18 months of availability have been synced.


In Lodgable, both the default and seasonal rates are synchronized.

Descriptions and images

In Airbnb, the property’s photos and room kinds will be integrated.


Messages sent and received by visitors are synced across both platforms.


With only one click, you can create a new Airbnb listing in Lodgable.

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